Disney Wonder - Stolen iPhoneNew York Magazine has a rather remarkable story about a cruise passenger who alleges that her cell phone was stolen during a cruise in April on the Disney Wonder.  She was able to identify the alleged thief, a cruise ship employee, thanks to cloud technology after the photos from her iPhone were uploaded to Apple’s Photo Stream.

The cruise passenger, "Katy," cleverly uploaded some of the photos taken by Disney crew member, "Nelson," into her Facebook album entitled "Stolen iPhone Adventures."

The album is hilarious.  

Passenger "Katy" places captions on the photos, identifying the alleged crew member thief at various ports, hanging out with his (soon to be ex) girlfriend and partying with his cruise ship posse.  One of the photos includes a crowded crew party with an officer present with a caption identifying the officer allegedly as the captain of the cruise ship. 

Disney Wonder - Stolen iPhoneAh, what fun – an officer partying with the crew below deck documented with a iPhone stolen from a guest.

Disney says that it placed the crew member on "administrative leave" and restricted him from guest areas.

The New York Magazine article is careful to state says that it is possible that the crewmember bought the phone from someone else, or that there is some other explanation as to why he had the phone in his possession.

But cruise passenger "Katy" is not holding back. 

Her photo album has gone viral.  The world now knows that things are not always as they seem on cruise ships, even on the Magical Kingdom’s fleet.   


Photo credit: "Katy"s facebook page

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship - Stolen iPhone

Disney Wonder - Stolen iPhone

  • It just how even from home you can track people!!

  • That’s hilarious. Good for her.

  • Dave

    Thief must’ve been using the ship’s WIFI to connect to the internet (probably free for employees)…

  • Schmedlapp

    “…to connect to the internet (probably free for employees)…”


  • Eva Butarbutar

    We just got back from 8 days disney magic cruise today and $120 were stolen from my purse inside my room on the first night. My husband’s wallet inside of his jeans pocket on the sofa bed was “magically” moved from its original position which triggered him to alert me to check my purse and sure enough some of my $20 bills are missing. We reported the incident and no resolution. As you all can imagine the rest of of our cruise experience filled with worry and feeling of insecure. $120 will not kill us but the thought of someone going over our private stuff and stealing…I just can’t describe this…..very frustrated.