The news reports out of Mexico are shocking.

Six women from Spain vacationing in Acapulco were bound and raped by a gang of five men who burst into their holiday rental. Their male friends were gagged and bound by telephone cords and robbed.  

One news source said the mayor of Acapulco did not help matters with a statement saying no big deal: “It is unfortunate, but it happens anywhere.” 

Mexico - Cruise Ship ViolenceThis is the last thing Mexico’s tourism industry needs.  

Although none of the tourists arrived by cruise ship, the issue remains whether traditional cruise ports in Mexico are safe for travel. 

Last year I wrote an article Mexican Violence: Does Anyone Cruise to Acapulco Anymore?  I chronicled the violence, murders, robberies and assorted mayhem in the Mexican ports of call.

The Mexican tourism industry, the cruise lines which sail to Mexico, and the expatriated Americans living south of the border will say that such incidents are rare, but read my article and judge yourself before you drink their Kool-Aid.  

I’d be tempted to sail in Europe or to Alaska, but I wouldn’t be caught dead sailing to Acapulco.   

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Agence France-Presse/Getty Images via Wall Street Journal’s Mexico Tourism Feels Chill of Ongoing Drug Violence

  • Jonathan

    I am a travel agent who sends clients to Mexico on a regular basis. I never send them to Alcapulco based on crimes like this, but it raises the question whether other major tourist locations are having similar issues. I keep my eyes on this blog as well as other travel news around the globe but rarely come across anything in Puerta Vallarta, or Cabo. I have read your blogs on cruise passengers in flea markets and clubs down in Cancun/Playa Del Carmen and always make sure that my clients are advised to treat everyone with respect and stay away from anyone who suspisious. Are you finding that these situations are location based (Mazatlan/Acapulco/Rosarito) or are you finding that major tourist areas like Cabo are seeing these crimes as well?

  • Rose

    Work in cruise ship,4 yrs ago we dock in Acapulco as part of our reposition 2 colleagues were walkin at d bridge just outside d port,few minutes her iPod en camera was taken away by a group of young boys ages about 12-15 and her shirt was even tear off tryin to hold on to her gadgets while this boys were tryin to snatch it from police around the area,the group just walk as if nothings happen.other 2 crew members were snatch as well.truly disappointing how this place are not safe at all.

  • bg

    Long Time Cruiser – what part of Don’t Go Off On Your Own do people Not Understand?

  • crewmember

    Many people has been shot to death by insane people who owns guns in USA. Does that happen everywhere??? Of course not! Only on Dreamland USA!

  • Tore

    With all due respect, most U.S tourists are dumb to venture out to places where they don’t really know.I’m sure Acapulco is not the safest right now but I think labeling “Mexico” as unsafe is wrong. There are many safe ports and many cities within that are quite safe. It’s a bit insulting to have to see another report about Mexican violence… its always Mexico with the problems, as if the US didnt have its own.

  • Anonimus

    This blog is written by a complete Morón! Do your research before you say things like these!. The giros rapes werent even in an área of acapulco Where they should have Been,the place where they were raped was solitary! 2.acapulco has never Been a known cruise ship destination,ask any mexican of they would take a cruise to acapulco and they would say no ! ,they travél there by land,and know to stay only around the turístic zone!
    Either way your in no posición to make these tupe of vías acusations against a country when your country has worst issues than this,it would be like me saying “id rather send my kids to palestine before sending them to. School or móvie theatre in the united states” every country has psychopaths ….. But it sounds unprofesional to make statents based on those who are mentally ill