The Maritime Bulletin reports that a fire occurred on the Crown Princess cruise ship on July 14 2012 in one of the cabins.

The Princess cruise ship was some 3 miles east of Antipaxos island in the Ionian Sea and was sailing from Corfu to Piraeus with 3325 passengers on board when the alarm went off.  The fire was extinguished automatically by a sprinkling system causing minor property damaged. Nobody was injured. Katakolo port authorities boarded the vessel for survey and investigation, and the cruise ship was cleared to resume its voyage. 

July 17, 2012 Update:

Following our article this morning, Cruise Critic ran the following:

"A small electrical fire broke out in passenger cabin on Crown Princess Saturday evening, the line has confirmed.

‘There were no injuries and we’re currently investigating the cause,’ Princess said in a statement sent to Cruise Critic. The ship, carrying 2,948 passengers on a 12-day Eastern Mediterranean cruise, is sailing on schedule. The voyage ends in Rome on July 23.

Cruise Critic member MSH from Norway, who was onboard, posted that the fire occurred on the Emerald Deck (Deck 8) and that several cabins filled with smoke. Some cabins were also waterlogged MSH from Norway wrote.

While Princess did not comment on the damage to the ship, the line did tell Cruise Critic that the passengers in the affected cabin, as well as those in the cabin next to it, were moved — both cabins were left without electricity." 

  • steve

    i was on the crown princess when the capt announced there was smoke on deck 8 and that he was ordering his crew to their emergency positions. it appeared to me that the capt and crew had this emergency well under control. the capt and crew stayed calm and kept passengers informed as to the state of the emergency. i was impressed with capt nick nash’s handling of the situation.

  • Concerned Passengers

    We were on that cruise . . . We were told to get our life jackets and go to our muster station. I have severe asthma, which was set off by the smoke. It was extremely scary. People were all confused. Crew said it was a real fire but tried to play it down and said, “stay calm but their faces indicted an entirely different story of fear!” I was scared to go to sleep at night and wished we could have gotten off that ship!

    People were very upset and Crown Princess Captain and employees tried to talk and act like it was no big deal. It was very real and a very big deal to the passengers and especially to first time cruisers. It was a mess! Crew was NOT PREPARED and passengers were being told all kinds of different mixed messages!

  • Danny

    I was on that cruise as well. I agree with Steve that it was all under control at that time. All crew memebrs are well prepared for the emergency. That may be few people that actually did not believe anyone. However it was still not a good experience

  • Sean

    I was on there too. Nick Nash kept all informed and it was under control. Spoilt our speciality dining a little when waiters went to action stations but we got the evening free due to it. There were a couple of over the top US women acting as if the boat was being sunk by a torpeo, but at no time were we asked to muster and we just carried on with the bottle of wine whilst the staff dealt with the small issue. Professionally handled as far as I was concerned