Today, we received the following statement from Senor Frog’s in Nassau, about our articles "Cruising To The Bahamas – Is It Safe?" and "Cruise Passenger Beaten and Raped in Nassau – Are Royal Caribbean and Senor Frog’s to Blame?

"We, at Senor Frogs, are deeply saddened, concerned and disturbed by this news.

Senor Frogs is part of a chain of restaurants that has been operating for 40 years in tourist destinations. Our number one priority has always been and, continues to be, the well-being and safety of our guests. We take every step necessary to ensure the safety of guests within our premises. Unfortunately, our jurisdiction ends at the front door and we cannot see where each guest goes after they leave. We are aware of the situation being reported and have been providing all assistance to the Bahamian Government and Royal Bahamian Police in this case.

Senor Frogs has several security officers on-site. Some security members are off duty police officers. In addition, there is a small police station approximately 20 feet from our front entrance. The Bahamian Government assists us by sending police officers to patrol inside and around Senor Frogs restaurant, in addition to several other businesses.

Each of our Floor Managers has 10 – 20 years of experience, working in this environment. As I mentioned before, our priority is to safeguard our guests, in addition to providing high quality service and products.

We have 32 closed circuit cameras within Senor Frog’s premises. We reviewed the tapes for this incident and spoke with our security staff that witnessed the guest leaving. They reported, and the tapes confirm, that on that particular day, the guest that was involved in the incident was seen leaving Senor Frogs through the front entrance walking normal and not intoxicated. A male who did not appear to be intoxicated accompanied her. The male appeared to be another tourist. No flags were raised because there was no aggression, despair or any abnormal activity that would cause us to think something was wrong. They left the premises walking fine and in a friendly manner.

After leaving Senor Frogs, we have no information about where the guest went. For that information, you would need to contact the Police Department or Bahamas Government.

We are very concerned by these reports and will continue to ensure the safety of our guests. We also know that the Bahamian Government is concerned and is making great efforts to ensure tourists are safe while visiting Nassau.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the guest who was violated."