We receive a lot of weird emails and telephone inquiries from cruise passengers about all types of things.  Can we get our money back because the waiter was rude?  Can we get a free cruise because the weather was bad and we missed a port, etc . . . etc. . . . etc.

I’ll be honest.  I hate these type of inquiries.  They are a waste of everyone’s time.

Last month we received one of these type of complaints.  Passengers on some type of music fan cruise on a Carnival cruise wanted us to help them obtain a refund because they claimed A. J. McLean - Carnival cruise - Backstreet Boys Fan Cruisethat some of the band members were drunk and disrupted their enjoyment of the cruise.  We couldn’t help them.  Bad cruise experiences (not involving a serious injury) like this have no place in our legal system.  The passengers we talked to agreed with us after a few minutes.

This weekend one of the passengers emailed me a link to the TMZ web site (not something I read everyday), joking about their experience.  TMZ gossiped about one of the members of the Backstreet Boys becoming so intoxicated that many passengers wanted a refund.  Its turns out that the Backstreet Boys had a fan cruise in December on a Carnival cruise ship leaving from Miami to Cozumel and back.  TMZ claims that A.J. McLean (who I learn is a Backstreet Boy) "was so hammered and rowdy on a BB fan cruise last month, that several passengers lodged complaints … with some even demanding a refund .  .  .  one cruise staffer tells us A.J. and his crew acted like ‘drunken fools’ for the entire five-day trip." 

Drunks during a Carnival cruise?  Sounds like business as usual on the Carnival "fun ships."


Photo credit:  TMZ