After publishing Cruise Law News for the past two and one-half years, I decided to create a second blog: "Maritime Lawyer."   It will cover maritime issues and events which don’t involve cruise ships.  I registered long, long ago and will be using that domain for the new blog.

My friends at LexBlog are going to create and host the new blog. The LexBlog people created this blog. It has been far more successful and influential than I ever dreamed possible.  Per Alexa, Cruise Law News (CLN) is ranked number 12 in the U.S. / Canada in terms of popularity of law blogs. There is only one other law blog published by a practicing lawyer (another LexBlog client, China Law Blog) ahead of CLN in terms of popularity (for what that’s worth).

Maritime Disasters: Cruise Ship Fires, Crashes, Collisions, CapsizingsThis year alone, CLN has been cited by a diverse group of media organizations, from tabloid bloggers like Perez Hilton to serious journalists like the reporters at the Wall Street Journal, PBS and Newsweek.  CLN has led me to appearing on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Erin Burnett, ABC’s 20/20, NOVA, BBC Radio and Australia’s Dateline in just the last three months.  Our articles range from serious investigations into news the cruise line don’t want you to know, to mundane legal issues about cruise law, to the bizarre, odd & weird things that happen on cruise ships.

My new blog will take a look into the larger world of maritime law of which cruise law is a small part.  If the story involves a cruise ship, you will find it on CLN.  But if a tugboat, tanker, trawler, bulk carrier, sailboat, yacht or fishing boat is involved, Maritime Lawyer will cover the story. 

I will be also posting my maritime articles on a new Maritime Lawyer facebook page.  This will be the first article posted on that new page.  I have 6 "likes" so far on the facebook page; pretty pitiful. Drop by, "like" us, and post a comment.

Let us know what type of maritime stories you want us to cover . . . .


  • Continued success.I know your new venture will be just as interesting, to so many of your readers.

  • Capt Ed

    Congratulations on your successful efforts and expansion. Sign me up! Enjoy the timely articles and breaking news stories. Keep up the great work.

  • Susie

    I’m so excited for your new blog & am really looking forward to your posts! Topic suggestion – The biggest issue I’ve encountered at sea, on lakes, and even rivers is the Coast Guard’s presence and apparent ability to board any vessel without cause or suspicion. How is this possible? Do I have to let them on board? I once received a Notice of Violation that was followed up by a letter noting a $75 fine. I just paid because I didn’t want the hassle, but what would happen if I failed to pay? Can they take you to jail? I’ve heard others tell of repeated and unnecessary stops by the Coast Guard & would be happy for any information on how they can do that what with fourth amendment protections, etc. Thanks for any follow up!

  • Excellent work in your blog! Seaworthiness is “the obligation”.

    I am pleased to offer my personal Maritime Law & Marine Management experience to your professional blog and Firm. Above find enclosed a link to my curriculum vitae and cover letter (

    I am PhD in Commercial and Maritime Law (thesis on “Seaworthiness of Vessel within International Maritime Law”, pending out to be published as a book, 1,250 pages; very important in the marine insurance field and in all Maritime Law contracts, as you well know!) and Master’s Degree in Maritime Law (LLM).

    My practical work experience as a Qualified Spanish Solicitor (LLB), Maritime Law Arbitrator (High Court of Justice of Andalusia and Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Spain), Master Mariner (BSc, Captain Merchant Marine, Kingdom of Spain, unlimited) and Average Marine Surveyor, gives me an insight and hands-on perspective in this particular maritime field.

    It is my hope that my experience and background can be utilized by an outstanding organization such as yours.

    In the meanwhile, do you want to exchange links and articles on Maritime Law (vid. infra our blogs and websites)? Is always good for Google and for both of us!

    I look to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Maximiliano F. Navas
    Maritime Solicitor (PhD, LLM, LLB) | Master Mariner (BSc, unlimited)
    GMM Maritime Law Firm | Marine Management
    Rico, 33 – 3º A | E-21001 Huelva | Spain | | |

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