The Travel section of the Washington Post has an article today about what happens if you are unfortunate enough to have a heart attack while sailing on a cruise in the Caribbean.  Things often get worse when the cruise ship wants to limit its liability and dumps you off in a Caribbean port.

No offense to the wonderful people in the Caribbean, but its not the place to be while trying to manage a heart attack.

I’m quoted in the article. I’m sure the cruise line PR people and tourism officials in the islands may have a heart attack reading my quotes.

If so, here’s the same advice I give to a sick cruise passenger.  Call the first available medical jet and get your sick heart to see a board certified cardiologist in Miami.  And I hope that you purchased lots of insurance before going on the cruise.

Here is the article, written by consumer advocate Christopher Elliott – The Navigator: When You’re Sick at Sea.     

  • Tracey

    So what should they have done? Demanded to be evacuated from St. Kitts immediately, or been evacuated straight from the ship to the US? Can the latter be done?

  • Sofia

    Great article,there’s no money in this world to replace
    your health.

  • Not in the US

    Do you mean to say that only in the USA you will get good medical help?? I don’t think so. Good insurance is needed ofcourse.