Carnival Cruise Ship Miracle - Missing Crew MemberA reader of Cruise Law News alerted us that the Carnival Miracle lost a crew member overboard late in the night on March 14th or in the early hours of March 15th.  The cruise ship was sailing between Curacao and Aruba.

A newspaper in Curacao reports that the missing crew member was a 47 year old man from the Philippines.

The incident is listed on cruise expert Canadian Professor Ross Klein’s website which lists 155 crew member and passenger overboards from cruise ships in the last year. 

There have been a large number of overboards recently, with some occurring in this area of the southern Caribbean.  Many suspect that they are related to the increasing drug smuggling on cruise ships. 

As with this case, the U.S. media rarely publishes stories about missing crew members – even though most cruise lines are based here in Miami.  One of the most disturbing overboard cases we have seen involved Princess crew member Angelo Faliva, who disappeared as the cruise ship sailed between Aruba and Cartagena, Colombia.  Mr. Faliva was from Italy and the case received lots of attention in Italy, but virtually no coverage in the U.S.     

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