Allure of the Seas OverboardThe AP is reporting that a Irish cruise ship passenger went overboard from the Allure of the Seas, which is the world’s largest cruise ship cruise ship.

(Update: If you are searching for the overboard involving a twenty-one (21) year old woman from Bartlett Tennessee who disappeared on September 16, 2012 from the Allure, click here.)

Royal Caribbean states that another passenger allegedly saw the British passenger, age 30, go over the railing from his stateroom on the Allure.  The cruise line then apparently verified the overboard by viewing images from closed circuit television.  

The incident occurred as the cruise ship was heading to Cozumel.  Announcements were made around 6:45 AM.  The cruise ship then stopped off the coast of Mexico near Cozumel. and participated in a brief search.  The ship was to depart tonight at 8:00 PM tonight and was scheduled to be at sea tomorrow, with a return to Fort Lauderdale on Sunday.

There are rumors that the passenger may have left a suicide note and then stepped on a table and went overboard.

The last British citizen who disappeared in international waters near Mexico is Rebecca Coriam, a Disney cruise member employed as a youth counselor aboard the Disney Wonder.    

The last reported incident aboard the Allure of the Seas involved multiple rapes earlier last month

The cruise ship was under charter by Atlantis, which hosts parties for the gay and lesbian community.  The Allure had sailed from South Florida on January 29, 2012 to Labadee Haiti, Costa Maya Mexico, and then to Cozumel. 

In the past, the Atlantis – Royal Caribbean cruises have been marred by controversy, with drug overdoses, suicide, and a travel agent busted for selling drugs (arrested with 142 ecstasy pills, 3 grams of methamphetamine, ketamine and about $51,000 in cash).  You can read about these incidents below.

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Does anyone know what happened on this latest Atlantis cruise party?


Allure of the Seas Atlantis Cruise


Photo credit:  Atlantis Events

  • Sandra

    One more case to sweep under the rug,this happen and will happen again and again…because revenue is there and nothing will stop to built ships and increase the business.
    The past history will be the same of the future because the law of yesterday will be the same of tomorow,we need change we need inovation..
    May God bless the family !!

  • Brad

    I have been on almost thirty gay cruises with Atlantis and have been on four heterosexual cruises. The straight cruises were full of drunks, people who acted as though they were raised by wolves and obese folks so big they had to use their motorized wheelchair to get to the 24 hour buffet. Gay cruises are the most coveted spots for crew members because they know the passengers are courteous and generous. Do you think the awful things you mentioned don’t happen on straight cruises? If you don’t your an idiot and a bigot. May God Bless us Queens, Fairies and Lesbians and be dammed those that judge and think they are God’s only chosen.

  • Brad:

    You are picking on the wrong fella. There is nothing disresepctful in my article. We support the gay and lesbian community.

    Yes, there are lots of heterosexual obnoxious drunks on cruises. I write about them all of the time. Take a minute and read some of my last 850 articles. I talk about all types of mayham on cruises, straight or gay or transgendered, makes no difference to me . . . God bess us all.

    But I think its fair to say that the Atlantis cruises can be characterized by the large amounts of ecstasy and other rave drugs, leading to overdoses and some deaths. The medical staff on the RCCL ships are swamped during Atlantis parties with drug cases.

    If you want to see some really nasty comments about gay cruises read the gay magazines:



  • Brad

    My comments were actually aimed at Sandra. I would rather see people attended to because they took something of their own choosing. I don’t think drugs are good but that’s not my decision to make for someone else. Have you ever been on an Atlantis Cruise? Don’t characterize it as a giant drug party because it isn’t. I am sure the heterosexual centric cruise’s medical staff is swamped with violent jerks beating each other up and disgusting rude drunks falling down the stairs? I have never seen a single act of violence on an Atlantis cruise. When you ask what have you seen on the latest Atlantis cruise it sounds like you are collecting a chronicle of gay degeneration for the far right wing. I have read one article that was negative in a gay publication sorry I must have missed the myriad of others. BTW mayhem is spelled with an “e”. Have a Lovely Evening

  • Colby

    I was on that cruise, and you’re right, there are a lot of druged up dudes!! Every other guy I ran into was loud, and definitely high! so don’t try to white wash the facts. Atlantis should be ashamed of their condoning and encouraging this behavior! As or the Brit, I really feel sorry for him. my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

  • Luiz Carlos Souza

    I was on that cruise and I agree with Colby. Atlantis and Royal Caribbean International should be ashamed of their condoning and encouraging this behavior! I was carrying many pills (sleeping, allergy, etc) and my bag was not opened. I might be a drug dealer or I might be carrying illegal drugs. They are going to sweep this case under the rug. Regards, Luiz Carlos Souza