Cruise expert Dr. Ross Klein reports on his website that a young Brazilian woman working as an assistant waiter on the Costa Magica has disappeared from the cruise ship in the Mediterranean. She was last seen on Friday, June 1 but authorities were not notified of her disappearance until yesterday, Saturday. The Magica had sailed from Malta towards Catania, Sicily and was about 20 miles from the Sicilian coast when the young woman disappeared.

According to a Brazilian newspaper Globo, the crewmember is Lais Santiago, age 21.  She is from Lais Santiago - Costa Magica Cruise Ship - Missing Cremember - BrazilSantos, on the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  

Her brother, Lucas Santiago, confirmed his sister’s disappearance.  There are conflicting accounts about her boyfriend who is described as being either from Brazil or India, with most accounts suggesting that he is also a Brazilian. The crewmember’s family stated that they have had no contact with him, but he was questioned by police.  Some internet accounts suggest that she may have made a call late at night with the next account indicating that her boyfriend reported her missing the following morning after she allegedly did not return to the cabin.

The family also spoke with her co-employees, one of whom stated that Lais was friendly and had no enemy on board. She didn’t drink, smoke or do drugs, "which is very common on ships." 

According to Dr. Klein’s database of passengers and crewmembers missing from cruise ships, this is the 182nd person to go overboard from a cruise ship since 2000. 

In this day and age, and with all of the incredible technology available, how can anyone "disappear" from a cruise ship without the closed circuit television video cameras not capturing the event?  

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June 4, 2012 Update: There are a couple of comments, one from Brazil and one from Portugal, suggesting that the vessel’s video camera captured images of Ms. Santiago going to the rail, hesitating, and then going overboard around 2:00 AM.

The Brazilian newspaper Globo published a report  today confirming that Ms.Santiago apparently jumped as indicated above.

Ms. Santiago’s brother is quoted saying that his sister loved working on the ship, but had been complaining a lot lately. "Lais would resign and return to Brazil in the next 28 days. She loved working in the ship, but was tired."


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  • cumme

    so sad, will pray for her and her family, the crew members all seem so close to their co-workers, that makes one think there must be info around in situations like this. I often wonder if people r scared to come forward with bits of info because of being then in the limelight,

  • Mila

    The cameras recorded early Saturday that after a few minutes of hesitation, the girl jumped off the ship. What sad news! Continue the search to find her.

  • Wando

    I worked with her, but i dont remember her very well, we have few comum friends. sad history…. pray for her family and i hope police do something to find a real “why”

  • Tata

    Im from Santos and i read on facebook of a friend of her that was working at the same ship, and confirm that her boyfriend was Indian.
    And moments a go Consulate General of Brazil in Rome says that the ship’s internal cameras recorded images of Lais up to the deck and throwing themselves into the sea, after minutes of hesitation, at 2 am Saturday.

  • cumme

    the long hours that the crew members work must contribute to them being totally overtired and often very emotional, and yet the cruise lines get away with it ….

  • Crew

    Ship’s life make you crazy,not surprised with young and fragil people like Lais !
    The main priority of cruise lines is business not people,always money above people and looks like will be forever doesn’t matter how many peole die every single year.

    This is a public health ( mental ) problem !!!

  • raphael

    I was working at the same ship at the ship we wasn’t friends but i knew her,they was searching for her in all cabins

    But Costa is not giving importance to the case, and there was no security or cameras to prove the case