Earl Weaver DeathSad news today in the world of professional baseball with word that legendary baseball manager Earl Weaver died at age 82.

Mr. Weaver was a one-of-a-kind manager who led the Baltimore Orioles to success, winning several American League pennants and the 1970’s World Series while leading the league in ejections. Although short in stature, Weaver was viewed as a huge figure in professional sports for his strategy and leadership and his fiery confrontations with baseball umpires. 

News accounts indicate that he died after suffering an apparent heart attack on a Celebrity cruise ship, the Silhouette. There is not yet a clear indication of exactly how he died other than he reportedly collapsed in his cabin after dinner. He was sailing aboard the Celebrity cruise ship as part of a baseball theme cruise.

Don’t let the recent videos being shown today of a docile, grey haired grandfather fool you.  

Earl Weaver was a force of nature.  

Just watch the video below if you want to gain an insight into his passion and competitive nature. Please overlook the curse words, that’s not the point.  This is the manager who you want on your side, no doubt.  

And yes he made it into the Hall of Fame.

Happy eternal cruising Earl Weaver.



Video credit: Via David Brown / Yahoo Sports / YouTube vlud