The Travel section of the Washington Post has an article today about what happens if you are unfortunate enough to have a heart attack while sailing on a cruise in the Caribbean.  Things often get worse when the cruise ship wants to limit its liability and dumps you off in a Caribbean port.

No offense to the wonderful people in the Caribbean, but its not the place to be while trying to manage a heart attack.

I’m quoted in the article. I’m sure the cruise line PR people and tourism officials in the islands may have a heart attack reading my quotes.

If so, here’s the same advice I give to a sick cruise passenger.  Call the first available medical jet and get your sick heart to see a board certified cardiologist in Miami.  And I hope that you purchased lots of insurance before going on the cruise.

Here is the article, written by consumer advocate Christopher Elliott – The Navigator: When You’re Sick at Sea.     

3 Responses to “Dumped in the Caribbean” – Washington Post Takes a Look at What Happens When You Have a Heart Attack on a Cruise Ship

So what should they have done? Demanded to be evacuated from St. Kitts immediately, or been evacuated straight from the ship to the US? Can the latter be done?

Do you mean to say that only in the USA you will get good medical help?? I don’t think so. Good insurance is needed ofcourse.

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