The Tribune newspaper in the Bahamas is reporting that a pleasure cruise  on board the Discovery cruise ship turned into terror and aggravation for hundreds of passengers when a bomb threat stopped the ship at night en route to Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale.  The incident began when Miami Dade Police Department received a 911 call around 9 PM that a man was aboard the ship with a gun and a bomb.   

Discovery Cruise Ship Bomb ScareThe Discovery cruise ship ship left Grand Bahama with approximately 900 passengers around 5 PM.  The five-hour cruise back to Port Everglades usually arrives around 10.30 PM.

US Coast Guard and bomb squad technicians and bomb dogs boarded the cruise ship approximately 18 miles off the coast of Florida.  The search was unproductive and the cruise ship returned to port around 4:00 AM.  Law enforcement officers from Customs and Border Protection, the FBI, and the Broward County Sheriff Office Bomb Squad personnel and bomb detection dogs boarded the cruise ship.

The newspaper indicates that passengers were restricted to their cabins and in certain areas of the ship while the search was conducted.  The newspaper also quotes a passenger stating that "everyone was very scared and some persons were even upset because of the long delay and late arrival into Fort Lauderdale." 

The last bomb scare was last year when the Carnival Sensation cruise ship’s arrival back in Port Canaveral today was delayed. You can read the article: Bomb Hoax Gets Drunken Carnival Cruise Passenger Arrested.   Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas also had a bomb threat last year – Are Cruise Ships Equipped To Handle Bomb Threats On The High Seas?

If you were a passenger aboard the Discovery, please leave a comment about the experience below.

  • L.Hamilton

    The crew of the ship handled the problem as unprofessional as one can get. The passengers while confined to cabins were often spoken to in a rude manner by the lady running the intercom. She became hated by the passengers for implied threats to them over the intercom if they even looked out of the windows, or attempted to go to rest rooms. The coast guard singled out black males for searching and only picked on a few old feeble white men to make it look fair to the onlookers.This was like being held hostage by the crew.

  • alejandro

    i was on it when i was 8 years old,they kept us in a room,it was about 10 30 and i fell asleep but only days later did i realize that the ship had a bomb.the trip was long and the security did not warn us.i do not know if there was actually a threat in the cruise,only that my life was on the line,and only luck could decide my was terrifying