This afternoon BBC Radio (Radio Merseyside) interviewed maritime lawyer Jim Walker in Miami regarding the disappearance of Disney youth activities worker Rebecca Coriam from the Disney Wonder cruise ship.

Rebecca was reported missing when she failed to report to work aboard the cruise ship on March 22, 2011.  You can listen to the BBC Radio interview here.  It runs just five minutes or so.    

Disney Cruise Line  - Rebecca Coriam - MissingIt has been almost a month and Rebecca’s family continue to seek answers about her disappearance.

Ironically, Disney Cruise incorporated its cruise line as the Magical Cruise Company in the U.K. (for tax purposes) where Rebecca’s family resides.  Yet, there are no investigators from the U.K. invested with jurisdiction for investigating her disappearance.  Instead, the "investigation" is being officially conducted by a policeman from the Bahamas because Disney flagged its cruise ship in that country (again primarily for tax purposes).   

How is it that the Scotland Yard or someother competent agency are not involved in investigating the disappearance of a U.K. employee from a cruise ship operated by a company incorporated in the U.K.? 

Ms. Coriam’s family created a website which contains contact information.  The site is  If you have information about Rebecca, please click on the website and e-mail the family.     

You can read our other articles on this case here.  


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  • Monte Pratt

    Are you insinuating that the Royal Bahamas Police Force ( not competent. If you are, it is obvious you do not know anything about The Bahamas. Our current Commissioner of Police and Deputy of Police have come by the training of UK (Scotland Yard), US (FBI) and Canada’s (Mounties) and by international standards, the Bahamas has one of the most advance Police Force in the World.

    If so desired, we will welcome Scotland Yard or the FBI in any such case.

  • The police in the Bahamas are not capable of investigating and prosecuting crimes or solving mysteries which occur on cruise ships around the world. The notion that a single Bahamian police officer is gong to fly from Nassau to Miami and then to Los Angeles, board a cruise ship for a few hours, conduct a full forensic examination and be responsible for interviewing thousands of crew members and hundreds of passenger, is absurd.

    I remember the Bahamian police arresting the barefoot bandit only after he flew a stolen airplane to Harbour Island in the Bahamas.

    But can you refer me to a single succesful case where a police officer from the Bahamas solved a cruise ship disappearance or shipboard crime on a Bahamian vessel?

    It has never happened as far as I know. Quite a deplorable record, considering the large number of cruise ships flagged in the Bahamas.

  • Pete & jackie Lancashire (Coriam)

    Hi its Pete & Jackie Mike’s sister and Rebecca’s aunt & uncle. We think the article today is great (13th june 2011).

    We are the family members who have the information telephone and yesterday we received a call from the USA and the man explained it had taken him approximately 4 attempts to reach us in the UK. He then said he dialed the code 011 44 and dropped the the 0 leaving the number 7747359968.

    If this is correct could you let us know and we can update the web site for every one in the USA.

    Many thanks Pete & Jackie

  • Mashelle

    I would like to tell Rebecca’s family hoping they find her safe. I understand the pain they must be going through. I lost my sister Sandra just over a year ago and I lost my mom just 10 months ago. I was on the disney wonder in 2002 and i found it to be safe but anything can happen. I’m going on the disney fantasy in 2012. Since this story broke i’m wondering how can i keep myself safe and tips? Mashelle