Grand Princess Cruise Ship - Princess CruisesThe Bermuda Sun reports this week that three cruise passengers were taken to the hospital in Bermuda after Princess Cruises’ Grand Princess arrived in port.

A female passenger reportedly broke her ankle, a male passenger suffered a heart condition, and another male passenger lost consciousness in the cruise ship’s swimming pool.  

This was the Grand Princess’s only trip to Bermuda this year. 

Bermuda has recently lost a number of cruise lines as customers this year.  Holland America just announced that the Veendam will no longer visit Bermuda after next year, after making 24 cruises from New York this year.  That announcement occurred shortly after Carnival announced that it was cutting cruises to Bermuda from 16 trips by four cruise ships this year, to just one in 2012.

The president of Bermuda’s Chamber of Commerce characterized these developments as a “big blow to the island’s economy.” 


Photo credit:  Grand Princess cruise ship in Bermuda Flickr (tribewantedgilligan)

  • Daniel

    I want to make a comentt about one inccident aboard Grand Princess, from Princess Cruises lines!
    That happened on 4 of February 2012, when the ship was sailing to proced inside the Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale-Florida! When the ship was already on the chanel wich give access to the port and it’s a tight chanel a negligence act of Bosun and deck officer of the make the anchor falls down, and reach the water, they was lucky, because the anchor didn’t arreach the deep, but it almost happened! As any person working on the coast guard or some specialist of ships manouvers, knows this is a very dangerous move, wich can easily cause the capsize of the vessel, espcialy in a dangerous area! So it is not only Costa The company having negligent people on the command, American companys have as well, for example Princess Cruises and Carnival are full of Italians with high rancks, but without the properly courses, one deck officer Italian don’t have even to frequent the college to be a officer!
    I prefer stay anounimous, but this could cause a catastrophe in American waters.
    I’m sorry about my english, but I’m not a fluent speacker!
    Princess Cruises was recently on the CNN news because of the norovirus in two vessels, but this is a much more serious and dangerous threat!