Costa Allegra Cruise Ship FireAt a time when Costa Crociere and its parent company Carnival are under the scrutiny of the international media, reports are now emerging that the Costa Allegra caught fire when the vessel was around 260 miles from the Seychelles in the Indian Sea.

Lloyd’s List states that the fire was extinguished. There is no explanation how the fire developed, although Costa is saying that the fire started in the generator room.

There were 636 passengers and 413 crew aboard the ship.  

At this time, there is no indication that any passengers or crew were harmed, although this news is dependent on the transparency of the cruise ship and its operations center in Italy.

There is a diverse number of nationalities on the cruise ship, including: Italy 135, France 127, Austria 97, Switzerland 90, Germany 38, UK 31, Mauritius 15, Russia 15, Spain 15, Canada 13, Belgium 13, Slovenia 12, USA 8, Croatia 6, Czech Republic 4; Latvia 3, Portugal 2, Poland 2, Romania 2, Brazil 2, Hungary 2, Luxembourg 1, Algeria 1, Uruguay 1, and Ireland 1.

The Allegra is Costa’s oldest cruise ship in operation, having come into service in 1992.

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