A video has been circulating on the internet which shows the new Disney Dream cruise ship coming perilously close to colliding with Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas, just days before the Dream was christened in Port Canaveral. 

A passenger’s YouTube video shows the Dream drifting very close to the Royal Caribbean cruise ship.  

The Orlando Sentinel reports that before the video was uploaded to YouTube, officials with Disney Cruise Lines, Port Canaveral and the U.S. Coast Guard said they were unaware of any such incident.   Disney’s PR people are now claiming that the ship was never in danger of a collision. 

"The ship was under the control of our captain the entire time," spokeswoman Christi Donnan said. "There was never a safety concern."

Yeah, right.

The interesting thing is that a Royal Caribbean crewmember stopped the passengers from filming or taking photos of the incident.  You can see the Royal Caribbean employee blocking the passenger’s video camera: 




The passenger left the following comment on his YouTube page:  

THIS WAS NOT REPORTED ON THE NEWS AND THE CREW TRIED TO KEEP PASSENGERS FROM FILMING!!  Standing on RCI Monarch of the Seas during the mandatory Muster drill when Disney Dream began to turn around.  Mickey got closer …. and Closer…. AND CLOSER!!!!!  The crew tried to keep us from video taping so this is in parts.  We were all certainly bracing for the BUMP!!!!  An officer ran by us, gesturing to the Dream and taking on a radio – Muster came to a STOP until the Disney Dream missed us.  The officer said it was less than one foot – JUST BARELY!!!!  This happened in Port Canaveral as the Monarch of the Seas was leaving.  The Harbor Master was aboard the Monarch and the Disney Dream did not have the authorization to move the ship.  The Disney Dream was set to have the christening on the 19th for the maiden voyage, but it almost didn’t happen!!!


Video credit:  Floridagalrb’s YouTube page

  • Jess donates

    I am surprised that this kind of articles are published here. Very well known the fact that crew members are obliged to “softly to prohibite” any guest to take pictures, videos and even make cell phone calls or texting during the mandatory passenger drill. The video is just showing Disney Dream undocking maneuver and one crew member (with vest) stopping a cruise newbie guest behaving bad during the pax drill before to leave home port…

  • Law

    Yeah, this is really exciting to see this video. It looks like some reality show, where they try to avoid people know about the reality, only but not to defame their personal issue. Same is the case here, how would Disney or a bigger cruise would want to highlight the flaw that happened accidently.
    Thanks for sharing this post and video.

  • As much as I love a good conspiracy theory I think the first commenter is correct in that you can’t take pictures during the lifeboat drill.

  • Nish S

    Its obvious that the person who took the video is overly dramatic and never been on ships before, There is always a officer of the rank of First Officer on the Aft Mooring deck in contact with the Bridge on Radio while ships are manuevering from ports and their task is to keep updating the bridge of the distance between the ships and pier and even the mooring ropes of the ships docked and items floating so they dont entangled in the propellors, so the Master can take appropriate action, Scenes like this occur each and every day in Nassau, Ft Lauderdale, Miami and most cruise ports..

  • Me

    This was taken during a passenger muster drill. The crewmember asked the passenger to turn off the camera because it is required by MARITIME LAW!!

    Guests are obliged to PAY ATTENTION during drills because they are presented with info that may SAVE LIVES in a real emergency. Too many guests preoccupy themselves with farting around on their cameras rather than listening and hence the crewmembers have to get them to turn them off and pay attention.

    As for the Disney, it was conducting a standard turning manoeuvre and didn’t even come close to the Monarch.


    I was on this cruise. The DISNEY ship did come very close to the MONARCH. If the passenger had not video taped the almost bump in, you fine folks would be still whining that it wasn’t close, etc.