Carnival Cruise Ship Miracle - Missing Crew MemberA reader of Cruise Law News alerted us that the Carnival Miracle lost a crew member overboard late in the night on March 14th or in the early hours of March 15th.  The cruise ship was sailing between Curacao and Aruba.

A newspaper in Curacao reports that the missing crew member was a 47 year old man from the Philippines.

The incident is listed on cruise expert Canadian Professor Ross Klein’s website which lists 155 crew member and passenger overboards from cruise ships in the last year. 

There have been a large number of overboards recently, with some occurring in this area of the southern Caribbean.  Many suspect that they are related to the increasing drug smuggling on cruise ships. 

As with this case, the U.S. media rarely publishes stories about missing crew members – even though most cruise lines are based here in Miami.  One of the most disturbing overboard cases we have seen involved Princess crew member Angelo Faliva, who disappeared as the cruise ship sailed between Aruba and Cartagena, Colombia.  Mr. Faliva was from Italy and the case received lots of attention in Italy, but virtually no coverage in the U.S.     

If you have information about this incident, please leave a comment below.

  • Carl Virden

    I and my family were on the Carnival Miracle when the crew member went missing. Early on the morning of March 15th, a call went out on the ships loudspeaker system asking by name, for the crew member to report immediately. I believe the announcement also asked for the ships Quartermaster, to report immediately. Whether the Quartermaster was also the person whose name was being called to report, I don’t know. Sometime later in the day, there was another announcement saying the sea was being searched by helicopters or planes for the missing man and we were asked to keep him in our prayers. The scuttlebutt on board was that the man was seen at around 3am on the Lido deck (9), by two separate people. He apparently went over the side at that time. Sad, but it seems a common occurrence.

  • Leslie Merryman

    I was also on the ship. It was very sad and disturbing. They did mention searching the entire ship room by room and sending out the helicopters for a sea search. It was terribly windy and raining but I don’t see anyway that anyone (especially a trainer crew member) could just “fall” overboard. It really seems rather impossible to me.

  • Genie Hammond

    I too was on this ship with my family and my daughter’s friend… that was a sad day.. It frightened the girls (15 yrs old) out of their minds… I still to this day can’t forget… my prayer are with his in peace.

  • Lyndon Ranin Jr.

    I don’t believe that my father is already die i love my dad so much we will be missing you and we’re still hoping that he come back to us > Please inform us from the following site (Lyndon Ranin Jr. and Eva Ranin ) or email us on Thank you

  • mark ranin

    i dont acuse anyone but my father always said that every time may mother send a email or a fax on there ship the captain is angry to my father because the captain of carnival miracle is recieving the email and the fax and when my father calling my mother he always said that tha captain is angry to him. im just saying my thoughts

    by the way did you search the barrels in the ship maybe in that case in has a foul play.

    did somebody dive at the sea to search maybe my father is take inside the barrel and throw into the sea

    my father is a very nice guy he is very good in his work and i dont think that he will have a suicide becaus ewe are a happy family my mother loves my father so much.

    who did this to my father god is watching all the time and i take care to the god what youve done

  • This is really tragic story. Our thoughts and prayers at Cayole Cruises are with the families of those who have gone overboard the cruise ships. Since cruise industry is such a large industry (more than 10 million people take a cruise each year), such accidents are bound to happen, but we can all pray that the accidents be much rarer than they are now.

  • Lyndon Ranin Jr.

    this is my unforgettable moment..when my husband declared one of the most popular cruise ship in the world..i love my husband.. how could it happened to him.. i cant believe that my husband , missing without reason..may kids and i dont believe that he will overboard..unbelievable..he love his family.. WERE ALWAYS PRAY FOR HIM..I trust in GOD..GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME..

  • Gregory

    With All Respect to the family and the crew member himself, I wouldnt be so sure it was foul play or suicide, from what ive read it seems it was rough weather and therefore he might have accidently fallen overboard. Although the layout of the Carnival Miracle makes it harder to make it to the acually water itself, if he did fall far enough he could have. Also, with all the shipboard cameras, many facing overboard, they are definetely sure if he had indeed fallen overboard. Unfortunately, it is near impossible for them to search the ocean floor for barrels. Dont Give Up Hope, Good Luck