Reuters is reporting that an American tourist died in Naples yesterday, after thieves assaulted him while trying to steal his Rolex watch a week ago. 

The article states that Oscar Antonio Mendoza, age 66, and his wife cruised to Naples on May 18th.  After he disembarked the unidentified cruise ship to tour the city with his wife, two men approached him on a scooter, grabbed his arm and tried to take his Rolex.

Mendoza struggled with one of the men and was thrown to the ground, hitting his head. He was taken to hospital and operated on.  He did not regain consciousness and died nine days later.

Naples is an interesting place to visit, but it has a reputation for pick pockets, purse snatchers, and drive-by-scooter robberies.

Naples Cruise Passenger Assaulted  

May 29, 2011 Update:  Cruise Critic reports that the cruise passenger was from the Solstice cruise ship operated by Celebrity Cruises.

Cruise Critic writes "It should be noted that the Italian city is notorious for crime. The Cruise Critic profile on the port warns visitors to be ‘careful about crime — pickpockets, burglaries, etc.’ "

  • Frank

    It is not smart to wear any kind of expensive jewelry when one gets off a cruise at a port. What is really terrible about this situation is that it is not a new incident. This same exact thing happened to a passenger who was on a cruise that we were on. And it happened in the port area as he walked from the tour bus back to the ship. There were and probably still are, very few, if any, police in that area. One would think, that in these times of increased security that people like that should not even get pass the gates. Most ports are swarming with armed guards but for some reason, not Naples.

  • Cinzia

    Some people need to be hit on the head to understand what it means “that the Italian city is notorious for crime. The profile on the port warns visitors to be ‘careful about crime – pickpockets, burglaries, etc.'” Not to take lightly a life lost, but maybe cruise ships should have more than a posted sign. Something like a collection of all valubles (even purses) from the bodies of those disembarking. You know, we are really just children, we need those in authority to take care of us. By the way, I tour Naples with a plastic shopping bag in my hand (in leau of a purse) and no jewelry. The few guards that were at the port probably alerted some of their co-horts that a Rolex was approaching. Was this guy American or South American? I read somewhere else he was from Costa Rica. I hate to say it, but I will, he should have known better, it’s not like he’d never seen poverty before, especially at his age.

  • paul craigie

    I visited Naples last week from a cruise ship and my wife was robbed by a little squirt on a scooter! Drove along on the sidewalk, stopped, cut her bag and away with the lot! I gave chase for around 600 yards to no avail. Italian useless Police, “No speak English” Why do these companies take ships into these ports? It’s lambs to the slaughter! Time for them to get their fingers out and warn passengers properly!

  • Knowbetter

    Cinzia, you should know better than to say a dead guy should know better then to wear his freakin’ watch. Blame the victim much?

  • Mary Smith

    Thank you for posting these. I am leaving next week for 7 day W. Mediterranean cruise. This popped up when I keyed in Port of Naples.

    I appreciate the forwarning for this port. And, will tell the other ladies w/me to be warry.

    First time cruise to the Mediterranean out of Barcelona, Liberty of the Seas. Naples is our 5th stop.