Allure of the SeasA news station in Memphis has identified the 21 year old woman who went overboard from Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas cruise ship on September 16, 2012.

There has been speculation about what happened. This was the overboard where the cruise ship delayed reporting the incident to the Coast Guard for two hours. Some people have speculated that the young lady may have committed suicide, although there is no evidence of that.

That scenario seems highly unlikely given the comments that she was posting on Twitter leading up to the cruise, including many tweets expressing her excitement about the trip.  Consider one of her last tweets upon boarding the cruise ship:   

"Lord keep up safe on this gigantic cruise ship! Let the festivities begin!! See you suckers in a week . . ."

After the delayed Coast Guard search ended, the matter was turned over to the FBI for investigation.

Here’s our initial article about this case: Passenger Missing From The Allure of the Seas Cruise Ship.


  • Lori

    WOW! Doesn’t sound depressed to me, excitedly boastful maybe, planning to return in a week definitely.

  • Cynthia Garland

    Yes, It doesn’t sound like suicide. If shes tweeting, “Lord keep me safe on this big ship,” Sounds more like foul play.

  • cumme

    from a mothers point of view; u get to learn what and why girls think ect, you get to read them like a book by just listening to little things they say and the way they act. And reading this, i can guarantee this girl had def no suicide plans. This is very sad.

  • edward jenkins

    How can all passengers be saved on a cruise ship
    that holds 6,000 people. Recent events show that conditions on ships become totally chaotic with little
    control or organization and cruise lines are concerned more with profits than safety.