The financial cruise news today is all doom and gloom with cruise giant Carnival reporting another major drop in profits which everyone is attributing to the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster last January. 

Carnival announced today that it made a net profit of $93,000,000 in the three months leading up to November 30th. Now, is 93 million dollars in profits a bad deal?  Well apparently so compared to the $217,000,000 in profits in the same quarter last year.  Carnival’s stock dropped 5.4%. 

Carnival honcho Micky Arison lamented that "as a result of the Costa Concordia tragedy in January, Miami Hear Beer Micky Arison Carnival Cruisethe past year has been the most challenging in our company’s history."

Sorry, Micky. I don’t feel your pain.  

You seemed to be smiling on the front row at your AA basketball arena the other night as the Miami Heat trounced the Minnesota Timberwolves. Yes it was a great game. But $20 to park the car, $14 for a 16 ounce beer, another $14 for a hot dog, and $11 for two tacos seems a bit steep; I’m not going to even mention the ticket prices.   

Didn’t you just pay yourself a $90,000,000 bonus a couple of weeks ago?  

$90,000,000 to you.  $93,000,000 to the stockholders.  Seems fair to me.  After all, I’m drinking your $14 beers.

  • Mario Duke

    I realy hope that the Miami Heats beer price will increase to $50, parcking to $100 and hotdog to $200… 🙂 Miami does not deserve a basketball team and everybody has to pay overprice to sustain them… Also as a former employee of Carnival Corp. I’d like to understand why people are complaining when same Micky Arison is offering zero cost pricing for unlimited hotdogs to sustain all fat people… ???

  • jonathan aronson

    Are you sure you are on a diet?

  • Sabina

    so what if he spends his money watching a game and buying food? it’s his money. not because something happened to his company doesn’t mean he has to act poor. i mean it’s like during hurricane sandy, everyone who was not affected shuts down their power as well since the victims doesn’t have power. i’m sure they are doing things to help the people who got affected by the concordia tragedy. negative speculations is never healthy. just my 2 cents.

  • He’s not spending “his money.” The taxpayers in Miami built the stadium. And please tell me what Micky Arison is doing for dead Costa Concordia passengers and crew.