Serenade of the Seas Overboard CrewAlready reeling from the publicity of its delayed reporting of a 21 year old passenger who went overboard from the Allure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean is now facing the scrutiny of the international press regarding the disappearance of a crew member from the Serenade of the Seas yesterday.

Several newspapers in Italy and Croatia are reporting that a Royal Caribbean went overboard from the Serenade yesterday morning while the cruise ship was sailing in the Adriatic sea.

The Bahamian flagged Serenade of the Seas was crossing the Adriatic for Venice.

There are conflicting reports of the time of the overboard as occurring between 4:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. when the ship’s passengers reported that a person had fallen into the sea.

An Italian newspaper reports that the unidentified crew member went overboard in off the Italian coastal city of Ancona. The waters are described either as international waters or waters under the jurisdiction of Croatia. The sea was reportedly rough with winds gusting close to 100 kilometers per hour. 

Coast Guard vessels from Croatia and Italy have searched for the crew member without success.

Cruise lines don’t voluntarily disclose information about overboard passengers and crew members. Cruise expert Professor Ross Klein has tracked 187 people going overboard from cruise ships in the last ten years or so.

Anyone with information about this latest case, please leave a comment below.

September 21, 2012:  So far, not a single U.S. newspaper or media outlet has covered the story.  No press statement by Royal Caribbean.  Disturbing that no one cares about cruise overboards unless they involve a passenger from the U.S. 

September 22, 2012: Several people informed us that the overboard Royal Caribbean crew member is from Panama and one reader said that he was employed in the facilities department on the ship.

October 13, 2012: Another crew member goes overboard from the Serenade of the Seas. 2 crew members from the same cruise ship in 3 weeks. What’s going on with this ship? 

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  • cumme

    its almost as if its become totally accepted that someone goes overboard, i so pray that some law, rule or whatever can be put into place worldwide to shake up cruise-lines. Iv noticed aswell if its a crew member that goes overboard it seems that it really is an unimportant issue for cruise lines ! there should be a universal law that if anyone goes overboard on any ship anywhere a huge fine should be paid by the ship and the ship should not be allowed to leave that particular area for atleast 2 weeks…perhaps the captain should be dismissed for a time period of 1 year aswell, anything that will cause major financial issues for shipping lines, and that then we will see how each and every ship will make sure nobody goes overboard, even the suicide ones will be stopped. …. at the moment it is only the family of the lost crewmember that suffers…..

  • Lorena

    I have from first hand information that the person overboard was a male crew member, working in the facilities department who went overboard, he is from Panama,And also found out that the boy had some personal issues going on. Untill now that I just got this information from someone onboard the ship the body was not recovered as now is September 22 of September at 9 am. Miami time.
    My prayers to the family of this man.

  • Art Gomez

    Although maritime regulations are very strict, it seems from a time being, that cruise liners think they can get away with whatever they want. Their disregard for security has proven extraordinary, including luxury and party cruises. And all they end up doing is launching an army of lawyers instead of facing up their responsibilities. Who is responsible for putting up an end to their lack of responsibility? I´ve taken a couple of cruises overseas, and am not so thrilled by them.

  • I was onboard at the time. We had the ‘Oscar, Oscar, Oscar starboard side’ signal at 4.15am.

  • julian


  • lalo

    the name of the first crew member overboard was Andrey From Panama. 21 years old, pool attendant, and its really extrange because he whent to hr office saying that he wanted to leave the ship before his signing off date, when he jump was only 6 days before going home. what really happened.
    and the other one is an Indian from dinning room but i don’t have idea about it.
    What’s happening whit serenade of the seas o royal caribbean international ask the heads of the company

  • steve

    there has been another guy jumped over 3 weeks ago form the same ship. he was reported missed once we docked in italy no oscar ocscar ocscar this time so it 2 member in two months nice work rccl

  • Rogena Peynado

    I’m Andrey’s aunt and so far I haven’t been able to find out what really happend with him. I have been told so many different stories but what really has me upset that the serenade of the seas legal assistance dpt keeps giving me the run around with a video that I request to be able to see with my own eyes what happend when he supposedly jumped. If anyone has any information I would appreciate for you to contact me at my email address. Or if you know where i can write to so I can place a complain to.

  • dave

    The 2nd suicide was a result of a threat to job which was issued collectively to Late Rosario Rodriguez by his immediate supervisor and the head of the dept on that same evening which provoked him to take the drastic step.Although the Captain said that she has been quizzed by the Italian authorities for 3hrs at Salerno why there has been no interrogation of the persons of interest because there should be some information the authorities should have got if asked individually with those persons .The company organized a farewell mass for both the victims with one of the POI saying the thanking part of the mass with lots of praises to Late Rosario amazing isn’t it well cooked.Close sources also told that they have been searching Rosario from little past 1 am then why it took the ships authority to start the normal international procedures to search a missing person only after 3am ,there are lots of unanswered questions to poor Rosario s family but miraculously his body was found hopefully the truth also prevails

  • Lauren

    My husband and I were on our honeymoon on this cruise and we were out late that night with friends we just met on the ship. We were up until about 230 the morning of the incident, only to be woken up around 4am with the “”Oscar Oscar Oscar, starboard side.” I woke up in a panic, not knowing what that meant and my husband went towards the Centrum to see what the fuss was about. I felt the ship come to a halt and we were listing greatly as they turned the ship around. It was then that we heard of what happened. Two crew members were on the 11th deck, where he sadly jumped, and they were visibly shaken and upset. We were up with many other passengers to try to be of any help. We were stopped at sea for almost 11 hrs then we were released by the Italian coast guard to continue on. We were sailing to Venice and while I was sad about arriving late, I was appalled at the behavior of some passengers making comments in front of crew members and showing complete disrespect. They are on these ships for months at a time, which this is considered family to most of them. Side note, we heard that the announcement wasn’t supposed to be sent to the whole ship, just the decks with the crew… Didn’t know if that was true or if there is more to that story..

  • Bonnie

    We were on this sailing as well… was very sad and I too heard some very rude comments made by passengers….wanting to be “compensated” for missing a few hours in Venice….it was deplorable….as for the Bravo alert being heard in the cabins…..I was told that was ship protocol so that people on board could help with the visual search….

  • Jemstar

    I was on this sailing & was thinking today about that dreadful event. Does anyone know if the man’s body was ever found?

  • Emily

    I was on the serenade of the seas in 2012 when this tragedy happened. I often think about this awful event and feel so sad for this poor young boy. I was staying in a cabin with a balcony on the starboard side and so was asked by the captain to go out to the balcony and assist with the visual search. The waves were so high and choppy and it was so dark. Does anyone know if he was ever found? I had heard he fell when jumping from sun lounger to sun lounge with his friend at the end of their shift. I can’t bear to think that at such a young age he felt so desperate that he jumped.

  • Tilly

    I was on the cruise ship when this incident occurred. We heard the announcement at around 4:20am. I heard people running down the hallway. Some people even had their life jackets on. The crew did not want to release any information right away but a lot of us stood our ground and demanded that they tell us the truth. It was around the area where Concordia sank, and it was within the year. It was scary because the ship would list dramatically when they were turning the ship around.