Earlier this week, we blogged about the prevalence of drugs on the Atlantis gay parties on Royal Caribbean cruise ships and asked whether the cruise line was prepared to deal with problems as the Allure of the Seas sailed this week – Is Royal Caribbean Ready for Medical Emergencies During the World’s Largest Gay Cruise?

Steven Barry KrumholzWe received a comment to our article from a cruiser: "I’ve been on 13 Atlantis cruises. Friends of mine on ship are reporting one death by falling, multiple people removed at first port for drugs and a several minutes long announcement by the captain about drugs. Amazed RCCL puts up with this."

Well today the AP is reporting that a passenger from California was arrested in the U.S. Virgin Islands on suspicion of selling drugs to fellow passengers on the Allure of the Seas. According to the AP:

"Steven Barry Krumholz, 51, of West Hollywood, was arrested on board the Allure of the Seas in St. Thomas, said Jeffrey Quinones, a spokesman in Puerto Rico for U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The ship had just come from the Bahamas on a charter billed as the "world’s largest gay cruise."

Customs and Border Protection agents boarded the ship Wednesday and found drugs on another passenger, who said he had placed an order with Krumholz before the trip and picked them up while on board, according to an affidavit submitted by one of the investigating agents.

Agents searched Krumholz’s cabin and allegedly found more than 142 ecstasy pills, nearly 3 grams of methamphetamine, a small quantity of ketamine and about $51,000 in cash, the agent said.

While waiting for the suspect to return to his cabin, two more passengers came to buy drugs, according to the affidavit."

$51,000 in cash.  Wow.  That’s alot of drugs sold to passengers on the Allure.

Sounds like high times on the high seas.


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Credit:  "high time on the high seas" is a quote I first heard from friend Chris Owen

Photo credit:  top – Steven Krumholz facebook; bottom – Atlantis Events facebook page

  • kitty foyle

    20 years and you’re surprised RCCL puts up with it?
    Good morning!

  • Louis

    Other than the captain’s mostly incoherent announcement, no one would have known or cared. As one of the 5400 guests, the experience was great, the only drug evident was alcohol and RCCL certainly condones massive consumption and profits from that one!

  • shawn

    to the cruiser who has been on 13 times..Royal Caribbean to the immediate appropriate steps kicking off immediately the people that were out of line. What do you want them to do drag them behind the boat? getting kicked off at next immediate stop is the appropriate thing to do…and they were turned over to Bahamian authorities which i doubt will be as professional as out custom agents.
    Obviously they were working behind the scenes to crack down on this… these things can be so easily smuggled in. they are not metal so no detector will pick it up. and dogs are not much use against some of these items. People need to behave themselves as the overwhelming majority of the passengers did and not the few who were out of control make a mark on everyone else.

  • Stir Fry

    Thanks for the visual. It will surely give me nightmares. Hopefully, the ship was thoroughly sanitized after the disgusting behavior of these sodomites.