Cruise Ship Disappearance A year ago we mentioned the disappearance of Fariba Amani, age 47, from Vancouver, Canada who was cruising aboard the Bahamas Celebration cruise ship operated by the Celebration Cruise Lines.  

Ms. Amani was cruising with her boyfriend, Ramiz Golshani, also from Vancouver, when she disappeared from the cruise ship between Florida and the Bahamas.

Golshani claims that he allegedly last saw Ms. Amani around 1:00 AM on February 29th in the cruise ship’s gift show and then he retired to the couple’s cabin to go to sleep. He allegedly awoke the following morning and she was not in the cabin.   

A suspicious story no doubt.

You can read our prior blog about the disappearance here.   

A newspaper in Canada has an article as we approach the one year anniversary of this sad story: "One Year After Woman’s Disappearance From Cruise Ship, Family Still Has No Answers."

Do you have information?  Leave a comment or contact us confidentially and we will relay the information to the family.


Photo Credit: The Province via Globaltvbc