Bermuda Judge Carlisle GreavesThe Royal Gazette newspaper reports that a judge in Bermuda sentenced two U.S. cruise passengers to six years in jail each after trying to smuggle pot into Bermuda.

Bermuda Judge Carlisle Greaves sentenced the two female Carnival cruise passengers from Georgia, Alloah Releford, age 24, and Latoya Powell, age 27, for attempting to  smuggle in 2.7kg of cannabis resin into the country. 

The two women had sailed to Bermuda aboard the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship last year. 

The defense lawyers for the women argued for leniency, pointing out that Ms.Releford grew up as a child with both of her parents in jail.  Her mother died from lupus after being released from prison, leaving her to care for younger siblings as well as her own young children.  Ms. Powell was in debt $10,000 in medical bills for her daughter.

As is the case in Bermuda, the judge’s sentencing and words for the two women were harsh:  

“Crybaby stories should not get them off easy.”

The women had been offered $5,000 each to smuggle the drugs to Bermuda.

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Photo Credit (bottom):  Akil Simmons / Royal Gazette