Disney Cruise Ship - Crew - Cocaine - SexPeople Magazine in the U.K. is publishing photographs of what it is describing as crew members snorting cocaine in their cabins. The photographs are part of an investigation into drug use aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship after a "whistleblower" reported widespread us of coke by crew members. People Magazine writes:

"Up on deck families were frolicking with Mickey Mouse on a Disney sunshine cruise.

But down below members of their crew were enjoy themselves in a different way – snorting white ­powder in their cabins.

Entertainers who delight young kiddies and their parents, ­restaurant waiters and show ­dancers hoovered up what ­appeared to be cocaine.

And they even used their Disney staff ID cards to chop up lines."  

A Disney crew member also claimed that "wild parties and casual sex were the norm" for the Disney Magic crew. According to the crew-member-turned-informant:

“It’s all very family-friendly. On deck, you have people in Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck outfits Disney Cruise Ship - Drugs - Sexperforming tricks. But downstairs, staff are sniffing coke. So many people are doing it, it’s an open secret. People even do it during their shift. Staff work very long hours and it’s their only release.

We’d go to whorehouses when we were docked.

Or if we were at sea we would have wild parties in the ­cabins. You’d just lock the door and a few people would be sniffing ­almost straight away. Crew would all be sleeping with each other too. Girls never said no when they were high – it was wild."

People Magazine also discussed the  highly controversial case of Disney youth counselor Rebecca Coriam who vanished from the Disney Wonder under mysterious circumstances. Disney is staying mum about what really happened to young Ms. Coriam.  The "investigation" by a single policeman in the Bahamas, where Disney registered its cruise ships to avoid taxes and strict safety regulations of the U.K. and U.S., is a joke.

The Mirror magazine in the U.K. picked up on the cocaine / sex story and published several additional photographs of crew members snorting blow which you can see here.

Disney Cruise Ship - Drugs - Snow White Snorting Coke?Disney says that it has a strict anti-drug program and it runs sniffer dogs through the crew quarters.

Some readers and many cruise fans may write the story off as sensationalistic.  But my thought is that it’s a real insight into the hard partying life of the crew who cruise passengers entrust with their children.

Are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Snow White high while entertaining your kids?

It’s something that cruise passengers don’t want to think about. 



Photo / art credit:

Top, middle: People Magazine U.K. / Mirror U.K. 

Bottom:  Cheezburger

  • Astrogal

    This is not really shocking to read, though from Disney you would expect better perhaps. However I am not surprised this happens as sex and drugs are anywhere a bunch of young, horny, drunk people are cooped up together for months at a time. Same thing happens at the Olympics. Same thing happens at the Disney housing for their employees. It’s everywhere. As long as they are not doing it while they are working, and are competent enough to work while taking care of their duties, the kids, etc., I will just ignore what they do on their own time. Again, as long as it doesn’t carry over and affect their time with the passengers.

  • Our recent experience on Space Mountain at Disney World left us injured.


    Thanks for keeping corporations and cruise lines honest to ensure guest safety on land and sea.

  • Hansson

    Well, as a crew on a ship (any ship) your are always on duty. You may rest or work but you ares still on duty. You belongs to the crew until you disembarks.

    A ship is not a democracy and your personal rights are very limited. The Captain is always responsibility for what happens on his ship whether he knows about it or not.

  • Tommy Peru

    Who cares. You know what’s the worst drug? Alcohol. Followed by Heroin. Then Cocaine. According to Britain’s Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs (ISCD) and an expert adviser to the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). If alcohol’s legal, these other drugs should be too.

    You can still function on Cocaine. No hang overs. No stumbling. It just gets you horny. Don’t mix cocaine with alcohol, and you’ll be fine.

    Also, the pay some of these young “entertainers” make is pitiful. They’re young. They want to be in z grade show business. They want sex. Fire these people and who are they going to get?

    They didn’t rape or kill anyone.
    Who cares.