Last night a young woman from Bartlett, Tennessee disappeared from the world’s largest cruise ship, the Allure of the Seas.

According to experts who track cruise ship disappearances, she was the 186th person to go overboard from a cruise ship in the last ten years.

At the time of the overboard last night, the Allure was sailing to Nassau after leaving Ft. Lauderdale (Port Everglades).

Royal Caribbean Cruises issued a press release that the 21 year old U.S. passenger went overboard Allure of the Seas OverBoard Passengerat 9:25 PM Eastern Standard Time last night.  The incident was apparently captured on the cruise ship’s CCTV cameras. 

Royal Caribbean Delays Notifying the Coast Guard

The Sun Sentinel reports that the incident was reported to the cruise line around 9:30 PM, but the cruise line delayed reporting the incident to the Coast Guard for 2 hours until 11:30 PM. According to the Sun Sentinel. the cruise line apparently searched the ship for two hours to look for the young woman.

Only after the shipboard search was unsuccessful did the ship contact the Coast Guard.

Royal Caribbean Denies Delay

According to Cruise Critic, Royal Caribbean says that there was no delay.  It released a statement claiming that after another passenger observed the overboard and reported it, "the ship’s Captain immediately stopped the ship, turned around, and alerted the U.S. and Bahamian Coast Guard."  This is inconsistent with the Coast Guard statement that Royal Caribbean waited until 11:30 PM to notify it and then search in the water for the passenger.

The Allure is a huge ship with some 8,000 passengers and crew members. As the cruise line likes to advertise, the massive ship comprises some seven neighborhoods.  Why would the cruise line waste valuable time searching such a big ship while sailing for two hours away from where the overboard was observed? 

Cruise expert Professor Ross Klein reports that 186 people (passengers and crew members) have gone overboard in the last decade or so.

The last overboard from the Allure of the Seas was in early February of this year when an Irish passenger in his 20’s went overboard.  

In instances where suicide is suspected, the cruise lines usually allude to that in their initial public statement. There is no mention of that so far.

Alcohol is often involved in cruise ship overboards, but there is no mention of that factor one way or the other.

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September 18, 2012 Update: Cruise line’s 2 hour delay in inconsistent with Coast Guard regulations, International Maritime Organization (IMO) recommendations and cruise line safety management system (SMS) procedures – read here..

September 19, 2012 Update:  Royal Caribbean tries to justify why it delayed stopping the ship and notifying the Coast Guard.  Coast Guard ends its delayed search.  FBI now involved. 

September 20, 2012 Update: Royal Caribbean Struggles to Justify Delayed Notification to Coast Guard.

September 22, 2012 Update:  Allure of the Seas: "Profits Over Passenger Safety?

September 27, 2012 Update: Passenger identified.  One of her last comments on Twitter: ‘Lord Keep Us Safe On This Gigantic Cruise Ship." 

October 3, 2012 Updates: Delay, Deny, Deceive & Defend: Royal Caribbean Shows How Not to Respond to an Overboard Passenger 

Video: Royal Caribbean Delayed Reporting Overboard Passenger

  • Steve Smith

    I would not use the words “fell from a cruise ship”.

    Someone either jumps intentially (as was the case with the man on our Spirit cruise in April…he was recovered alive and had mental issues)….

    or the passenger is just plain negligent in some way.

    The media makes folks think you can just trip and fall off a cruise ship and that is irresponsible reporting.

  • Carolina

    I’m so happy that my daughter is no longer working for Carnival Cruise, though my niece is. My daughter told me about the slave treatment she had during her 6 months abroad.
    Somebody should make something to help the staff, I’m very glad I found this page so we can warn people.
    Greetings from Mexico

  • Jackie porter

    I agree that the media reports of people ‘falling’ off cruise ships is ludicrous! Railings are for most people chest high. You would have to be climbing either deliberately or stupidly to ‘fall’
    I have enjoyed numerous cruises even with very young children and any notion that you could ‘fall’ off would be be very damaging to the cruise industry. It is irresponsible reporting!

  • Nancy’s Fancies

    If the person who saw her go overbard, waited a while before calling the ship’s athorities could this be a possibilty?—-Maby the girl was locked out of her room and so she went to the next door neighbors room to see if she could climb from her neighbor’s balcony onto her own. Perhaps (with poor judgement) the neighbor let her in to investigate that idea. Maby the girl comvinced the neighbor that she could do it. After (perhaps) attempting this climb, and falling over, the neighbor would have panicked and pondered about what to do next. Naturally she would have wanted to detach herself from this incident. That might be why she told the athorities that it took her awhile to realize what happened. This witness to the girl going overboard, might know more than what she told the athorities.

  • Andrea Philbin

    I have been on p&o ships and have had a great time on them and I can not see how anyone could fall over.. But what I have to say is while my husband an I used a lift not the ship a passenger ,an older man insulted a staff member because of his skin colour because he stood to close to him. I was disgusted at this man and was horrified and sympathetic for this young man who clearly rose above it but should not have to put up with this treatment from passengers .. I would put it to P&O that passangsre who verbally abuse these hard working people whom make my holiday great and enjoyable,should be removed from the ship!! I can’t stand snobbery and ignorance and it is always the older people that act this was and they say we should respect the old, respect is earned not handed out like sweets!!! 👍 all the staff whatever their ranking do a great and wonderful job and you have my up most respect …… Good work guys!!!xxxxxxx

  • Greta

    Most likely raped, possibly strangled, and then chucked over the side, easy. It is no coincidence that it is mostly young women that go missing.