Carnival Destiny Cruise - Passenger Jumps  WSVN – Miami Channel 7 reports that a cruise ship passenger went overboard from the Carnival Destiny Saturday night after the ship left the port of Miami.

The news station states that the 29 year old female apparently jumped from the cruise ship but was rescued by the ship’s crew who used a rescue boat to pick her out of the water.

The Destiny diverted from its scheduled port in Ocho Rios, Jamaica to Key West where the woman was disembarked yesterday for medical treatment at a hospital. The cruise ship will now head for Grand Cayman.

A number of passengers left comments on Twitter to the effect that the overboard passenger may have struck a lifeboat on the way down and treaded water for over one and one-half hours. One passenger took a photo of the lifeboat (below) involved in the rescue. 

Anyone with photos, video or information about what happened please leave a comment below. 

October 25, 2012 Update:  Why Did Carnival Delay Rescuing An Overboard Passenger From The Destiny?

Carnival Destiny Lifeboat - Rescue - Overboard Passenger 

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Top: WSVN 7

Bottom: @NStookey Twitter 

  • Knowthefacts

    The WSVN report is partially false. According to actual recorded statements that Carnival has the passenger did not jump. It was a slip and fall over board but rumors spread quickly and are taken as fact. This is one of multiple overboard slip and fall accidents that Carnival has had in the last year. Seems the safety procedures and equipment aren’t up to par if this keeps happening. Luckily this passenger was saved where many others were not.

  • I was careful to state that the passenger “went overboard” and according to the news station “apparently” jumped. I don’t trust the cruise line for a second to state anything other than to blame the passenger. That being said, who is saying that the passenger slipped and fell? How did that happen? And who will state on the record that this was a slip rather than a jump?

  • Ryan Godfrey

    The guest jumped we seen this happen, carnival have been really good. She jumped ask her get her to comment about it.

  • Ian Wilson

    Jim, I find your post objectionable, this woman owes the rest of her life to the brave crew of this vessel. They risked their own lives to rescue her, I understand she has been arrested by the authorities in Florida and may face charges, I hope she does rather than trying to get a massive compensation claim of which lawyers will of course be seeking a juicy commission. Despicable in my opinion.

  • rapter

    The woman’s friends who knew she had fallen had a difficult time convincing the crew to stop the ship. They chose to search the ship first. Fortunately a passenger in an above deck had reported hearing a splash and that info convinced them to stop the ship and look in the water. She was not rescued for over an hour. She tried to swim after the ship until it disappeared and she was left in total blackness. She had fallen 100 feet. Instead of returning to Miami, the woman waited in critical condition for the ship to sail instead to Key West. There was no medical neck brace aboard to stabilize her neck. Once in the hospital, doctors said she could have had a stroke due to the artery in neck being damaged.

  • friend

    She was not arrested and is not facing charges. The crew saved her life but were never in danger. Life boat. People needing to relieve their ego needs should put their energy into something more positive. Commenting on something you know nothing about is despicable. Get a job and get off the air!

  • Please send me a link to your information that this woman was “arrested” and “may face charges.” Please state who allegedly arrested her and what “charges” are contemplated.

    I am glad that the passenger was rescued but other passengers state that she had to tread water for one to one-and-a-half hours. I would like to know why the ship waited so long before deploying a lifeboat. I would also like to know if the cruise line also delayed notifying the U.S. Coast Guard for this same long period of time.

  • Taylor

    I was on this cruise ship and I have pictures of this individual being taken off the ship by the medics wrapped up in blankets as well as a neck brace placed around her neck. The woman appeared to be very bruised on her face and looked to be in a lot of pain. Along with the medics were law enforcement and to my understanding she got into an alteraction with a boyfriend that led her to jump.

  • passenger

    I’d like to know why her friend was also led off the boat, wearing a pretty huge facial bruise, and had to remain with authorities if it was simply a “slip and fall” and Carnival’s fault. They announced to all the rooms, not too long after midnight, that someone had gone overboard and they were searching for her. That’s not exactly a delay.

  • She

    I was on board and this was a very freighting experiance. Cudos to the carnival crew…. She is alive and that is all that matters… Although I was a little upset about my trip, I thank God everyone is safe!!!!

  • Mr. Thompson

    Listen people anyone who was on the ship knows,unless your just a total idiot you can’t slip and fall off the ship. Either she was thrown off or she jumped. I was there had a balcony room and heard her screaming for help. It was horriable!! If this lady jumped i do not feel sorry for her one bit. And she should be arrested. Also if she jumped she should have to pay for everyone’s trip that she ruined. Because we all know Carnival isn’t going to! I will never go on another Carnival ship again. I paid for a trip to Jamaica and Grand Cayman. Not Key West and Cozumel. If I wanted to go there I could have saved myself a 6 hour drive and about 1000 dollars. And Carnival can kiss my ass with there 20% off on next cruise. I want my money back! And I will tell everyone I know never to go Carnival. I’m sorry if I offend anyone but I can’t and won’t feel sorry for a 29 year old woman ruining 3000 people’s trip because she caught her boyfriend sleeping with her friend. Or trying to commit suicide. Worst trip ever!!!!!

  • Janet

    We were also passenger on this Miraculous Cruise – we all witnessed a miracle that night. There was no delay by the crew in responding to this event. It was pitch black out, no stars, no moonlight, just blackness. The captain announced to the entire ship that we were searching for person who had gone overboard. The fact that she bounced off a lifeboat saved her from going under the ship. It was a miracle that she was found and that she was alive. What happened that night also save the entire ship from being in the middle of the tropical storm that developed in the area that we originally were to go – another miracle from God above. What was a disaster to some, became a blessing to most and we are very grateful for the expert handling of the entire situation by this fantastic crew.

  • Nancy

    I agree 100% with Mr Thompson I too was on the boat and there’s no way she slipped ..she needs to be admitted into a mental Ward correctional facility

  • passenger

    I and 20+ other members of my family were on this cruise as well, to celebrate my brothers wonderful wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Needless to say, his wedding was completely ruined by stupid adults who do not know how to handle their alcohol and are totally reckless, and selfish. Not only did their paid for wedding in Jamaica get ruined, Carnival made them pay for another (very simple) on boat wedding 2 days later. The captian afficionated, without even an “I’m sorry”. LAME!
    I agree that it is a miracle that she was found, and alive, but no miracle can make 3,300+ passengers ever say anything other than this was probably the worst cruise they have ever been on, and can never pay them back for an itinerary that was completely changed daily and disappointment after disappointment that we all experienced on this cruise! This was my family’s first cruise ever, and it may be a loooong time, if ever, that we decide to go on another. 🙁

  • Mark

    It was a hair raising experience to hear that kind of announcement when being awaken from a sound sleep. Traveling with a fairly large group myself… I felt my stomach just knot up as my wife & I frantically looked for members of our group. We’re somewhat relieved to learn that all in our group were accounted for. However that relief quickly turned to a feeling of horror & hopelessness as we heard the chilling cries for help from this young lady from the darkness of the sea. Standing at the aft(rear) of the ship near the port side I witnessed a passenger attempt to throw a life preserve out to her. This action appeared to get the attention of some of the crew members and moments later a rescue boat was seen in the general area. I know I feel a little disappointed in the way the cruise turned out as this is just human nature. But I’m glad this young lady has a second chance at life. As for Carnival, I feel they did an awesome job in there rescue efforts. We probably won’t sail with them again but it’s more about preference that the events that took place..

  • wayne

    I was also there and heard her yelling for help. Im angered by the way Carnival handled us and our complaint saying I will have to call the 1 800 number. Later that night they shoved a paper under my door and said 20% off my next cruise “with them.” They didn’t find the girl we did the passangers on the top deck. We yelled and pointed in the direction we heard her yelling help from.They had the music up so high we barly heard her yelling. Its not what happined its how they just staired at me and said “we cant help you call the number.” My 3rd and last with them…Has any one called Carnivals 1800 number?

  • Allen & Anna

    We were also on that ship and are very upset that our trip got ruined…my husband has cancer and we saved for over a year for this trip to JAMAICA…not key west…we could have driven to both places…if she was in that much need of medical attention why didn’t they air lifter her out of there instead of ruining all of our vacations all over her selfish act..I am glad that she is alive but she should never have put herself in that situation.. and also I have read reports that they did a quick rescue.. really?? we went up on deck immediately and we were up there an hour before we saw the rescue boat in the water and another hour or so before they found her..if it wasn’t for all of us on the upper deck yelling to the rescue boat that we hear her screaming and pointing the way we wonder if they would have found her.. I think Carnival needs to compensate us for not having the Western Caribbean cruise that we all paid for 20% doesn’t cut it. My sister in law threw a life preserver out to where we heard the screams, we kept yelling to the life boat and pointing to where we heard her when an announcement came over the speakers asking us to be quiet so they could listen but yet they still had the music playing thru the speakers…hmm. Also if we would have gone straight to Jamaica we would have been gone before the storm hit. They sure saved on a lot of fuel by not going to our destinations..fuel that we paid for!! And then the last day and half we mostly had to stay indoors because of the winds and they even cancelled shows. In the morning of our arrival we had papers slipped under our door..I didn’t look at them until I got home. As I unpacked one of my suitcases I found that it had been gone through. I had glass souvenirs that I had wrapped in clothes that were all broken and also my husbands vicodins for this cancer were all missing except for 3 out of 60. When I looked through the papers that had been slipped under my door that morning one of the said that carnival had gone through our luggage due to the xray showing something suspicous..we called carnival and they said we had no proof of them braking our stuff or taking pills. SO THE QUESTION IS DO WE REALLY WANT 20% OFF A TRIP WITH THEM AGAIN!!

  • Allen & Anna

    I did and they said 20% off…wow

  • Valerie

    I was also on the Carnival Destiny ship. I was telling people it was a blessing in disquise. Everything happens for a reason. When people were complaining at guest services the manager said the lady jumped from the ship and hit the life boat which broke her fall and saved her life. According to the weather map a tropical storm was in Jamaica so we probably wouldn’t have made it there anyway.I’m glad the lady is alive, but we do need some kind of adjustment to our bill.I’m thankful our group made it back home safely!

  • robert

    I was on board the ship and was very disappointed by how carnival handled its passengers after the fact.true her life being saved was great,but the fact I as well as my family has to accept the loss of an opportunity we may never have again sucks.carnival should reimburse us in some way.

  • Patty

    I was also on the trip from hell! It is really hard for me to understand how one individuals selfish bad judgement could determine the fate of everyone else on the ship as to our trip to Jamaica being cancelled. I had no desire to got to the Key West nor Cozumel because that is not what I paid for. If Carnival Cruise is really concerened about there guest then they need to do something better then 20% if they want people to continue sailing with them.

  • Mike

    Mr. Thompson I completely agree with you. Myself and 6 other members of my family was onboard. This vacation was a nightmare. Carnivla should be begging for forgiveness to all the passengers and giving everyone that was on there a free cruise voucher with no restrictions or at the minimum 50% off and just have to pay gratuities. We were on the liberty last yr for our honeymoon and was a much nicer ship and the crew was alot friendlier. We had so many problems on this ship, that is completly burnt us out. Also they could have airlifted her out

  • Joe

    Both my spouse and I were on the ship and we are grateful that the woman is alive. However we did not visit the two ports of call, Ochos Rios and Grand Cayman Islands, which was the goal of our cruise in the first place.We expect Carnival to reimburse us financially in some way. They didn’t even have the class to wave our bill for the bottled water in our room.

  • mr.maher

    I was on this cruise with my family for my honeymoon. I think its great that she is alive but u have to try to go over those railings. I think it was something other than a slip and fall. This is my 4th cruise with carnival and I think they could have taking care of us a lot more than they did not to mention I have been on the key west and cozumel cruise twice before and now involuntarily for the third time now. As for their rescue of this lady I don’t think it was delayed. We heard the announcement and then roughly an hour and a half later they said she was rescued when its that black out there I call that a timely fashion. What I heard (not saying its right) but I heard she wasn’t a U.S. citizen that’s why the coast gaurd wouldn’t come out to airlift her off the boat that’s why we had to divert from the original plan and go to key west

  • Georgia Bride

    I signed up for this cruise to one get married in Ocho Rios, two enjoy a nice honeymoon and three just to have the vacation I planned and needed. I did all the correct paperwork, including paying a non-refundable fee for a wedding license in Jamaica then turned and overnight-ed that paperwork to Jamaica. Only to have my wedding crushed and cancelled. Do they think that the Tux and licenses are free?? When am I ever going to be in Jamaica?? All they had to offer was an unofficial ceremony for “show” he called it. I can dress up at home! They handled it badly, where was the coast guard, No lights, no help just black skies and black water. Just one beam from a search light. One person ruined thousands of others vacations and Carnival didn’t care. They just told us to quiet down and slipped a 20% offer under the door. I left Miami just to travel to Key West and Cozumel.

  • Paty

    I was also on this ship, on our Class Reunion, we had planned this trip for over a year and a half, and Jamaica and Grand Cayman were the ports we choose, Not Key West and Cosumel. The reasons for our destination were very important, and even though we had the length of the cruise we did not get what we paid for and were looking forward to. We had already been to Key West and Cosumel in the past, so it was a repetition of a previous trip. I agree that we should get a better compensation from Carnival. This is my 6th trip with Carnival, and my 9th cruise, and I can tell you all that you CAN NOT slip and fall from a balcony cabin, it is imposible, unless you are doing something stupid like climbing over the balcony. She jumped!!!!! and Carnival did their best to save her and they did. However it is not the rest of the passengers fault, and something better should be done.

  • ninaross

    I to was on that boat and God is good to have saved her that being said if she did jump i want to take her to court. call me heartless but my trip was the worst ever, because of that. what’s 20% i want a refund

  • Allen & Anna

    If enough people call and keep calling and complaining we might get somewhere..

  • philip

    I spoke to a night officer at apx 3in the morning two days later and he said she did jump.

  • k walker

    The trip was drastically changed due to a women with obvious problems, and weather beyond the ships control. The call came after 12:10 am, and she was rescued before 2:00 am. They asked passengers to be quiet because they could not hear her in the water with everyone yelling. They were in a small boat with an engine running and waves lapping on the boat. This noise makes it impossible to hear when you are in a smally boat. It was not because of the passengers onboard yelling (that would have added to the confusion)that the lady was saved. In all it was a great job by the ships cruise. Whenever you book a cruise your destiny is controlled by the weather (and sometimes careless people). I, myself, was looking forward to two ports of call that I had never been to, but I also know that the ship has to do what is best for passengers. Suck it up and quit complaining about what you didn’t get and be thankful you weren’t inthe middle of a hurricane.

  • Cruiser

    First of all the cruise line did not ruin your vacation. The person who caused the ship to have to turn to key west did. Was she pushed or did she jump? Find the answer and then you know who to sue for damages to your vacation. It honestly disgusts me to see how selfish the human race has become.

  • K

    Ok K walker has a HUGE POINT. They couldn’t hear anything because of all of you guys. You shouldn’t be mad at Carnival. You should be mad at HER

  • John

    Honestly, the cruise passenger complainers on this post are absolutely sickening. First fact, storm would have kept you from docking at your desired port of call. Second fact, a LIFE WAS SAVED by the actions of the ships officers and crew.

    you DO NOT KNOW the reasons she went overboard…

    To hear a bunch of people trying to score freebies because their “cruise was ruined”… Next time read your ***king cruise contract before you sign it… God!

  • Paul

    I was on that doomed cruise and let me tell you it was one thing after another we never saw Grand Cayman also so therefore I will never go on a Carnival ship ever

  • Laura

    This was not my cruise but I will never take one again we never got to our destination in jamacia also because a woman on out trip still came even tho she had surgery days before! Anyways she cost is all a good time and no money is given back! I rather just go to a destination and have a great trip! Cruises don’t give back any money and if I wanted to take a booze cruise I would not have spent 1200 so I still have a bad taste in my mouth! Too many people on a boat that can ruin a trip someone will get sick and coast guard will be called and than you never get to were u want to go! Now if you live were the boats board that’s might be one thing but paying over 1200 and never getting off that boat is horrible I wanted to just go home it was the worst trip in my life and I will never go again! I hope people read this and just pick a vacation and not a cruise