We have been contacted by several different individuals today inquiring into the facts and circumstances surrounding a crewmember going overboard from the Monarch of the Seas cruise ship.

We are informed that the overboard involved a crewmember from India.  No other information is known at this time.  The cruise ship is in Nassau today and was in CoCo Cay yesterday.  There are no news outlets reporting on this incident so far.

Royal Caribbean Monarch of the Seas - OverboardRoyal Caribbean / Celebrity cruise ships have seen the most overboards over the course of the last 2 years.

On December 27, 2011 we reported on a Celebrity crewmember’s disappearance – Celebrity Crewmember Missing From Summit Cruise Ship.  Here are other recent stories:

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The last two articles involve a wife of an Indian crewmember going overboard from the Monarch of the Seas. 

The last time the Monarch of the Seas was in the news was when it failed a CDC inspection in November – Dirty Dishes & Fruit Flies Flourish on Royal Caribbean’s Oldest Cruise Ship

Does anyone have information about this latest crew overboard?   If so, please leave a comment below.

January 12, 2012 Update:

DIS, the "Internet’s largest unofficial on-line guide to Disney Cruises," contains the following information:

This report is coming live from the Disney Dream.  An unknown Carnival Cruise Line ship and Coast Guard helicopters are currently next to the Dream helping with a search for a man overboard from the Monarch of the Seas.  On schedule today for the Dream is a day at sea, but overnight, guests began noticing unusual movement from the ship.  Guests later learned that the ship had docked at Nassau overnight, but weren’t sure why.  An officer from the Dream made an announcement overhead at 9:00 am alerting guests of the situation.  This is the first official notification passengers have received; if any news-worthy updates are given, this story will be updated.

  • Larry Summers

    I was on the Carnival Senstation yesterday morning when we were informed that we were on a search and rescue mission for an overboard person. Being a former Coast Guard Aux member I went topside and began looking. The ship never made any deviations from course that I could tell, so it wasn’t much of a search.

  • E. Harrigle

    The Dream put into port @ Nassau to transport a sick passenger off of the ship, and then participated in the search for the lost crew member of the Monarch.

  • Monarch passenger Jan 13, 2012

    I was on this cruise and we were to be docked in Nassau at 8am Thursday morning. At breakfast we noticed we were stopped but not in port. The captain announced a crew member had been seen going overboard. He then turned the ship around, alerted the coast guard and along with other cruise ships in the area had performed a search and rescue operation but the man was not found. At this time the other ships had been released by the coast guard and we were awaiting Monarch’s release so we could proceeded to Nassau. At dinner Thursday night we were told helicopters had searched all day but the crew member had not been found.

  • Steven Messer

    I was a passenger aboard the Monarch of the Seas January 9 to January 13 and was on board when the crew member went over board. It seems it happened early morning around 6 am about an hour before we were to dock. An announcement was given to us that we were searching for a crew member that had gone over board. We were searching along with at least three other cruise ships as well as coast guard from what I believe to be from 6 am to 11 am when we’re were excused from the search by the coast guard and proceeded to dock.. I myself over heard radio call at 8 am for mayday mayday ,I was above the open bridge. We were the last of the four cruise line ships to dock. We were told by our stateroom attendant that he knew the man that went over board, that he was 25 maybe from India and had a girlfriend that wok on board and they believed the reason he went over board was because of trouble in there relationship. When we returned to the ship at 7pm from spending the day at Nassusa we again saw our stateroom attendant and asked if there had been any word about the mising crew member, he told us they had not found him but coast guard was still looking. We were never told anything else or any mention of it. Our ship was suppose to dock at 7 am but docked around 11:30 and anyone who had early exclusions were out of luck. At least three other cruise ships were involved in the search and were late in docking as well.

  • Joyce thrasher

    I was on the Monarch when the crew member jumped off at 5:45am on Wednesday. We were told he had personal problems and chose to take his life. Another person saw him jump and we circled for 3 hours with the coast guard and never found him. he was 22 from India.

  • Joey

    I too was on the monarch. I was awakened before 6:00 by an announcement of “Oscar 45. Oscaar 45. Oascar 45.” I then felt the boat coming to an abrubt stop. A few hours later Capt Trond told us what had happened and informed us that the Sensastion was helping.

    We were told by our waiter that the man who jumped was from India. He worked for food service and was working for a promotion. Instead he had gotten a formal reprimand. Sad story.

    We were also told that all RC employees work 8 months straight months at a time without a single day off. They claim it is very stressful and only the mentally strong renew their contracts.

  • Robin

    I was a passenger aboard the Monarch of the Seas (Jan 9-13, 2012). I was actually up on deck 12 at the time of the crewman overboard. It occured at 5:45am. He jumped from the rear of the ship near the propellor and about 10 min. later I heard the Capt. announce over the loudspeaker “Oscar to Port” three times. Still d/k what that means- it was what he said though. Next thing to occur was another crew member threw a lighted life vest into the water but, noone jumped in after him, the ship never stopped but, made a half turn and headed back to the place nearest to where he jumped. From what I understand RCI has a zero tolerance policy toward willfull misconduct (Wanting to injure oneself) and that is why noone bothered to jump in to the ocean and rescue the man overboard! It was very dark and when we made the turn around (at least 25 min later) the lifeboats and jetski went out searching. I heard screams of horror and got kind of excited thinking it was the man overboard but, it was the rescuers trying to get a ‘voice back’ in the darkness. It was absolutely heartbreaking. I just cried. The only reason I was up on deck 12 was that I didn’t feel well (some noxious odor in and outside of my stateroom- raw sewage?) and fell asleep at 8:30pm and couldn’t sleep anymore so, off I went, camera in hand to get pics of the sunrise. I got way more than I bargained for that early morning. I have some pics of the ATTEMPTED rescue b/c I never saw anything like it. There were four other cruiseliners helping w/their equipment/crew. We were in a big circle. The search went on for about 4 hrs. or so and we were about that late pulling into Nassau. (we were released from the search by the US Coast Guard and the Bahamian authorities) This crewmember was only 25 yrs. old. My son is 21. I am still just sick over this. My Dr. diagnosed me w/post traumatic stress disorder. I can’t get those images out of my head. It was truly traumatizing to see all this in the cold, darkness of the early morning hours. I guess as a mother, your mind always goes back to your own kids. I only pray that if someone ever saw my child desperate enough to do something such as this, they would try their best to stop it.

  • anon

    In response to Robin, I have worked for Royal and on the Monarch. We are trained on how to deal with over board situations and the one thing we are not to do is jump after someone. Under no circumstance. It just turns one missing person into two.

    From what I have heard this person did not want to be found and the crew would have had little to no luck finding him.

  • ajay

    Any one know the name of crew member who jumps in the sea ? i want to contact this persons family.