Below is a photograph of a crew member client of the firm. We can’t mention his name, or which country he lives in, or the cruise line that he worked for, or the cruise ship where he worked, or his job position, or whether he settled his case or, if so, the amount of the settlement, or anything else because the cruise line required him to sign a draconian confidential agreement which basically will result him in being banished to a gulag in Siberia if he talks about why he hired our firm and how things turned out.

Gag agreements are an unpleasant part of the law business.  Large corporations like cruise lines often insist on them.  We rarely agree to them because doing so would perpetuate the secrecy and cover ups that many of the cruise lines are known for.  But sometimes, our clients will agree to confidentiality to move on with their lives.

This was one of those cases. 

So all we can do at this point is just post a photo of him (in the middle) with our lawyers here in Miami.

The anonymous client we will call him.

Is that a smile on his face?

Anonymous Client - Cruise Ship Law