Violence Cabo San Lucas - MexicoNew sources report today that hundreds of people cowered for hours inside a shopping mall in the resort town of Cabo San Lucas today while security forces traded gunfire with armed criminals at the Plaza Sendero shopping center.

A local newspaper in Mexico, Milenio, reports that 12 men armed with high powered rifles (AK-47’s), were traveling in three vans (other articles say 3 – 4 men).  When they were observed by police, they retreated into a store at the mall. They were suspected of killing a marine the night before.  There are conflicting stories whether they held 200 of the 600 shoppers hostage.  After a shoot out, three men were arrested according to Borderland Beat.  

This dangerous event occurred after cruise lines like Princess Cruises, its parent company Carnival Cruise Line, and Disney Cruise Line pulled out of Mexican ports such as Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta in the last few months because of fears of violence.

Is it safe to cruise to Mexico when places like Cabo San Lucas turn into a scene from the Wild West?

You can see the gun battle and arrests in the video below:



October 29, 2011 Update:  The incident may be related to another gun fight broke out late on the night of October 28, 2011 between 11:00 PM and 3:00 AM in Cabo San Lucas "between Mexican military and assumed narco trafficantes."  One soldier and a gunman are dead and two police officers are seriously injured.  A video of the nighttime shooting is below: 



Video credits: Top – TheRasek79 (YouTube); bottom – BajaWhistleBlower (YouTube)

Photo credits:  Pat Garcia / La Paz, Mexico

October 30, 2011 Update:  Photographs are emerging of the criminals holding hostages (above) and the military responding to the situation (below).  Photos courtesy of Now Public / Pat Garcia, La Paz, Mexico. 

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Cabo San Lucas Heats Up

  • Darryl Partin

    Are you kidding me? You sir are an idiot! I am an american living in Cabo San Lucas and a retired police officer from the Detroit area. It’s idiotic sensationalism from people like you that do nothing but create harm and undo panic! By making your stupid statment you are implying that any type of police action “never” happens in the U.S. when in fact it happens EVERY DAY! As a police officer I was involved in several of these incidents and no one made dumb statements to create panic and no one ran from their houses thinking their town was suddenly unsafe! The facts are police found two armed men and attempted to take them into custody which they were successful in doing! People were not “pinned down” in the mall, they were told to stay inside by the police until the situation was handled! The two men were taken into custody and the situation was handled with no civilians being injured! THOSE are the facts! Once again, this could be the headlines of almost any city in the U.S. and the authorities would respond in like manner. This also occured no where near ANY place a tourist would ever go! I suggest you let the facts write your next article instead of your ego!!!

    Is it safe to cruise in Cabo? Competely! It’s one of the safest cities in the world!!!

  • Officer Partin – can you refer me to a source for your information? What you are claiming is contradicted by the videos above and the local press in Mexico.

  • Benny

    I too live in Cabo San Lucas and have only heard about the shootings today (Sunday)… They did not occut anywhere near where the cruise ships or tourists would be.

  • Benny – thanks for your comment. What are the popular Mexican newspapers in Cabo?

  • Nicole

    I live in Cabo also, and it’s safe to say that where all the shootings ocurred are not anywhere near the downtown hotel areas. By the way, how many people died yesterday in LA? or DC? or FL? One thing is to inform people on what happened, and another thing is to scare people away from such a beautiful destination, get your information right! This is nothing like what’s going on in other parts of the world.

    Anyway, is it safe to cruise to Cabo? Safer than any other tropical destination in the world.

  • Dee Dee Urquhart

    I just returned from Cabo and never felt any fear of being unsafe while I was down there. I do feel the article may have been misleading, as it talks about a mall and the first thing you think about is the mall on the marina. I have been around Cabo and I never heard of the mall they are talking about. This event could happen anywhere and people need to be careful about making assumptions based on one incident.

  • little johnny

    I have made several trips to Cabo and have personally never had an issue, that doesnt mean Cabo is safe completely nor any other resort in mexico,we all know the cartel is targeting mexican resorts and it’s tourists. I was just in for the fishing tournament (no problems personally) but a good friend of mine had to pay the policea $400.00 us dollars at the airport or they would confiscate all his fishing lures, they keep that crap up and tourism will suffer even more in Cabo.

  • Johnny:

    Thanks for your comment. Hope you enjoyed the fishing tournament.

    Last year, as you probably know, one of the participants in the tournament from San Diego was shot twice, one in the neck, while he walked to his hotel from dinner. Here is the story:

    “Cabo Shooting Victim Returns With Lodged Bullet”

    This week we will see the tourism people, chamber of commerce, and local businesses say that the shoot out was a isolated problem, nothing to worry about, and so forth. Meanwhile the narco drug economy in Mexico will continue to spread . . .

    Borderland Beat has an interesting comment from a local:

    “I live here and there’s a whole lot more that they are not reporting. Lots more shootings and some very important people dead all within the last week. It’s all about the zeta’s and the sinaloa cartel wanting this terrritory now. Government wants to keep it hushed so as not to ruin tourism or the cruise ships from coming in.”

  • Chris Sands

    Another American living in Cabo, and I feel safer living here than I ever felt living in Oakland, San Francisco, or Miami, and certainly safer than I ever felt visiting Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., etc. The U.S. media is crucifying Mexico right now with these kind of inflammatory articles. The facts are true enough on the face of it, but no tourists were hurt, the events took place far from tourist areas, and to suggest that it is no longer safe to travel here is ridiculous. This kind of thing happens twice a week in Los Angeles. Would you suggest that people no longer go there?


    I have been in los cabos and its safe.Dont be making things look bad i am a american because of the loss of the ships in mazatlan where i live i came to live in los cabos to work i have been living in mazatlan 11 years and i am from phoniex,arinoza nothin has ever happend to me or my kids so dont say nothin bad about mexico.Where are you from do they kill people there??????????? every day so dont talk if you cant back it up…….

  • Brian

    I’m in Cabo right now. Im at pueblo Bonito Rose if you know where that is on Medano Beach. I Just heard about this incident and I know exactly where it took place. I’ m discussing it with a Mexican friend right now. While it’s true that it is not in and around the resorts, it happened probably less than two miles from our resort. We drove to and from Todos Santos And Pescadero last Tuesday and Wednesday and drove right by this mall. You can’t go to Todos Santos from Cabo, and visit the Hotel California for example without driving right past this mall. You can’t do the dune buggy thing without driving right past this mall. You can’t visit Diamanté golf course, one of the best in the world, without driving past this mall. So it’s a little too close to home given the cartel crap, even though you are right that we have more crime in the average American city daily. Maybe it’s random, maybe it’s not. But no one deserves to be ridiculed for being concerned about this given the environment today. I sincerely hope it was a one-off occurrence.

  • Darryl Partin

    My source of information is living here and having first hand knowledge. I have many friends who live right next to the shopping center and I am there on a weekly basis. It appers your media sources have changed their information since your original post! Your videos prove only that there was a police action at a shopping center which is something I do not deny. It does not prove any of your grandious claims of hostages and it cannot because there were none! 2 men….(not 12, 15 or whatever the rumored number may grow to) were taken into custody and the incident has been over since yesterday. The downtown and marina area never even knew anything had taken place. As I stated before, this area is no where near the tourist district of Cabo. The media and newspaper should never be ANYONES source of information because they are always just trying to get the story out and seldom get the facts correct. As for facts, the entire state of Baja California Sur which spans from Cabo, north 500 miles, had a total of 10 murders last year. Miami, where you live, had 259 murders in 2008, and 248 murders in 2009 (sorry, could not find the 2010 number)so maybe your question should be is the Port of Miami a safe place to board a cruise ship? There are many U.S. citizens who love and call Cabo home and KNOW that it is considerably safer that just about any city in the U.S. It would be appreciated if you clean up your own yard before throwing trash in ours!

  • Elizabeth

    I totally agree with Darryl. I’ve lived here 20 years full time and own a business here. I know and this lovely town, and Jimmy, you don’t have your story straight. When have you been down here? And, I would find it much crazier in Miami than anywhere in Cabo. We, residents, love it here and find it safe…I’m from San Diego and have more friends here and feel much safer here than many parts of SD or LA. Quit tried to make a name for yourself. It’s definitely safe to come to Cabo and have a great time.

  • Leann Harris

    I’ve lived here in Cabo for six yes. We NEVER have random violence that effects the general public. Any killings or violence that happens to mexicans or foreigners is usually drug related. Don’t buy drugs and you don’t invite trouble. As far as the recent shootings, I’m happy to see the Police and military join forces to stand against and rid our small town of these unwanted guests. It shows me that they are not heading to their threats and they are not part of the corruption. They are fighting back, and as a result, there has been gun-battle. Whatever it takes to get these guys in custody or out of Cabo. Cabo is like an island. Only one way in through La Paz. It’s very difficult to escape Cabo and very difficult to get in if they are looking for you. That’s why we haven’t had the same problems as the other resort cities in Mexico. Right now, a small part has caught up to us, but our forces are kicking ass. As a matter of fact, while this has been happening, petty crime (theft, etc.) has stopped. Everyone knows that the police are looking hard for these people and no one wants to get in their way or be accused for being a part of it.
    There were NO hostages in the mall. The fight happened outside, and the people were kept inside until it was safe to come out. I had two very close friends in the mall at the time. When it was safe and the guys were in custody, everyone was allowed to go home.
    I’ve been out “partying” downtown all weekend, and have not seen or heard anything that is considered dangerous. It is removed from mainstream Cabo and the tourism. And it is safe to go to the malls and grocery stores. That was one incident where the bad guys tried to flee and got stopped. Just so happens it was in the mall parking lot. The mall and/or its patrons were not targeted.

  • 20 years in Cabo? The times are-a-changing . . .

    Jim Walker

  • Christopher S

    Thanks for getting out this information. As its better to hear it from someone on the ground than someone reporting from afar.

    I believe that it is best to follow the truth/facts and statistics. I have a business that takes me all over Latin America and for sure I feel most safe there in Los Cabo.

    If you look at just the Statistics you are just about as safe as any where in Orange County California. However something like this just happened a few months ago in Dana Point/San Juan Capistrano where four gunman took over a Jewelry Store that had been held up several times before and where shot by the store owner as one of the suspects where thought to have run into a Costco next to the Jewelry store. See this link below. But it didn’t stop millions from visiting or living in the OC.

    Also take a look at NATGEO and the “Gang Wars” in the USA Series where they follow the MS-13 and its links to Latin America and North Carolina. Carolina ??? Really !!

    Or how about back in the day when there was a sniper in DC or the one in Los Angeles that keep shooting at tourist that where driving rental cars with the rental car stickers on them.

    My point is travel anywhere outside your own bubble with caution and respect. Be aware of your surroundings and take your own personal precautions. Don’t go looking for trouble as more than likely trouble wont go looking for you.

  • Carlotta

    We visit Cabo yearly and I have always felt safe. We use common sense, just like we do regarding our safety.

    There are a few streets in Houston I might not want to walk down day or night. I live in a middle class upscale community and there was a drug house here two years ago, so you never know.

    Again, just use common sense when it comes to safety.

  • Christopher S


    Was very curious about your post regarding the man that was shot last year during the Bisbees fishing tournament.

    I got something completely different from the article. His team/boat name was REHAB …. really ??? I would surmise that maybe he was not just walking home from dinner.

    To my point about looking for trouble !! Just shows perception is NOT always reality!!!

  • Kangas

    I am CANADIAN I live in San Jose DEl CAbo. I feel safer in the BAJA then I do in the down town of Victoria or Vancouver at noon. This happened but what an isolated incident and ya you could see this in any city in Canada. The Baja is a safe place just don’t be or act like an idiot and if you want trouble you can find it anywhere if you look hard enough.

  • Kangas:

    Victoria and Vancouver more dangerous than the Baja?

    I have spent time in all 3 places. Victoria seems to be the safest with Vancouver no. 2 to me. Actually these may be my favorite big cities in Canada.

    I have never heard of a tourist or cruise passenger being victimized in Canada.

    Mexico and the Caribbean are a different world than cruise ports in Canada, Alaska etc.

    Thanks for your comment

    Jim Walker

  • Darryl Partin


    Maybe if the U.S. Marines did patrol Coral Gables or other parts of Miami it WOULD be a safe place to visit just as Cabo is! As for videos of shootouts for you to view…there are countless videos on Youtube of Miami shootouts! Many of which there is no police nor military on the scene, but rather just your gang bangers shooting up the town, inocent people and each other. Go hang out in Little Haiti and get back to me with your facts. I’ve lived in Vegas as well and do you think they report the murders that take place in casino parking lots? Of course not! They want people to feel safe there and would you feel safe on a trip to Vegas? You shouldn’t. There are enough eye witnesses to this incident and what you are saying and implying is not close to the facts nor the truth!

  • Officer Partin:

    I get it.

    Local newspapers are not to be trusted.

    Neighborhoods with militia are safer than those without armed soldiers.

    What happens in Los Vegas parking lots stays in Vegas.

    And Cabo is perfectly safe.

    Thanks for your insightful comments.

    Jim Walker

  • Damian

    I also live here in downtown cabo. I do wish that you wouldnt make such bold statements based on what you read in a mexican tabloid. You should check todays edition of La TRibuna LOs Cabos.They explain dueto social media there was a lot of misinformation going on.There wasnt anyone killed in the shooting good or bad.I personally have seen shootings in my town of san diego ( americas finest city) Things happen everywhere.By the way, this happened at what might as well be 100 miles from the marina..

  • Peter

    Make sure you post info on this cruise port as well. I guess the US isn’t safe either?

    (Reuters) – Violence marred Halloween night in New Orleans, with two men killed and more than a dozen others wounded in five separate shootings, including incidents on Bourbon Street in the city’s famous French Quarter and on nearby Canal Street.

    A 25-year-old New Orleans man died at a hospital after being shot several times near the corner of Bourbon and St. Louis streets early Tuesday, said Officer Hilal Williams of the New Orleans Police Department. Seven other people were wounded in the shooting.

    A 19-year-old man died and three other people suffered non-life-threatening injuries in another shooting that occurred about an hour later at the corner of Canal Street and University Place, Williams said.

    Police arrested 24-year-old Baltiman Malcom moments after that incident and have booked him with one count of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted first-degree murder, Williams said.

    The shootings occurred in the midst of Halloween night revelry in the French Quarter and on parts of Canal Street.

    Police who were patrolling in the downtown area were nearby when the gunfire erupted on Canal Street and pursued Malcom and another suspect on foot. The second suspect was later released. Williams said the incident apparently followed an argument.

    Williams said police were reviewing videos from surveillance cameras to try to determine what sparked the French Quarter violence. The injured victims range in age from 19 to 50, according to police.

    Police have made no arrests in connection with that incident, and names of victims have not yet been released pending notification of their families.

    In addition to these incidents, three other overnight shootings occurred in residential areas a few miles to the east of the tourism centers.

    Williams said police responded to a shooting in which a man was wounded in the leg on Monday evening. Another man was wounded in both legs in a shooting on Tuesday morning, and two people suffered head or neck wounds in another shooting that occurred on Tuesday morning.

  • Peter:

    It’s well known that New Orleans is one of the most violent cities in the U.S. I lived there for 7 years and had at least one gun pointed in my face. I love the place but it is one seriously dangerous city.

    But nobody cruises to New Orleans. There are cruises out of New Orleans, but even then some people are afraid to sail out of there because of the city’s reputation for crime.

    Its a sad commentary for you to have to resort to comparing Cabo to New Orleans.

    Open gunfire around a shopping mall with the military and para-miitary showing up to save the day is something tourists and cruise passengers should know about.

    The local ex-patriots aren’t happy. They and the local hotels and the cruise lines would prefer to cover up the violence. But the public desrves to know things like this and make their own decisions whether to cruise or vacation there.

    Jim Walker

  • Marina’s Mom

    I live here too…for 18 years now….an amazing place and the weekend didn´t change my opinion of that one bit. This is so blown out of proportion.

    There are gun shots in nasty neighborhoods in the US all the time. What about the Seal Beach massacre??It’s true that the military isn´t involved in operations in the US but the military has a different role here.

    Social networking has us more aware and things get around faster and opinions are out there faster too. try to be careful with what you post – it affects people lives. I would rather be here than anywhere else. If it seems like things are going south here I will be willing to admit it.

    Come and enjoy your vacation!!!

  • Jay



    The Real Skinny on the Weekend Shoot ‘em Up

    Nearly all of the violence we read about in Mexico is due to turf wars between gangs of drug movers. Drug movers move loads of drugs in bulk, north to the United States. And, of course, counter to what the Mexican government says about only Gringos being consumers of drugs, those gangs, or cartels, also fight for exclusive rights to retail sales of drugs on their hard fought for turf right here in Mexico.

    But what about the police who are killed in these turf wars? That’s a tragedy, but the real tragedy is that nearly all those police who are killed were in cahoots with the druggies. The police often choose up sides in the turf wars, and when one side discovers a certain policeman is helping their competition, that policeman is assassinated in such a violent way in hopes of sending a message to other policeman not to align themselves with the wrong side. Of course, then the other side has to make an example of a policeman who won’t play ball with them by killing an officer in an even more nasty and public way.

    Here in southern Baja we are often called, “almost an island”, and we are. Look at the map shown on this page. To get the drugs over here from the mainland on their journey north, they would have to bring them over on the ferry, which is a huge bottle neck, easily searched.

    And if they did manage to get the drugs here, they would have to move them north on the only road that winds its way up the Baja. That is easily controlled by the seven check points manned by soldiers. For that reason, we have no turf wars here in Baja. Again, see the map on this page that explains which cartels control which parts of Mexico.

    Last week there was a shoot out between druggies and police just north of Cabo San Lucas. Here’s the skinny on that:

    This was not cartel against cartel, this was our local drug dealers against our local police. Yes, we have local drug dealers, and yes some of our police are in cahoots with the trade. Of course they are, or they couldn’t be selling it on the streets. But again, what saves us is this is such a small market, there are no well financed cartels killing each other over rights to sell drugs in our city.

    And if you’re surprised that there are drugs on our streets, just look around. It doesn’t speak well for us Americans that their best clients is us. Watch the guys on the marina front selling silver jewelry. They hold chains out on the back of their hands and if you don’t buy that, they flip their hand around and they have a packet of a drug in their palm. Do you think they would be plying the tourist areas if we weren’t buying? But again, there are not enough drug sales here to attract the turf wars that are waging on the mainland of Mexico.

    So, about that shoot out last week:

    A state comandante, head of the homicide division here in Los Cabos, was doing his job, ratting out a local drug leader. A colleague in his department, a bad cop who was actuallyworking for the local druggies, heard about it, and told the drug leader. The druggies then assassinated the comandante. That pissed off the police, and they went after the local drug dealers, which they could have done at any time but for god knows what reason they never did.

    The local druggies were armed to the teeth and defended themselves. And that is the gun shots many people heard. A sailor stationed at the local navy base was killed and one druggie was killed. Eight baddies were under arrest at press time, and the police anticipated that “interrogation methods” would lead to more arrests.

    President Calderon himself has acknowledged that he screwed up starting this drug war before he fixed the police departments, weeding out those on the take, training them better, and raising their salaries. Because with a good police force, it’s not that hard to stamp out drug violence. Maybe drug sales and use can’t be stamped out, but the violence we see in Mexico can be stopped. After all, you don’t see these scenes of mayhem in the United States. It would not be tolerated by the citizens, therefore, it is not tolerated by the police. Look no further than the city of Juarez, ground zero for terrible drug violence in Mexico. Just over the border in El Paso Texas there is no violence, none. All crime statistics have actually gone down this year.

    So, what is in Cabo’s future, relating to drug crime? That is entirely up to our police force and our courts. If all the corrupt police are purged from the force, and if the police have the will to hold the drug dealing in Los Cabos in check, we will continue to be safe.

    And we need to remember that the shooting occurred because the police were doing their job, not looking the other way and allowing the retail drug sales to escalate out of control. And we need to remember that they did a good job of securing the area, arresting no less than eight bad guys, with no civilians hurt.

  • I was in Cabo during this last weekend when the shootings happened. Here are two facts:
    – People living in Cabo will definitely NOT acceot this happened. The turism industry has already been affected by the US economy that Cabo cannot take another hit.
    – Newspapers and TV news in Mexico will cover up this as much as possible. Reason being? The G20 conference taking over 11,000 hotel rooms per night in June.

    The true? Yes, this was the first big violence event. Also true? This is how it started in all the other towns. But what is key is President Calderon will probably not let this happen in Cabo. This is one of the places that he has proected as much as possible and proof of that is he is willing to host the 2nd G20 conference in 10 years and invest hundreds of millions of dollars to get international exposure.

    Also true is all hotels and people workig in thr tourism in Cabo were over protective of tourists. They are a five star destination.

    And last…the mafia doesn’t care about the americans or any tourists, they are taking lifes of people actually involved with them. Granted you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time but that can happen ANYWHERE.

  • Bobby


    Is this a photo of one of the perpotrators at the Soriana shopping mall or just one you found on the internet? This is the only publication where i’ve seen this photo and the gun this guy is holding is not an AK47. I’m assuming you found this pic on the internet and added it for shock value?

  • Bobby:

    I credited the source of the photographs to a source in Mexico as you can see above.

    If I wanted to inject more shock value into this shocking gunfight I would have added some photos of all of the headless bodies tied to the drug trade in Mexico.

    Thanks all the same for reading Cruise Law News.

    Jim Walker

  • Martine Luxe

    Putting all of the details pertaining to this subject matter aside, there is no doubt that Walker has a personal agenda here and it’s not what it appears. I have never travelled to Cabo, only Yucatan side of Mexico. I have been exposed to enough of the nature of these Mexican tourist towns to know that vulnerable foreign tourist can be seen a mile away with “I am a sucker” written on their forehead and easily fall prey to getting a minimal service such as a water taxi tour for a lengthy tour of a resort. Even further, many of these tourists spend big bucks on some type of “use” program at that resort. After the margaritas wear off and reality sets in, they just had their credit card whacked with a $15,000 USD resort use program. Can’t confirm, but there is no doubt that Walker had signed on for something when he vacationed to Cabo and now wants to take his personal vendetta out via this subject matter instead of looking at himself in the mirror and taking ownership of being a goof tourist with no control of his spending and or decision(s) while on vacation. Way too many personal comments to throw Cabo under the bus and continue to rebuttle to nearly every post. Outed ya Walker. I’ll beat ya to the punch, don’t reply and act like you’ve never travelled to Cabo. This entire post on your behalf is a disgrace for a personal vendetta. Get in front of that Mirror.

  • Martine, you are a nutcake.

    Now go back to reading National Enquirer and watching the Price is Right . . .

  • gd

    Sure this happens in many US towns.but the laws and police act a lot differently.
    As far as the poster who claims..he is a cop…yeah sure..and I am god.

  • Bryan

    I am a retired law enforcement officer from the U.S and just recently visited Cabo with my wife and daughters. I was very observant of this area knowing the recent and possible dangers of what is happening in Mexico. I talked with some of the local business owners, American (time share) owners and sales agents. I drove through residential areas and the main highways, hotel areas and recreational (ATV’s, etc..) locations. There is poverty, there is drugs, graffiti, and all the other things you see in U.S cities. So let’s be real and not sugar coat Cabo as a crime free and extremely safe place to be. However, my feel is that Cabo is trying very hard to keep tourism and their tourists happy and safe. Tourism is their livelyhood. The honest people and business owners are working hard with police to ensure the safety of tourists. Is some of the crime being kept secret in order not to scare us away, I am sure without a doubt. With that said, if you remain aware of your surroundings,obey the laws, I see no real dangers to worry about at this time in Cabo. How strong the Mexican goverment is committed to eliminating and controling the Cartels will dictate the future of areas such as Cabo. Its a beautiful place with much potential and honest hard working people. We had a great time and hope to return soon.

  • I’ve been to Cabo 3 times and as other residents pointed out there is crime in any big city and as the videos may scare some people away there is no reason to worry if you stay in the downtown area. Just like in your own city I’m sure there are places you don’t go for a reason. Stay in groups and never say yes to drugs, prostitution or other illegal activities. You will only end up putting yourself in the line of fire.

  • John Woods

    I have been to Cabo San Lucas many times. In fact, I’m there right now. This is a very safe place. I have never had a problem and love coming down here. The same is true of San Jose Del Cabo. And I can tell you, February in Cabo is fantastic.

  • cassandra from so. oregon

    Wow.. i just have to say im in cabo right now.. last night a policeman witnessed an argument between my boyfriend and i, he watched as he demanded all my money and listend as i told proudly told him i would find my own way to our villa (very stupid considering i was in 6inch pumps) he sat there just observing making sure nothing got out of control, yet miding his own bizz at the same time.. once my overserved waisted boyfriend stormed off and my tears quietly rolled down my face, this man came right over and asked if i was ok.. he spoke hardly any english and i speak no spanish, so he grabed his iphone and opened a text translation app. After i told him i was ok, just needed to go home.. this man and three other officers went above and beyond to switch places and get “on call” policemen to cover thier corner (there are two cops on every corner downtown and by the water, these guys take protection seriously witch i feel our american cops could take a lesson) just so the police could escort me home.. not because it was unsafe, simply beacuse i was sad, tired, and in heels, our villa is at the top of a very steep cobblestone road, imposible to walk in heels… so is cabo safe… i would say safe was an understatment…seriously im from the country and our police would never show such kindness

  • I went to Cabo 2 years ago. Thats was an amazing adventure for me and my husband. Cabo and Cancun are the most lovely and safest places that i knew around the world. We got a vacations every to years to Mexico, and for us are the safest places.

  • Fern

    This is September 2015. Is it still sae to travel to Cabo from U.S. ?