The family of a Canadian passenger who vanished during a cruise between the Bahamas and Florida last week continue to seek information about the disappearance.

Fariba Amani, age 47, from Vancouver, was cruising aboard the Bahamas Celebration cruise ship operated by the Celebration Cruise Lines.  In a prior article, we explained that Ms. Amani was cruising with her boyfriend, now identified as Ramiz Golshani, also from Vancouver, when she disappeared.

The story mentioned in the press is that Mr. Golshani allegedly last saw Ms. Amani around 1:00 AM on February 29th in the cruise ship’s gift show and then re retired to the couple’s cabin to go to sleep.  He awoke the following morning and she was not in the cabin.  

After looking for her on the ship as it approached port in Palm Beach, Mr. Golshani notified the cruise ship personnel.  At this time, the cruise ship was docking and the passengers disembarked without being interviewed by either the local police or the FBI.   

Fariba Amani - Bahamas Celebration Disappearance

Canadian television has a video interview of Ms. Amani’s sister who describes Ms. Amani’s relationship with her boyfriend as rocky.     

Cruise expert Professor Ross Klein tracks people missing from cruise ships on his website.  179 people have gone overboard since 2000.

If you have information about this latest cruise disappearance, please leave a message below.  


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