Go big or stay home, so the saying goes.  

This weekend there have been several articles discussing the two lawsuits filed last Friday against Carnival arising out of the Carnival Triumph "cruise from hell."   I have thrown in my two cents in television & radio appearances and in a number of local and national newspapers. Bottom line:

Unless you have a serious physical injury or physical illness, families on the disabled cruise ship face an uphill climb proceeding with a lawsuit against Carnival for the inconvenience and unpleasant Carnival Triumph Class Action Lawsuitcircumstances they suffered last week.

You can read my blog today about the issue of whether to sue or not. 

But one law firm here in Miami is going for broke by filing a class action lawsuit today against Carnival.

The firm’s press release contains links to an appearance of one lawyer on Fox and another lawyer on CNN, but contains no information about the cruise-passenger client on whose behalf the proposed class action was filed.

Lawyers working on contingency fees in Florida collect up to 40% of the gross recovery. Passengers thinking of trying to join in this attempt at a class action need to act smart. If you want to gamble with a big case, make certain that you accept for yourself the cruise fare reimbursements, waiver of expenses, free cruise voucher and $500 (which you can accept without waiving your rights).

Don’t let any lawyer suck you into a class action boondoggle and take 40% of whatever has been offered to you already.     

  • Suzanne

    I have a friend who posted an interesting thought … it was:

    4200 Americans lacked access to toilets for 5 days
    2.5 million people worldwide lack basic sanitation everyday

    That put this entire episode into perspective for me. Then when I read the cost of a 4 day cruise on Carnival starts at just $189.00, I thought $500 plus a full refund, plus another cruise was generous compared to what the majority spent on their cruise in the first place.

    Sorry, I can’t believe people are suing, let alone a class action. They were NEVER in danger. Now, if Carnival had tried to evacuate the vessel and put them on another ship like so many thought they should do, THAT would have put everybody in danger.

    I think Carnival made careful decisions throughout the entire ordeal, including the port they finally came to rest at. Tides, currents, port depths, etc. I imagine were all deciding factors in the Mobile decision.

    Also, why people complained about not having a lot of food I thought ironic. If you don’t have access to toilets, why in heaven’s name would you want to eat and drink a lot in the first place? 😉

  • Richard A. Rivera

    Carnival has been in the news a lot these past few years — One would think the Carnival Splendor fiasco would still be fresh in peoples minds and now the Carnival Triumph suffers the same thing

    Fire @ sea is really dangerous isn’t it?

    Seems like Carnival isn’t taking safety seriously.

  • Jaime

    @Suzanne….”They were NEVER in danger”???? Are you daft? A 100,000+ ton ship without power, with disgusting sewage leaking everywhere isn’t dangerous? Did you stop to think that without lights people may easily slip and fall??? Go overboard???? The mere frenzy onboard led to fights between passengers over what little bit of snacks some of them had hidden. What about all the elderly or special needs passengers? To say those onboard the Triumph were not in any real danger is extremely ignorant

  • Suzanne

    I do not agree with you Jaime and no, I am not daft. I have worked in the cruise industry and know well what can go wrong. The crew of the Carnival Triumph has been lauded for their response to the fire, as well as the ongoing issues throughout the 5 day ordeal. The reports of feces everywhere have been grossly exaggerated as we all now know. The supposed food shortages were grossly exaggerated as well. To blindly follow the media’s spin and believe everything you have heard, without any curiosity for the truth, I think is ignorant. They were not in danger.

  • Jaime

    I too work in the cruise industry and know all about what can go wrong. And as far as the media, a picture can tell a 1,000 words. Many passengers have presented photographs of the scenes that unfolded aboard the ship. Regardless of whether the crew responded to the emergency well or not is besides the point. When there is no light to watch your step and minimal places to do your “business,” several bad things may occur. And I don’t know about you but the idea of eating sandwiches with cucumbers, onions and condiments doesnt seem very pleasant to me, nor does it seem very nourishing. Not only did the passengers waste time and money on their cruise, but the additional time spent at sea could have taken from their work duties, which far exceed the measly $500 the line has decided to give the guests. Just think about it, $500 just barely covers a little extra than what the cruise was worth – tax and all – so then is it ok to say to those people who embarked on what they assumed would be a relaxing vacation that their plights were minimal? Oh, here’s 500 bucks and future cruise credit. Several passengers have already stated in interviews with credible news sources that they will not be going on another carnival cruise again. so there goes that compensation. I think they deserve better, and given Carnival Corp.’s track record with accidents (lets not forget about the Concordia or other accidents on that fleet), it appears as though Carnival, which was once a highly praised cruise company, is going down the drain – unlike the sewage onboard the Triumph.

  • First thing on the news this morning (02/21/2013) was a new lawsuit filed **in Texas** by a Collin County cruiser that was on the Triumph. It appears she (and her lawyer) are taking to heart the seizure of the Triumph a few months ago in Galveston, as a “go-ahead” by the courts to sue in Texas.

    It will be interesting to see where this goes!

  • Dezi

    Well I am getting a bit of a laugh at the lawsuits, arguing back and forth between people talking on here and even the true or false comments made by people. Unless you were on the ship, you should not be able to say for sure how bad/good your experience was.

    I have read the blog of Scott the first time cruiser and I would have to say he hit it on the head. He was there and for someone that is a first time cruiser and really had no idea what to expect, his blog was nice to read. Follow this link and you can read it also.

    Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

    With Carnival and their problems in the last few years, well I will continue to go on Carnival and their sister companies because when it is my time, it is my time. We will not know when it is our time and I hope that I am cruising somewhere with beautiful blue water and fun people.