Chinese Cruise Ship Strikes BridgeAnd here’s some weird cruise news from China.

A new cruise ship under tow in China struck a passenger bridge in eastern China, causing damage to the vessel’s funnels.    

According to the Xinhua News agency, the bizarre incident involved a newly constructed cruise ship, called the No. 7 Mingzhu Pearl cruise ship.

Four tugboats were towing the cruise ship on the Ou Jiang river when the ship struck a bridge in the city of Wenzhou in the eastern province of China called Zhejiang.  

There were no casualties reported.

There is a suggestion that the height of the vessel’s structure was miscalculated because there were no passengers or cargo or provisions on the vessel when it was under tow.


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  • Its incidents like this that get people worried about cruising. An accident can happen on any sort of holiday. But people see all the stories in 2012 about cruises and panic. I love to cruise and hope many other people will just try a cruise.