• james blsir

    ive been in security for 18 yrs. had similar cases when last call was made at bar security was called to escort any remaining customers to intoxicated either to their room or taxi unless bartender stated they could take care of personel george needed no escort due to the russian friends thats why i think theyre barking up wrong tree the bride was not only intoxicated but under the influence of absinthe, affects simular to date rape drugs lol who escorted her & what took security so long to find her in that condition anyone on the ship could have taken advantage of her most security guards are reqd to do rounds at least on the hour take it from me 18 yr, vet

  • terrytt

    some over drink and fall over board.could be that some of the passangers are robbed or raped by a killer that works there…

  • terrytt

    ones that are raped and robbed are pushed over board,the killer needs to be caught going on for too long..

  • Catherine J Fusco

    I have known Instinctivly that it was in fact the Russian & the Dr’s son “”Thou Dost Protost Too Much”??/ Forgot the guys name but they DID have a vrawl & it a fight did ensue! Why did these guys get away w/ Murder? They WERE looking for the “”safe”‘Was it because he was a doctor’s son $$ when George woke up he defended himself …The noises WERE heard from the man next door..It is too obvious & too clear that this tragedy Re George Smith a handsome..intelligent guy was not bragging..he was having fun & didn’t realize that anyone would attach importance to his money..or the fact that he was in the company of murderers and Josh? a spoiled brat..who defended the circumstances to the point of nausea That’s how the news concluded this .& it’s very clear..It should have gone to trial.My Respect to the Smith family what a waste & a travesty of justice! I mean really!!