P & O Cruises Aurora Web CamMultiple news sources are reporting that a passenger went overboard from a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea yesterday.  Little information is being released except that the passenger is described as a "British woman" and is apparently in her seventies. 

The incident occurred on the Aurora cruise ship as it sailed from the Oporto, Portugal to to Barcelona, Spain.  The news accounts state that the woman "fell" although there is no real description whether she jumped, or was thrown overboard, or she somehow fell into the water.

Cruise ship overboard cases are rarely solved. In this case, there is no real information being released to explain what happened.  

The Telegraph newspaper in the U.K. quotes a passenger saying that "we heard that the woman is 72 and was on holiday with her daughter but we don’t know how she fell in. The passengers are all very sad and subdued as the outlook doesn’t look good. The sea is very choppy. We are just so concerned for this woman and her family. It is awful."

P & O states that "the ship’s crew were alerted and ordered an immediate search of the area," although cruise lines often say this when it’s not true. There is no information when the woman was reported Aurora Cruise Ship - P & O Cruisesmissing and when the search was initiated.

Investigations fall to the flag state which for P & O cruise ships is Bermuda.  That country has a dreadful record conducting investigation involving overboard passengers and crew members or crimes on cruise ships at sea.

According to cruise expert Professor Ross Klein, this is the 188th person overboard from a cruise ship in the last decade or so.

The last cruise ship passenger overboard from a cruise ship was 2 weeks ago when a 21 year old passenger disappeared from Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas.  

The cruise ship had left Southampton on Wednesday September 26th and was sailing on a 14 day cruise.

Anyone with information about this latest overboard, please leave a comment below.


September 29 2012 Update:  A comment to this article below states that the passenger committed suicide, although this cannot be confirmed. 


Aurora Web Cam: P & O Cruises 

Aurora cruise ship photo: SOLVENT via Telegraph 

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  • Lonel Mostert

    The search was called on 7:15 this morning when the passengers husband reported her missing. She pulled the table over to the balcony and left a note while he was in the bathroom. The crew worked effortlessly the whole day with help from Thomson Spirit. The body was found a hour ago and is on board Aurora. A great amount of respect for the Officers on board for working so hard. This is a fantastic team and more respect should be shown.

  • Tom Bradbury

    I understand from speaking to one of the Aurora pursers was that the passenger who died had a history of attempting suicide and that she had previous history of trying to do it from a cruise ship. Finally got her wish, but what a way to go, and at what cost and risk to everybody else in locating her body in very difficult sea conditions on the day.

  • Elaine Jarvis

    Myself and my husband were on the Aurora cruise which left Southampton on the 26th September. I would just like to say that there is absolutely no way that a person could fall overboard from this cruise ship. We have been on the open decks in extremely rough weather conditions and in very high winds but to simply “fall” overboard is totally impossible. The lady in question must have climbed onto an item of furniture in order to fall off of this ship. I would also like to say how professional all crew members acted on that day and I applaud those members of the crew who had the life-threatening task in rough seas of retrieving the woman’s body.