An Italian newspaper, Articolo Tre, and the Crew Center website, are reporting that a U.S. female crew member disappeared from the Costa Favolosa in the sea near Istanbul.

The victim reportedly is an American crew member employed by Costa as a dancer. There are no details in the news article.  The Italian newspaper article states that "according to the preliminary findings, the woman committed suicide by jumping from the ship off the coast of Istanbul."

Costa FavolosaThere is no confirmation by Costa. Crew members who work on the cruise ship are silent, especially if they are asked by passengers about the incident.

The ship will not stop tomorrow in Dubrovnik, as planed and but instead will go directly from Istanbul to Venice.

A few months ago a young woman went overboard from another Costa cruise ship, the Costa Magica. A 21 year old Brazilian waitress disappeared from the Magica near the coast of Sicily. The company quickly labeled the incident a suicide too. 

Unfortunately suicide seems to be the cruise industry’s explanation for most over-boards.  This is because the cruise lines like to blame the victim rather than admit that there are safety and crime issues on cruise ships. 

Anyone will information, please leave a comment below.

Update August 31, 2012:  Cruise expert Professor Ross Klein received information that the overboard crew member is from South Africa – not the U.S.  We also received a comment to this article stating that the woman is from South Africa.  

There have been 185 people overboard from cruise ships in the last decade or so. 

Update September 2, 2012: The Italian newspaper, Articolo Tre, has another short article.  The title of the article states that Costa "confirms suicide" and yet the text of the article (if I am translating this correctly) states that the crew member "fell" into the water.  Unfortunately there is really no information contained in this article either, other than the Captain explaining why the cruise ship was skipping Dubrovnik, reassuring the passengers that they would receive a credit and wishing them a "happy" rest of the cruise.   


Photo credit: Wikimedia / Andrsvoss

  • Louise Horton

    We can believe that is is suicide when there is PROOF. Something the Cruise Lines don’t seem to need before “labeling”.

  • liz

    She was south African not american. And she fell. It was not suicide. Get your facts right.I knew her.

  • Christine

    A very weird environment aboard of those ships,time to time someone dissapear and i think this is a public health problem that need’s investigation.
    I just question my self how much fun and safe is the cruise ship ?

  • Liz:

    Sorry for the erroneous information.

    Jim Walker

  • Andy

    I used to work for costa cruise lines. I don’t doubt on suicide. The working laws are so insane that someone can go crazy in one of those ships flagged under the Italian Giant. Many of us embark on those ships with a dream and it turns into a nightmare. It’s very hard “having” to work every single day, under severe working laws with an extremely heavy working routine, up to 13 hours a day, seven days a week, during 8 – 9 months, under a very strict treatment, pressure, tension and stress offered by the supervisors and managers. They buy people with food, shelter and a salary which is not higher than the salary they could make back home if they worked that much. International working laws should so something about that. Some of us survive, some of us literally do not.

  • Sofia

    Andy,i also used to work for rcl and congratulations for your comment.
    Nothing more than that!!

  • Ross

    I do not understand why you (this site) have to blame the company for people who commits suicide. There are lots of people ashore who commit suicide, I do not see any ambiguity if some of those people are on a cruise ship. The percentage is absolutely ridiculous comparing on how many get suicide ashore. In these year only two (bless them) in Costa Cruises, among millions of passengers.
    I have read as well some of other comments and they are absolutely not true.
    As far as safety concerned , it is impossible to accidentally jump over board if it is voluntary; secondly, if you guys /who have worked for that company) didn’t like the schedule, you should have complained to the company and not somewhere else like I am sure you guys have done (here for instance). I also have read the comment of the person who knew her, I also knew her and I am deeply and incredibly sorry….(I still cannot believe) You say she fell but do you know that for sure? where you there when that happened? If you were, please, get in touch with the law enforcement. Thanks For the others, stop complain and do something if you think that something’s wrong….

  • “Ross”

    You are commenting from Italy correct? Are you on the ship?

    We are interested in determining what happened rather than blindly accepting the conclusion offered by cruise lines which have their own reputation and legal interests as priorities.

    What “law enforcement” are you talking about? The ship is Italian flagged, the crew member is South African, and the incident happened in waters off Turkey. What law enforcement is out there?

  • Nico
  • Captan Jo

    its not a first time happen suicide on Costa Favolosa. At the end of april, one indian member whp worked for costa many years jumped over board. Just few times it was annonce on board, that they are searching for him… as i remember it was Izmir port.. two days his picture was posted beside a crew mess.. and thats it.. Costa dont give attantion about missed indian or philipines. I knew this guy.. he was one of my friend R.I.P.

  • Captain Jo:

    Which Costa cruise ship?

    Can you mention your friend’s name?

    Was there any mention in the media?

    Regards Jim Walker

  • Captan Jo

    It was costa favolosa.
    His name was Arnab Banerjee.
    We have his pictures as well.. and for sure Mr. Jim Walker it was not mention in any media.
    Regards Captan Jo

  • Dragan

    I was on that ship, and since I am from Dubrovnik area, I had to go to Venice and then the last night the company paid us a direct flight to Dubrovnik. On Friday morning we realized that the ship was slowly going in circles for 8 hours and were later given information by the captain that “one of the crew members fell from the ship.” It happened around 3 AM, I don’t know the circumstances, but one of the crew members told us that she was seen in the sea, which means that she was not alone – otherwise, the ship would not have stopped there. The previous night there was big fiesta on the ship, and there was some strong wind on the decks…some spoke of alcohol but no one was sure.

  • Heike

    I was as a passenger on board the Costa Favolosa when the accident occurred on 31 August. I woke up at 7:00 clock and I noticed immediately that the ship was going very slowly. When I looked out the window of my cabin, I noticed another cruise ship and two cargo ships in the vicinity. Around 9:30 clock I remained on deck 9 at the rear of the Costa Favolosa. The cruise ship was still very slow and had repercussions. The other ships were still the same distance and also circled. Short later declared Captain that one crew member was fallen over board in the early morning hours and the Turkish port authority have launched a search operation. Against 13 clock then another announcement came with the message that the Greek and Turkish port authorities continue to search and the Costa Favolosa direct course would take Vendedig. The captain regretted that due to the delay of the planned stay in Dubrovnik could take place.

    We were all very shocked and were also desperate for the crew member on the lookout. For more information, we did not get the day off, asking service staff gave evasive answers. They knew nothing about the circumstances. Life on board immediately went further usual loud and gregarious. Some members of the animation team came before us a little quieter than usual, in the evening show began as only six instead of seven dancers. I then asked the next day our German tour guide, because my children were very worried too and wanted to know if there’s any hope for the young woman. But the tour guide did not mention any details. They merely stated that other crew members who witnessed the incident, and that such a fall from the deck to survive a cruise ship can not. Since the incident was observed, would have to be clearly whether it has acted to suicide or an accident.

    On 1 September, we found in the evening in our cabin a letter by the captain once again deplores the tragic accident. Primarily, however, things went to details of the rescission of the booked and unusual trips to Dubrovnik.

    We would have liked from the cruise line really little more information and a day in memory of the young dancer without music and shows. Ultimately, I believe that it could very well have been an accident during a party among crew members on the deck of the ship and not a suicide. We still often think of the young woman and hope that they will be found.

    Deleverage please my bad English!

  • Captain Jo:

    Does the family want there to be mention of his situation? Can you send photo with permission from family to post? Where was the cruise ship at the time of the overboard?

  • noemia goulart silva

    My family and i were on Favolosa when this happened….
    it was sad. We were told it was a dancer from south africa and was 29 years old. I noticed when we asked other crew members about her they were reluctante to answer they just said they didn´t know anything more.It is very sad that this happened but i think costa should give some kind of descount to the passengers because it was not our fault and we did not stop in Dubrovnic because of this….we did pay for the whole trip.

  • Nontando

    Hi I am a reporter from South Africa. I am trying to find more details about the incident. Family/ friends contacts and where she is from. Can anyone help? please email me on


  • riya

    Jim Walker
    we belong to Arnabs family and this incident has happened in may. Can you please help us finding a solution?

  • Julie

    My daughter is one of the dancers on the ship and it was suicide. she actually took her clothes and jewellery off before she jumped. other crew members thought she was joking. they ran to help her when she climbed over the rails, but too late, she jumped. i feel very sorry for her fellow dancers, the company and her family. please let this stunning girl rest in peace.

  • Riya

    this is for Captan Jo. Can you please provide me with your email id. I need to have a word with you. This is Arnab’s family here. Please reply. thank you.

  • vicky patil

    i just want to know abt costa cruise like how is it for crew members