The Palm Beach Post News / WPTV reports that ten passengers aboard the Bahamas Celebration cruise ship  experienced a cruise they will never forget.

Raw sewage was coming out of sinks and overflowing from the shower drains. The mess leached out into the bathroom floors and into the hallway.  One young woman said: "It was brown and disgusting, and the smell was unmistakable."

Another passenger took photographs showing "brown sludge oozing out of each drain, including the sink and the shower."

E-coli with your water anyone?  



The last time the Bahamas Celebration cruise ship was in the news was when a woman from Canada disappeared while cruising with her boyfriend.   

  • Toni Fischler

    Just got back from a cruise with Royal Caribbean, The Majesty of the Seas and had the same problem. Sewage in my bathtub and the room and halls smelled like a
    cesspool. Royal Caribbean was not willing to do anything about it.

    Here’s the letter I wrote to my Travel Agent:

    I wanted to give you my feedback about the boat, The Majesty of the Sea.

    In a nutshell, I’d never go on Royal Caribbean again. The first evening I went to the Windjammer to get ice and there was a sign “ice is unavailable”. On Saturday it was raining
    and they decided to just leave Cococay in the am and go straight to Nassau, so I went to the spa to schedule a massage. Couldn’t schedule one because their computer was down. They finally called me and scheduled one. Not only was it not a great massage, but they added the gratuity and then she tried to sell me a bunch of products. I never had that happen after a massage.

    Now for the worst part………..On Saturday, I pulled open the shower curtain to take a shower and gagged at the site I saw in the tub. The photo is attached to this email. I couldn’t believe that I was looking at SEWAGE!!!!!!! I Picked up the phone and told them what happened and was
    told someone would be right there. 30 minutes later, still no one showed up. I called again and they told me someone was on their way with our stateroom butler. Well the maintenance man showed up alone cleared out the tub but didn’t even have any disinfectant with him. Finally the stateroom butler showed up and cleaned it out. By the time all of this was done, we had missed a champagne party
    in our friend’s room because we had to get to the dining room for our dinner reservation.

    Sunday morning I went to Guest Relations and tried to see the Manager. The girl said she wasn’t around but would tell her what happened and she would have her contact me. 3 hrs later I still hadn’t heard from the manager. So I went down again. One of the staff memebers told me to sit down
    and she’d be right with me. I waited and she never came out. So I told this staff person to have her call my room, I was not going to waste anymore of my time waiting for her. She finally called me at about 3pm, but guess what my phone was broken so I couldn’t get the message. I had to go next door to call the manager and then she finally called me back around 5:30pm. So it took the ship manager
    about 24 hrs. to get in touch with me.

    I told her no wonder there are so many diseases going around from these cruise ships. When she asked what I would suggest they do, I said, “I think you should take a few hundred off of the price of this cruise”. She told me it couldn’t be done and the best she could do was 20% off a future cruise. I said are you serious, why would I ever want to go on one of your ships again.

    The whole situation and especially the way it was handled had me pretty stressed so I had to let it go and thought it best to tell you about it.

    In addition to all of this the rooms and hallways constantly smelled like a cess pool. Everyone was commenting about it.