A local news station in Palm Beach Florida reports that a fire broke out yesterday on a Palm Beach-based cruise ship in the Bahamas.

WPBF Channel 25 reports that the fire occurred Bahamas Celebration cruise ship.  The cruise ship operates between Palm Beach and Freeport, Bahamas.  According to Wikipedia, the cruise ship is available for cruises to be purchased directly from Celebration Cruise Lines; however, it is primarily used as a lure by time share companies to attract clientele. 

Bahamas Celebration - Cruise Ship FireThe report indicates that the crew doused the fire themselves and no Coast Guard crews were called to the ship.

The ship is expected to return to the Port of Palm Beach this morning.  No one was reported injured.

There is no explanation regarding the cause or the extent of the fire.  The cruise ship is operated by the Celebration Cruise Line

The ship was previously known as the Princesse Ragnild.  It entered service in 1981 and was owned by Jahre Lines until 1991.  From 1991 until 2008, it was operated by the Color Line.

This is not the first fire on the cruise ship. On July 8 1999, a fire erupted in the engine room resulting in the evacuation of the ship. After repairs in Germany, ship resumed operations in September 1999. On March 1,  2002, the cruise ship experienced another engine room fire, which was quickly extinguished.

If you were on the cruise or know what happened regarding this latest fire, please leave a comment below.

December 13, 2001 Update: The Freeport News reports today that the Bahamas Celebration avoided a "potentially disastrous situation" after a fire erupted in the engine room of the ship some four miles off Grand Bahama early Monday morning.  The vessel was hauled into the harbor in Freeport by tugboats.

Seven-hundred-seven passengers and a crew of 300 plus were on-board the ship as it came into the harbor where a fire truck and an ambulance were stationed.

The fire was caused by generator number three which threw a rod and oil caught fire.

The newspaper reports that the fire was ultimately contained within 25 minutes and nobody on-board was injured.

The remaining generators were then shut down deliberately. 

The crew and passengers were led up to deck nine. Some of the passengers were quoted as describing the incident as "unsettling" and  "nerve-racking." 

A cruise line representatives called the incident a "minor fire." 

The cruise ship’s engine will require a complete overhaul because a lot of cables which melted need to be replaced. 


Photo credit:  maritimematters.com

  • Annie ghazala Mian

    I was on that cruise today and I am so disappointed at the fact that they are offering us a free cruise. The least they could do was compensate for the $$ that we had already paid. After coming on board and smelling burning fumes, they were still charging for sodas and ice creams. I mean, come on, after all that we had experienced.

  • Anne White

    I think the crew did a great job working together to get us back to West Palm. The team work was evident, however it was a long, hot night in our cabin. I was out in the public areas at 2 a.m. and saw a number of people, some in pajamas, carrying pillows and blankets to sleep on the top deck. It was a bazaar situation to be in.

  • Brender Martin

    I was on that ship and had slept for 12 hours. My traveling companion woke me up to say that the ship engine had been turned off. We looked out the porthole and saw tugboats pulling the ship. We could also see the island, so close but yet so far away! It took about 3 hours for us to get there and before we got there, everything was limited..water..breakfast…etc. We were not told of anything until almost after the fact but it was obvious there had been a fire somewhere. Everyone was attentive but I was a little upset after we got back to FL that the owner of the ship was standing a few feet from me with the news reporter jokingly saying that he had to interrupt his vacation in the Bahamas to come and take care of this!
    I’ve never watched the Titanic and thank God I’ve always fell asleep but as old as this ship is…why is it still out there…I know the answer, because unsuspecting people like myself that sat thru 2-3 timeshare meetings, after rejecting the offers, were given the ticket to board the ship. Mind you, what turned out to be a “free cruise” cost me over $1000 because of $798 down, $198 for booking the trip and additional taxes at hotels and food.
    It was my friend’s first cruise, He might take them up on the “free cruise” again and if I do, it will not be on Bahama Celebration. It’s time to retire that ship!”

  • C. Laughhunn

    This Carnical Cruise Line vacation was the worst vacation of my life! The fire on-board ship was just the cherry on top of a horrible week. This trip was intended as a gift to my friend who had just completed her Masters in Education and begun a PhD program. I upgraded everything offered in the package; the hotel, the rental vehicle, the stateroom, and Bahama 2 night stay. I spent thousands of dollars for a week long vacation for 2. Instead of this trip being the break it was intended to be, my friend kept calling this trip as The Amazing Race, like the television reality show. She kept looking for hidden cameras. I am motified with embarassment.

    The evenings entertainment on board was a woman with a long piece of fabric doing a Cirque du soleil routine, in the depressingly empty lounge. She was followed by a beautiful singer, the only nice part of the entertainment. We were witness to the demise of a comedian’s career. THAT was truly depressing. What few people were present, wandered out leaving only about 15 people by the end of the evening. The final “disco dancing” was about 6 overly happy women, dancing on a glass dance floor which was constantly being swept, due to the shards of glass from the crystal floor. The fascination was waiting to see if anyone’s ankle would go through Cinderella’s dance floor.

    At approximately, 4:30 a.m. the following morning, we were awake in our room. I had flown in from Guam and had not adjusted to the time. We were up and talking when alarms went off. In order to hear instructions we had to open the door. The captain was announcing a fire. Of course, because the door was closed we had not heard the full announcement. Stewards went around knocking on doors, waking passengers who were still sleeping, on our level, many were seniors. The fear on passengers faces was evident. As we made our way down to the main deck, we did not see smoke. Once outside the skin of the ship, we could see smoke and soot shooting out of the stacks. There were areas on deck, that were speckled by soot. As we were being towed in, we could see the island, which was close enough to be reassuring. There was some sort of food set out for passengers. The line to food was so long, most passengers were not able to eat. Of course, since the fire took place in the engine room, according to the captains announcement, the galley had no power…all power was shut down, except emergency power. We found places to sit on deck as we waited. We saw passengers clutching luggage and handbags. Some people were fully dressed with hair and make-up, some were in p.j.’s. After a while passengers came with wet hair, fresh from showering, along with their luggage. The captain kept making update announcements, which was comforting to some passengers.

    Finally, the captain announced the fire was out and guests could return to their staterooms. Of course, the elevators were not working and luggage had to be hand carried down by passengers. Some passengers were very loudly expressing their anger at the fact that there was no breakfast, no elevators, no water, not lights in staterooms. Stewards used flashlights to assist passengers who did not have light or windows in order to see their belongings. As we waited to disembarked the ship, passengers were upset that they were to spend the day on the island without benefit of basic morning ablutions.

    Once we got to the resort we were informed our room would not be ready for several hours. There was an elderly passenger from the ship, who had asthma and sat in the lobby, after that horriblie experience, gasping for air. We were all very concerned about her. I felt like I was in the lobby of a depressing nursing home. There were so many seniors sitting around stunned after the mornings events, not to only have to sit through the indignity of having no place to go to cleanse and rest. We found a spot to sit, bringing our belongings to the beach. Food, served in carry out containers, was not anything I would want to experience again.

    I was so upset about the “vacation”, I waited until yesterday to call Carnival Cruise Line, in order to inquire about compensation for the defunct “vacation”, I was told by 2 seperate customer service representatives that Carnival would only be replacing the overnight cruise! When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that would not be possible. I would have to pay for round trip airfare to Ft. Lauderdale again, rent a SUV again, pay for several days of hotel stay again. Did I forget to mention we never actually sailed back to Florida? Carnival Cruise Line chartered a flight, back to the main land, which of course, was another day lost at the airport! There was NO vacation!!! We flew in just in time to catch our flight. So much for ever experiencing Fort Lauderdale!

    At the very least, you would think they would offer more than a one day cruise. The actual cost to me was as much as a week long cruise, with a better cruise line. By the way, once Carnival has cash in hand, customer service verge on being rude. All smiles through the phone gone. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

  • Lee

    I wish these people would quit calling my cell phone EVERYDAY WITH THEIR SCAM. I WISH THEIR BOAT WOULD SINK/