Passenger Overboard - P O Cruises Ventura Cruise ShipWhile the P & O Cruises Ventura cruise ship sailed from Southampton to the Caribbean, a passenger went overboard.

Falling into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean at night should be the beginning and the end of the story.  But this passenger overboard story is different from the many other cases we have discussed before.    

The Mail Online newspaper in the U.K. reports that passengers on the cruise ship "were woken by a huge lurch in darkness at 5:30 AM, while horns sounded . . . "  Life rings were thrown out and lifeboats were deployed.  The overboard passenger was pulled aboard a lifeboat and, once aboard the cruise ship, he was sent to the ship infirmary to recover.

There is no explanation regarding what happened.

The newspaper quotes another passenger, Julie Lourens, saying  ‘It has all been very dramatic. It was pitch black. This guy is so, so lucky."


Were you on this cruise?  Do you have information to share?  Please leave a comment below. 

Photo Credit:  Mail Online

  • Keith belson

    I was on that cruise. It’s true we were woken by the man overboard call through the tannoy system. It about 0530 and it was dark. After about an hour and a half we were informed that he was back on board. There was no official report about what had happened but there were of course many rumours. The story most heard was as follows. A young man had taken his grandfathers cabin card and lost a couple of grand in the casino after which he went partying with his girlfriend until the event occurred. Apparently he was having a shouting match with his girlfriend about taking the cabin card. He said to her if you don’t stop giving me a hard time I will jump overboard. She said go ahead and he stripped off and jumped. The bar was on an upper open air deck. The man was kept in custody after the rescue and the whole family were put ashore at the next port. A bill for the resue was apparently to follow.