College students, booze and ships are often a recipe for bedlam.  Being "cruise drunk" can lead to violence.  

Spirit of France - Drunk Passengers The media in the U.K. is reporting that around 200 college students headed to France on a skiing trip stripped naked, smashed glasses and overturned furniture during a drunken night of havoc on the P&O Spirit of France. 

The ferry was sailing from Dover to Calais when University of Manchester students clashed with students from the Manchester Metropolitan University in the ship’s bar.

The U.K."s Mail Online writes:

"Passengers, many with young children, had to be moved to a secure room for their own safety. 

Crew members said many of the students, who were going skiing, were drunk before they boarded the ship.

It has been reported that students were seen dancing on the tables and were even exposing themselves.

Men and women are believed to have been streaking and fighting at the bar and a P&O spokeswoman said they were forced to take all non-university passengers to an area of the ship which is usually an exclusive lounge so they were ‘out of harm’s way’."

P & O stated that it would not permit the students back on the ferry to return to the U.K.

Earlier in the week 100 drunken and brawling young adults were booted from a harbor cruise in Australia. 

  • cumme

    frightening to think thats our worlds future adults

  • Laura

    During my time working onboard I always dreaded spring break and the start of the summer break. Drunkens, especially hormonal twenty-something-year-old students are a nightmare for us crewmembers to control, especially as a woman. I’ve been physically assaulted, exposed to and attempted to be molested several times but if we as much a say a word against the pax we are the ones who get the trouble for it. I’m sick of pax acting as if they own the damn ship and I’m glad to hear these louts weren’t let back onboard for the return journey! I just hope for the crewmembers and fellow pax sake that these lunatics are banned from the line for good.