Canada’s CBC News reports that although It has not been smooth sailing for the cruise industry, "bargain hunters are taking advantage of deeply discounted prices due to high profile misadventures on the high seas."

The report chronicles the mishaps and disasters everyone is familiar with: the stranding of thousands on the Carnival Triumph "with no air conditioning, little food, and clogged and overflowing toilets;" Carnival flying many thousands passengers back from St. Maarten after the Dream suffered back-up generator problems; and the disaster of the Carnival-owned Costa Concordia, where 32 people died off the coast of Italy.

CBC says that the "industry is pulling out all stops to try to win back wary travelers," and quoted a travel agent saying: 

"You can pick up a 12-to-14-day cruise for next to nothing." 

CBC’s Aaron Saltzman takes a look at the cruise industry below: