The mysterious case of cruise passenger Amy Lynn Bradley is again in the news.  Amy was traveling with her brother and parents when she disappeared 12 years ago while aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Rhapsody of the Seas.  The ship had left Oranjestad, Aruba, and was sailing to Curaçao, in the Netherlands Antilles.  On March 24, 1998, at age 23, Amy vanished. 

Amy Bradley - Missing - Disappearance - Royal Caribbean The Bradley family was highly critical of Royal Caribbean who they faulted for the delay in responding to the incident and for what they felt was insensitivity toward their plight.  Like most disappearances at sea, the cruise line’s "investigation" seemed designed to protect the cruise line’s image and legal interests.  The FBI investigation, as usual, went no where.    

Amy’s disappearance in 1998 occurred 6 to 7 years before the highly publicized cases of  Merrian Carver in 2004 and George Smith IV in 2005, before the formation of the International Cruise Victims organization, and before five Congressional hearings which led to the passage of the Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act of 2010.  The Bradleys were fighting the cruise line largely alone. 

The International Cruise Victims organization contains a story about Amy’s disappearance.

The Bradley family’s website is here

CNN Justice is now raising the issue whether fragments of a jaw bone found in Aruba, reportedly that of a Caucasian, may possibly be Amy’s.  You may recall that there was a great deal of speculation that the jaw bone may have been connected to the disappearance of  Natalee Holloway.  Forensic testing concluded that it was not.

By my reading, the CNN article contains no information providing a reasonable basis to connect this evidence to Amy’s disappearance 12 years ago.  The cruise ship had left Aruba and was closer to Curaçao when the family realized that Amy was missing.  So it seems like a stretch to believe that evidence washing ashore in Aruba is tied to this mystery.  Hopefully, additional forensic testing will provide a clue. 

The story brings the public’s attention to this unsolved cruise passenger disappearance and the parent’s continuing search for answers to what happened to their daughter during this ill fated Caribbean cruise.         

Gather covered this sad story today, and summed up the point exactly:

"It is a terrible thing that the families of Natalee Holloway and Amy Lynn Bradley have had to endure these past many years.  It is incredibly sad that there wasn’t more urgency in these cases and that they have never been solved.  It has to be hell on the families to not have any idea what happened to their daughters.  The not knowing can be quite miserable."


Update:  Lifetime has a video / movie "Vanished" (with Beth Holloway) about Amy’s disappearance. 

  • ElAl

    I’ve been following the Amy Bradley story a little. The story as it is told by CNN sounds like a story concocted to protect the Bradleys’ privacy. And all the reports seem to deviate. CNN has Amy’s disappearance occurring at or near docking in Curacao. The FBI site implies she went missing from the family’s private balcony while the ship was at sea.

    And there are other questions. If Amy left her cabin and went missing at 5:30 a.m., why was a member of the band awakened at 6 a.m. to see if Amy was in his room? Most likely, Amy was out all night then returned to her room to get cigarettes, then left again, which caused the dad to sound the alarm with ship personnel. All of which indicates a closeness between Amy and someone on the ship who knows more. Was there a fight with the father? Where was the rest of the family while this was occurring?

    Did she run away and then become enmeshed somehow in Curacao? If ship personnel were knocking on doors to find Amy by 6 a.m., that does not indicate callousness on their part, and if a passenger dissapears at the time of docking, what ought the cruise line to do?

  • The FBI, as usual, did not reach any conclusions which have been released to the public. The cruise ship was heading to Curaçao when Amy was discovered missing. The ship should have reviewed all of its CCTV cameras and not let the gangway down when it reached port. Instead, the ship’s captain ignored the pleas of the Bradley family and let the passengers and some crew members disembark.

    Jim Walker

  • Don’t forget that Amy was highly suspected of having been sold into slavery. Those pictures looked an awful lot like her. It seems quite possible that as part of her captivity, she was shuffled to different islands, and the fact that she was most likely lost in Curacao doesn’t mean she couldn’t turn up in Aruba.

    And yet…I do hope it’s not Amy. I’m glad to see more attention on her case – it was stagnant for years – but I wish it was better news.

  • Mary

    I think the first commenter’s suggestion that she “ran away” is rediculous. This girl had just graduated college, had her own place, & no history of problems. It sounds like you’re also suggesting her own family was involved in foul play with her. What? Not only has there never been any evidence at all of that in any of the media coverage about this incident (hmm, thought you were following that?), but her family seems to be the only ones who are fighting to keep her story out there and keep the search for her on. What there HAS been plenty of revelations about, however, is the cruise line’s mishandling of the case and apparent apathy about the whole thing. Do you work for the cruise line? That was my first impression reading your post.

  • Mimi

    Morning All
    I give too the Family of Missing Woman Amy Where is she!
    Here too her Family all my Heart ,Preys gose out too them.


  • Nora

    My heart and prayers go out to Amy as well as her family and friends. Certainly, her story has made me think twice about going on a cruise with this particular cruise line. I am quite convinced that the band member (who commented to her brother Brad that he knew Amy was missing that early morning) has something to do with Amy’s disappearance. Yet how come they found no evidence to prove this? It is quite scary and dangerous that she just vanished like that. The photos and sketches that show a woman surely look a lot like Amy only a bit older now. Let’s just hope and pray she returns home safely and her family can once again be happy together. Seriously though it is disgusting how unwilling the cruise line and FBI have been to help the Bradleys.

  • Sheldon Anthony

    I saw you story on Investigative Channel today! My prays are with the Bradley Family.

  • Denise

    Also remember she has been seen by several American gentlemen. Once on a beach, a man said she was walking on the beach with a dark haired man and his company of three (?) other men. This American man saw her Gecko tattoo around her bellybutton. He also stated she looked hard into his eyes (he is obviously an American)and walked straight toward him. Then Amy was ordered back into the company of the dark haired man. He also stated it disturbed him. Another time a solider spoke with her in a bar. Here she told him her name and said that “they” will not let her go. Until he returned home and recognized her photo and name he was in disbelief. I pray still, for her.

  • cassie

    I just watched Amy Bradley info show on Vanished. I have been following her case since I was in high school. How wonderful to have such strong willed parents that will never give up on her. Amy, whereever you are, your loved.

  • Heather

    Hello my name is Heather and I am sorry sorry about what happen to Amy I hope you all found her she needs to be with her family she is missed my her family and friends Amy come home

  • Brad

    My prayers go out to the Bradley family for the “SAFE” return of their daughter Amy!! I just got through watching this horrifying story of Amy’s kidnapping/abduction on the Lifetime channel.. Vanished with Beth Holloway!

  • kelly

    I watched Vanished last night with Beth Holloway. I learned about the EVILS of human trafficking right around the time I saw this story for the first time years after I went on a RC cruise in 1999. Wow,that could have been me, I thought. God I have prayed all night that she is saved and found alive. She will have to escape this underworld as they will never let her leave alive, she knows too much. God, how can humans do this to other human beings. I am so sorry for this WONDERFUL family. It broke my heart when the last lady on the interview had a shot and didn’t know enough to not repeat “Amy, I have a daughter named Amy” OMG, when I saw that, I thought, dear God, she probably gotten beaten (practically) to death that night because that woman unknowingly busted her to her captors. At least she came forward and helped with sketches. MUCH MORE THAN THAT SAILOR DID. He thought he was fighting for American Freedom and when he had the chance, he turned his back worried about getting a slap on the wrist (or losing $$ or his job) rather than doing exactly what his JOB was!! He would have been better off speaking UP, standing UP, getting kicked out and telling HIS STORY and possibly saving her life. At least he came forward, just 2 years too late. And the con artist who took your $$ and took 2 more years, may there be a special place in hell for all of the men that were complicet and especially for the EVIL men/women that have surrounded her and enslaved her. God I’m sorry to the family, you are in my prayers…I want her to escape! I pray for some man to have the courage to rescue her from the HELL she is living here on earth and may the rest, rot in the the REAL HELL that’s riding FAST on its black horse of death heading straight for them for ETERNITY!!

  • melody

    I saw the story last night vanished with hollowayand its wrong. That when she was 1st reported missing they were to worried about thr image of the cruise now how do they feel 13 years later peiple just goung to think worse of them they shiuld hav lookd on cameras and announce to everybody I hope she comes home one day and natalee holloway aruba is corrrupt

  • Boudreaux

    To the Amy Bradley family:
    I am very sorry for all the happenings going on in your life. I know security is so tight now, I wonder if there were the machines where you had to scan your card when you left the boat? Im sure this was not the case, considering they would have followed this venue. I really like the guy that they hired now to go around. Beth Holloway did an amazing job of empathizing with these parents. Her empathy goes so deep and you could just feel it in her expressions.
    May God be with these parents and sibling of Amy.

  • Andrea

    I watched Vanished last night which was the first time I have watched a show in a long time—My gut is turning as I look into the eyes of a young girl who reminds me of myself– I am a kidnap survivor and if i can help you to get your daughter back I will—Just dont know where to begin or what I can do–Don’t stop looking—-which i know you wont–and pray daily for the return of your daughter and believe you prayer has been answered—I pray now and everyday until the return of AMY BRADLEY—-
    Bless you

  • Felix

    I had never heard of the Amy Bradley case until last night as I watched the new show Vanished. As a matter of fact I watched it twice.I think the cruise line ought to be ashamed of themselves for the not there job nearly as well as they could have. They should have not let that gangway down like the Bradleys asked them too. They should have docked and made an announcement. They should have left that gangway up and properly searched there ship. If they had done things the way they should have I believe Amy Bradley would have been found and would have returned home with her family. I hope Amy is found someday soon and reunited with her family. I will pray for them everyday. I also hope that if anyone has seen her that they do the responsible thing and report the information.

  • gc

    that show last night about amy bradley made me sick and mad.i cant prove it but i would not be surprised if some of the crew members on that cruise ship as well as the police on those islands are in the pockets of the human trafficers. those brothels on those islands most likely have powerful rich clients [probably respected and well known]that the police and govt officals of the islands would never touch either.for amy and the other victims of the trafficers to be rescued it will take a u.s govt with a backbone and pressure from the public to seriously fight these low life trafficers.

  • Adrian

    After watching the story last night about Amy Bradly. I could not stop thinking about her, I prayed for her till 2am. I know God can see her right now. And I beleive he is going to reach down his hands and lift her out. That Gods love will surround her and deliver her to safty. The demonds of this world will no longer have athority in her life. I pray that she will be reunited with her family, and have a chance at living a life that she first set out to.

  • david

    I saw the story on Vanished and I think that she still could have fallen off the ship and drowned. She was an athletic woman and I don’t think that kidnappers could have gotten her off the ship without being noticed. Many of the so-called sightings of her could have been mistakes or faked photographs by that phoney private eye her parents hired. If she had actually been forced to work in a brothel, dozens or perhaps hundreds of men would have seen her and she would have been recognized by now.

  • Louise

    The fact that the ship captain had refused to work at the beginning with the family of the victim suggests to me only that he had been personally involved in that crime. No wonder, human trafficking is a very lucrative business.

  • Rhonda

    I too, could not stop thinking about Amy. What was suppose to be a vacation turning into a develish act by strangers. Yes, God does know where she is and I too, pray that she is returned to her life and family.

  • Rhonda

    I too, could not stop thinking about Amy. Yes, God does know where she is and I too, pray that she is returned to her life and family. The devils will be punished in this world or the next.

  • Rhonda

    God Bless Amy and return her to her home, I pray. The devils who took her will be punished in this world or the next.

  • Samuel

    I pray every night for the safe return of Amy. The US government needs to blanket those islands and we should keep our American tourist dollars for going to those places. Why did they not detain the band member? The captain should be sued. All these cruise ships captains care about is making the next port on time. It is probable that the band member lured Amy to the island on the pretext of having a good time or seeing the real part of the island. Whatever it was, Amy has been seeking help for more than 10 years, but she cannot run because of these men who follow her constantly. If the US government can kill Osama bin Laden, they can bring Amy home. let us teach those island criminals that they do not mess wit ha US citizen! Every tv program should focus on the case of Amy. Amy will come home. Prayers and tears will bring her home.

  • jerene

    After watching Vanished last night with Beth Holloway, who would want to take a cruise?
    Anyway, if it has not been done aleady why isnt there an undercover agent inside the brothel? I know if i was commisioned i would somehow infiltrate! And bring these women home!!!! Where’s the Terminator Arnold, or the Steven Segal, or Chuck Norris’es when you need them?

  • ruud

    Im saw the show today. Im living at curacao and there is a big dark site of the island. Human trafficing is one of it. Because of the corruption here, a case as this could go on for years. Keep up having hope. Succes in the search.

  • Ruth

    how I think of Amy and what she’s had to endure all these years. I only wish there was something I could do to help and I just pray for Amy. I can honestly say if that were my daughter my new residence would be that island until I found my daughter.

  • Joan

    I think its great that Amy’s case is still out there for the public to see! I just saw Vanished with Beth Holloway and they aired Amy’s segment. I have followed the Natalee Holloway story from its first days yet never had heard about Amy’s story. I am glad that there are people like Beth Holloway that although having gone thru tragedy themselves, are out there to bring into public light other cases that need all of our help to hopefully one day solve.
    I added Amy to myspace and I shared her story tonight on facebook, I had already added Natalee years ago. I hope that not only the family of Natalee Holloway but the Bradley family and others seeking justice and or answers find the courage to keep going and helping others in their time of need. God Bless both families and all the families of missing and or exploited children or adults.
    I would also like anyone reading this to please link up the Trudy Appleby site from my hometown of Moline, IL. Trudy vanished on August 21, 1996 at the age of 11 right from her neighborhood and there have been no real leads or clues into her disappearance. Anyone that can help this family locate Trudy or any other missing persons would be so appreciated. Add these links to your facebook, myspace or other forums that could possibly help these families find their missing loved ones! God Bless! Here is the link for Trudy Appleby. – Similar – Similar

    Here is her facebook page link: – Similar

  • Cristina

    I just watched this last night on lifetime and feel horrible. FBI should go under cover and try to find her. My prayers to that family. I’m so scared to go to those islands now and definitely be more alert if I ever go on a cruise. So sorry. I hope she will be home soon…

  • gladys hernandez

    I saw the show yesterday and I cant stop thinking of Amy. I wish that there would more I could do for her and her family members who miss her dearly. I pray that they will find a way and that their daughter will return them soon.

  • kyle

    So sad for the bradley fam . I saw the show last night and feel sick. I got up this mourning and still can’t stop thinking about it. Tell me this how the hell have 3 people have seen her but the FBI can’t find her. And for the family , normally when this happens they find a dead body but they still have hope. The U.S needs to do something about this “keep trying” . All I have done today is read about amy I can’t stop thinking about This . Please someone help this family. For the FBI and Dr phill get off your ass and finish the job . Bradley fam I wish you the best

  • Concerned mother

    My heart goes out to Amy and her family. I think Amy’s parents need to go to Curacao and stay for a month or two, to get familiar with the surroundings (without telling islanders who they are) and they might be able to find Amy in one of the brothels. Or maybe they could hire a detective to go undercover and he could go to the brothels as a customer and hopefully find her. After seeing “Vanished” and the three different people who had chance-encounters with Amy after she was abducted, then her picture on the internet, I feel in my heart that she was abducted and sold into sex slavery. I think the band member on the cruiseline is doing business with islanders and getting a cut for every American girl he kidnaps and takes to them. I just wonder how he got Amy off of the ship – he probably drugger her – I’m sure he’s got a system that he’s been following for some time. My prayers go out to Amy and her family and I pray someone gets over there and looks for her on a daily basis. Her every hour of life must be hell and her only hope is if people keep looking for her!!!! (Even if they have to go from island to island over a 6-month period, it would be worth the time and money to save her from the hell she’s living in!)

  • Darin

    I started to research on the internet Amy’s disapearance after watching a program about her disapearance last night. After seeing several pictures of her and recognized a similarity between her and Princess Diana, moreso when she had short blond hair and one picture she displayed a similiar smile and expression on her face. I remembered several pictures of Princess Dianna on the beach with her children and looked up her favorite vacation spot which also ironically is within the same islands where Amy was often spotted and disapeared from along with the timing of Princess Diana death and Amy’s disapearance a year later. Not sure if meaningful or not, or a potential new directions for investigating to a bigger type of operation with prositution slavery but just thought is interesting too make note of. Possibly stalkers of Princess Diana or some more cynical and Amy became a new target having similiar appearances of Princess Diana. However, after watching the show and seeing the multiple accounts of seeing Amy I am hopeful she may be still alive, however time may be running short for her if so due to prostitution is big business for younger women in general, stating so to possibly motivate investigators involved is reading this to be more diligent and not be relaxed and loss of hope. To the parents, my heart and prayers go out to you and hope you are able to one day bring Amy home and for her “rescued” from the MONSTERS who took her and put her through the hell she has been living with and they pay with their lives for their crimes and if part of a bigger ring and shut their operation down forever.

  • Lisa LeMaster

    I watched Vanished last night and it broke my heart to hear your story. I will be praying for Amy and for all of you….

  • Carol Freemyer

    The Bradley Family needs the help of the US Govt, why can’t we raid all the locations where Amy might be and bring her home, we are better than this, lets do it.

  • JOshhh

    God bless the bradley family. Good things usually happen to good people even if its years down the road. I think there’s a good chance Still that amy will be found 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I just watched Vanished with Beth Holloway, I couldn’t imagine if that were my child. My heart is aching for Amy and her family. I believe that the workers on the ship had something to do with it. Why woundn’t they do as the parents requested? Cause those jerks were involved.I think they were paid big money:( I pray for her safe return home with her loving family. I’m curious how many times this has happened to young girls and were not aware of it cause this was the firt time I heard anything about it???

  • Emmaline

    I, too, watched Vanished and saw the Amy Bradley story. This story has been intriguing for years and it baffles me that if Amy were alive, why she would not have been spotted more frequently. They have the web site where her picture was displayed as “Jaz.” The FBI couldn’t use that clue to find the “resort” that was advertised? I suspect that Amy (if she truly is alive) is being held by someone VERY important in the Caribbean (hence all the bodyguards around her sightings). The bodyguards and the photos being missing from the cruise ship? HUGE CLUES. How did the cruise line explain only Amy’s pictures were deleted from all the cameras? The band member is the link between Amy and the disappearance. No one can find this guy? Only a crew member could have access to all the photos of Amy. If human trafficking is a problem in the Caribbean, you KNOW the FBI knows about it. All the investigations into Amy’s disappearance stink, if you ask me.

  • Jane

    Like many posters, I watched “Vanished” and learned about the Amy Bradley story for the first time. My heart truly goes out to Amy and her family. I, too, was unable to get this story out of my mind afterwards. With the added publicity, I hope and pray that Amy will be found and rescued soon. How criminals can do something so wicked and cruel is beyond comprehension. They are true evil.

    It seems VERY possible that Caribbean government officials look the other way when something like this happens. (Prime example is the Natalie Holloway case.) Whether by choice or by ignorance, they are part of the problem. If the local officials truly wanted to clean up the sex trade, they would do it. However, I’m sure there’s big money involved and the cruise lines bring in new ‘recruits’ almost daily. They also bring in new customers every day, as well. It’s very possible that some crew members were involved. All they had to do is drug Amy, stuff her into a tub that’s being offloaded in Curacao, and they would have another victim. It’s really criminal that the Captain of the cruise ship did not at least search all containers and all people who disembarked off the cruise ship that morning after Amy was reported missing. That was a missed opportunity to save Amy.

    I have been on many cruises in my life, including one on Royal Caribbean in the southern Caribbean. I actually don’t recall the year, but I believe it was before 1998. My cousin and I ended up in Aruba and Curacao after our cruise was diverted due to a hurricane. I have often wanted to return to the Caribbean on another cruise to visit the islands we missed, but NOT NOW. I don’t know how one goes about calling for a boycott, but even if ONE person decides not to support the Caribbean economy by visiting their shores, that’s money that the island does not receive. That’s also money that the cruise lines don’t receive for not taking the issue seriously. Shame on them for looking the other way! I hope Amy’s kidnappers rot in hell. (Even better–captured and locked up for the rest of their miserable lives.)

  • Jen

    It´s quite obvious the girl drowned or got killed.

    The talking about “sold into sex slavery“ doesn´t sound logical at all.

    Why would they kidnap a 23 year-old american girl, with the purpose of selling her?

    There are millions off caucasian young beautiful women in east europe that are sold into slavery every year.
    Since many people are poor in east europe, families attempts (if any are made) to find missing women are limited. It´s too much trouble and too much risk involved with western women and children. If you are into this business, the last thing you want is massive media attention.

    So why taking the risk, with a plain looking 23-year old? Clearly they are looking for younger ones.

    And for the sightings, well people record sightings of UFO´s every day around the world. So a few people that sighted a western women in the Carribean´s and assumed it was the missing Amy could clearly be mistaken. If Amy was sighted at a brothel it´s because she choose to be there herself.

    Without a body or evidence I guess people wanna come up with all sorts of explanations on how she vanished. As long as nothing is proven you still hope that the person is alive.

    Hope is the last things that dies.

  • anna

    I sadly think Amy fell off the balcony and drowned.
    I think she came back from the party (possibly slightly tipsy, or at least tired), waking her father up, and went to the balcony for a cigerette. her father falls back asleep. She goes onto the balcony, kicks off her shoes, and has a cigerette. As she is smoking she stands and looks over the edge, and leans too far (perhaps she drops her cigerette pack and leans to catch them, perhaps she is just tipsy and leans too far) and falls off. It s a good drop that could easily have knocked her out, and so she could easily have drowned, good swimmer or not. Her father hears her fall, or cry out as she fell, or hit the water, and is woken from this although he does not realise that this is what woke him. Her body just got swept away in the current.
    I just do not think the idea that she was kdnapped to be sold is viable. Sickenly people trafficking is a huge business, and kidnapping girls on holiday every few years is not going to sustain a business. There are easier ways to get girls into slavery, where go to the trouble of kidnapping an American girl on holiday who is physically fit, not in any form of debt to the slavers, and is going to do her best to escape, and whose disapearence is going to generate publicity. As for those who claim to have seen here I do not believe they really saw her, apart from anything surely they would have helped her, mentoned it to friends before going to the press. There are plenty of places to get whit women for the sex trade other than targeting American holidaymakers. In Thailand there are lots of white women working as prostitutes, and the majority of these are eastern european or russian.
    As for the caribbean authorities, I think they are excellent. My friend went missing there (completely innocent and she was found a few hours later safe and well), but the police sent out a massive search party as soon as they were contacted.

  • James

    It is sad. I feel like the truth will one day come out. The Cab driver’s explaination might lead me to believe Amy had a secret Drug addition. Band Members usually are well connected, and Amy Hailed the Cab in a hurry in Curacao. I suspect she has fell victim to being a sex slave while chasing drugs. Her surprised reaction to the free trip indicates she was worried about her ability to get drugs underway. The Band Guy knows is she was looking to score, MJ, Crystal, Heroin, or Crack or even pescription drugs….. Clement James on facebook

  • Dawn

    This is a very sad story for Amy and her family. It is horrible that this type of thing can really happen. She has come so close to being able to talk to someone so many times. She must be really frightened. I really hope that one day is will be able to escape with her life. God Bless This Family and Amy and bring her home safe.

  • jane

    This has haunted me since I saw the show. I pray for her each day. I’m extremely angry at how the cruise line handled this…I traveled with Royal Carribean just five months later for my honeymoon…blonde and 26. To think I was at risk…If I had known…I certainly would not taken that trip…and now…I never will again. Never will I cruise…the employees are creepy and in retrospect I felt uneasy around them on the whole trip…bad vibes. Prayers to the Bradley family and it is certain her captors will meet their death one day and live in eternal hell.

  • Marie

    I recently watched the episode of Vanished that featured the Amy Bradley case. I immediately googled her to see which cruise line she dissapeared from. I’m actually not surprised that it was Royal Carribean. To this day their passengers’ safety isn’t a priority.

    While docked in Mexico my ten year old brother also went missing from a Royal Carribean ship. He was found! Thank God! My mother left him at the kids club while enjoying the sights and returned to find him missing. The ship employees LET HIM DOCK! He got off the ship by HIMSELF in Mexico. I can’t describe the panic and helplessness my mother felt in the two hours it took for the local police to find him and the frantic calls I received. I can only imagine how this poor family is coping.

    The bottom line, I will NEVER cruise with RC. This happened to my family only last summer. Obviously it’s been happening since 1998! I beleive that had they made the right decision, Amy would have been saved from that horrible human trafficing ring. It happens everyday in the US, imagine how worse it is in other countries.

    My prayers are with the family and poor Amy. May God help them to find her alive.

  • anna

    If someone gave me a free caribbean cruise I would be surpirsed. i do not think that means that I am a drug addict, more thta i do not expect to be given dream holidays worth thousands for free.
    There’s no real evidence to say that anything criminal happened to her. People who did nto know her claimed she asked them for help – I do not believe it. What are the chances that every person she asks for help refuses? What are the chances that in thirteen years she has never managed to get close to a ‘phone. If she is a sex slave then she has to come into contact with other people not connected to the slavery ring at some point. There are plenty of easier ways to get slaves than kidnapping mddle class American girls from cruise ships whilst they are holidaying with their families. Also why kidnapp her from the boat in the early mornign when she would be missed quickly. why not wait until she was onshore, and easier to miss for a few hours. Kidnapping her like that would draw attention to the operation, and risk the police finding them out? Why risk it, when there are easier, less attention attracting ways to get girls into slavery?

  • miranda

    Sickening. God bless the Bradley family.

  • Shonette Daniels

    I saw this story today for the first time on lifetime tv… My prayers are with her family and friends and Amy… It’s been 12 years, i can imagine how painful this is for her family…My prayers are with you…

  • Veronica

    Jen, in some weird twisted way you actually sound jealous.

    Anna, if her captures are drugging her and watching her every move then chances are extremely low that she would be able to have a moment to herself to get to a phone. I understand that you find this impossible, but you obviously have no expereince being a kidnap victim otherwise you would know that …yes, even in 13 years…she ahs not been able to get away from them long enough to get help.

    As for why kidnap a middle class American girl who otherwise would not be invovled in the sex trade…well thats your answer. I would think that middle class American girls are rare in the human trafficking world so a high price would be placed for her service.

    This is so sad and I hope and pray that one day Amy is found or escapes and comes home to her family. When I was younger my dad absolutely refused to allow our family to go on a cruise, we even turned down a free one, and now I will not EVER take my family on a cruise.

    The cruise lines obviously don’t give a shit about their passengers, and it seems to me that, at least in Amy’s case, the band member and the captain were involved.

    As I said before it’s not just kidnapping to get a girl, its kidnapping to get a RARE AMERICAN girl who will go for top dollar because of the very lack of middle class American girls in that world.

    It also makes me wonder if that Van der Sloot guy really killed Natalie Holloway or if just kept his mouth shut about her kidnapping because he would get killed for telling the truth.

  • haley

    amy you are my inspiration and i know in my heart where ever you are your still alive and fighting your way back !!!!!!my prayers are with the bradley family and never give up shes out there

  • Kristin

    I recently watched the episode of Vanished that featured the Amy Bradley case. My heart and prayers go out to the family. I really hope that because this story has continued to stay in the media, someone will step forward and tell the family where Amy is. I truly believe she will be found one day soon..

  • marisha

    Gosh!!!I just watched vanished w/beth holloway.My heart aches for you parent’s.I am so angry though.If they have evidence that she is most likely alive then why in the heck is our governmnt not doing more!!!!!She is an american citizen being held against her will most likely drugged all the time in a foreign contry.It disgusts me!!My god,get her back.Please!! I will pray everyday that she comes home.This story has really touched me.And I hope the next story is the story of her return.

  • Janet

    I saw the story of Amy Bradley on Vanished/Beth Holloway a couple of days ago for the first time. I just started watching it again (On Demand) because Amy’s story just devastated me. I can’t imagine the pain her family has been going through over the years but even worse the pain Amy herself has had to endure. I don’t understand how there have been so many sightings of her and yet, for some reason, authorities are unable to locate her! This is such a heartbreaking story – I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Amy since watching it. I have been praying for her and her family since watching it and pray with all that is within me that she returns home to her loving family. I would like to see justice done to the individuals that have done this to her but, honestly, I just want to see her home. I will continue to pray for you Amy and family and will watch for updates that I hope will be forthcoming soon!

  • Brenda

    I am praying for Amy and her family. I watched the same show Vanished and was horrified but what I saw. What happened to Amy, where is she?? I feel strongly that the sightings of her are real and she may be alive somewhere, maybe wondering why no one has come to her aid. Years have passed and I don’t know if she has given up hope but I pray that God is taking care of her, keeping her faith strong. I am disgusted how some of these cruise lines don’t do more to help when passengers beg them for assistance. It’s scary, it’s definitely a lesson that if you go on a cruise you have to be careful and stay safe. Women should use the buddy system when walking around unfamiliar places, it’s just a good idea to take a friend or family member along.

  • Radonna – Trinidad

    My heart is broken for dear Amy and her family. God, please, please bring her back to her family.

  • Karen -Trindad & Tobago

    This story is so sad – i do hope Amy finds her way home very soon & tries to hold onto faith & hope. The fools that have her…….God is alive and He’s watching very closely!!!

  • Libby

    The more I read and watch these programs about missing people the more enraged I get, we have some sickass humans in this world, don’t we? We need to start coming together and paying attention to what happens around us.

    We can do so much now but we can’t stop these poor girls, boys, men, women and children from getting taken. When you read these horrible stories and hear that nobody saw anything, nobody heard anything, all i can say is bullcrap, someone knows something, someone heard something it’s just that nobody cares. I pray Amy get’s home soon and that all those sickass people who took her get what’s coming to them, each and everyone of them.

  • questa

    I’ve been on a few different cruise ships, and have to tell you, it always amuses me, how easy it is, to fall off the ship. I’m actually surprised, not more passengers are missing. As for Amy being a sex slave in a brothel… I don’t know… seems, that her family desperately wants to believe, she is still alive, even though in a brothel, as long as she is alive. But realistically, I don’t think that now, at 37, she would be a hot commodity for a brothel.

  • Michelle

    I too watched Vanished with Beth Holloway, and I cannot stop thinking about Amy. Here is one thing that keeps pissing me off. The Naval person who Amy approached at the Brothel. He was the key to Amy’s freedom, and he doesn’t speak up for 2 years?1? What an ass! He said he wasn’t supposed to be there, so he didnt want to get in trouble. He should be court marshalled!!! He could of found A way to give the tip annonimously! Why wait 2 years!!! Grrrr. God Bless Amy and her family.

  • Jenny

    I, too, saw Amy’s story on Lifetime. I kept thinking about it…I couldn’t sleep that night. I continued to think about it at work the next day. I think about it now and it must makes me sick! I think of her family. I just cannot imagine the pure hell that Amy and her family/friends have been going through the past many years. Prayers for Amy and those who love her that you all may be reunited very soon.

  • Joni

    Amy has been in my thoughts every day since recently hearing about her tragic story, my prayers and wishes are for Amy’s safe return to her family, to live the rest of her days in peace and love. With all my heart and soul I wish for Amy and her loving family to be reunited.

  • Kelly

    I’ve followed this case since I first heard about it 6 years ago and the thing that bothers me the most is there were so many sightings of her and no one has done anything to try to bring her home. That’s what is the most upsetting part of this story. I hope someday Amy will be found and returned to her family.

  • lipski

    At this junction I don’t know what to believe — I think many of the alleged sightings are either well intentioned people who are mistaken, and some are outright liars (such as one of the detectives that the Bradleys originally hired). When a missing persons case is publicized, numerous reports of sightings occur, very few are credible or lead to any sustainable leads.

    Sexual trafficking obviously happens everywhere, but not in the context of stealing young women off of cruise ships. Trafficking usually is tricking adult women under false pretenses of legitimate employment into prostitution in other countries (where they are undocumented or their passports are taken from them, or they are threatened or drugged into submission) or the coercion or abduction of teenagers into sex work (and this occurs in the U.S. frequently, contrary to popular belief).

    My best guess is that something happened on board to Amy, that she never left the ship in a conscious state. She either fell from the ship accidentally, her family claims she was too scared to go near the rails, but there have been cases of people sleepwalking/not being fully conscious or sober and falling. The other possibility is that a crew member (or a band member) of the ship may have played a role in her disappearance, attacking, injuring or killing her and then throwing her body overboard to cover the crime, as this has happened in several cases (read about James Camb). Unless Amy is found, alive or dead, there’s little to determine what exactly happened to her.

  • Juliana

    I just looked at the episode of Vanished and all i can think is why cant someone pretend to be wanting to hire this girl when she was posted as, ‘for hire’ on the internet? My heart goes out to this family and i pray that one day Amy will return to them. 🙁

  • Cindy Ballinger

    I want so badly to help. This has abolutely tormented me since I heard this story. Can’t somebody look for her? What government is responsible to help? I’m praying for you Amy and your family too. I pray you will be home real soon.

  • Sylvie

    I just finished watching Amy Bradley’s story on Vanished w/Beth Holloway and this should be wake up call for everyone. I had been in the travel industry for over 25 years and yes human trafficking is everywhere, effecting every age and in every country. Over the years, although not common, I have heard of brutal attacks on women on cruise ships. But it grips at my heart that this wonderful young woman was nabbed right from her own balcony while on a cruise with her family. I do believe it happened just as her parents have said. And it is clear local authorities know more than they are willing to tell and the cruise lines were covering for themselves. I will continue to think of Amy for some time and God bless the Bradleys for their courage in keeping Amy’s story alive.

  • Beverlee

    First I would like to say how horriable this mystery has been over the years for this family,I cannot imagine what they have gone thru. It’s possiable she was taken off the ship unnoticed. Usally there our alot of distactions with so many people that it could be done.I cannot understand why these people would have to watch her all the time, I don’t think that they would be walking out in public with someone that was kidnapped. I think if she was put in a brothel, she would have been drugged and kept on drugs so not to escape. I belive that if she lived to be 37 she has probly been disposed of since in that world they would only want younger victims. Of couse it is possiable that she is still alive and after all these years how in her mind could she pick up where left and go home after all these years and what has been done to her.She is not that young inocent girl anymore, and maybe she feels it is to late,once you are caught up in that world,you usally end up with your throat slit. or worse.I really feel that she is dead by now.There are times that I cannot belive after all these years that she could not have bribed someone to get a message out somehow. As far as the woman in the dept store bathroom, why didn’t she go straight to the police or attract attention somehow to help this girl. Why would these men attract attention to themselves in a public bathroom, it is sad.

  • Sandy Pause

    I don’t think Amy fell off the ship & drowned. I do feel she was taken from the ship for some reason, & I do believe the bass player in the band holds the key. Her brother said she danced with the bass player the night before. Amy & her brother came back to their rooms seperately, & Amy told him she was not going to bed yet. Amy had probably agreed to meet the bass player again at a certain time & that’s why her dad said he saw her sitting on the balcony, then he dozed off & 20 mins. later she was gone. She took her cigarettes with her. Two girls said they saw Amy on the elevator with the bass player & saw her enter the disco with him. This sighting would have been after she left her room again. Later, the bass player said to Amy’s brother,”I’m sorry to hear about your sister”, before anyone even knew she was missing. When interviewed by the FBI later, the bass player claimed to know nothing about her disappearance. Then why did he make that comment to her brother? Also, when the bass player walked out of his FBI interview, he was smiling & giving the thumbs up sign. Who does that unless they know they just got away with something? Now, about the missing cruise photos of Amy. I have been on 10 cruises. Here’s how it works. The ship’s photographers go about the ship each day & takes cruise pics of all the passengers, using themes. One day they may put a parrot on your shoulder & a pirates hat on your head. The next day they might take your pic at dinner or up on deck, etc. Each day, the photographer brings the film back to the photo shop & the photos are printed quickly for display the next day, so passengers see them & want to buy them. Someone would have had to calculatedly remove the photos over the course of several days from the open display cases. The photo shop workers watch pretty carefully to be sure no one walks off with photos, and if purchased, you have to use your shipboard credit card, so they would have record of the purchase. The most likely scenario is, a worker on the ship, would not be suspect of stealing passengers photos, & could easily get away with it, because workers walk about the ship all the time, even through the photo shop which is set up in a common hallway where walking traffic is highest. It seems to me that the bass player may have confiscated the photos to show to someone who would decide if Amy was what they were looking for, for whatever. I’m sure he would have been paid handsomely for his part in the abduction. And for those who say, “just go to the brothels & get her”, brothels do not remain brothels for long in any one place. Brothels are burned, moved; the prostitutes are moved from place to place, island to island, country to country. And of course there are corrupt people in these small nation governments, & they also receive nice stipends for keeping their mouths shut, so it is a very secret society that is hard to break. Are there any statistics for how many trafficked prostitutes have returned to their families? I don’t know that answer,but they are all tragic stories, and the Amy Bradley story really touched me. I feel terrible for her family & wish they could find a way to put much more pressure on the bass player, because I believe he KNOWS.

  • Lisa

    Here is a comprehensive list of everyone who has gone overboard or gone missing from cruise ships in the last couple of decades.

    Of the people who are categorized as “missing,” (i.e. they haven’t found a body or don’t have videotape of them actually falling overboard), the vast majority are elderly and/or male. So it doesn’t appear that there is suddenly a big rash of young women being stolen from cruise ships to be trafficked.

    That said, you can’t rule out that this is what happened to Amy. This could have been a crime of opportunity. She met up with the wrong man and he had connections to make some money off of selling her.

    I came across this, written by Amy’s family and it makes me think Amy was targeted

    “The last person seen with Amy during the early hours of that morning was a cruise ship band member, known as ‘Yellow’ from a group called ‘Blue Orchid.’ There were other crewmembers that had also had contact with Amy during the cruise… a girl who worked in the casino, and three cruise ship waiters who were stationed at our dining table. The waiters were very over-attentive towards Amy from the moment they met her. After dinner one evening, one of the waiters approached us while we were visiting with associates with whom we had been traveling and asked for Amy by name. The waiter stated ‘they’ wanted to take Amy to Carlos and Charlie’s while docked in Aruba. When Amy and her brother, Brad, met with us a short time later, we told Amy about the waiter who had asked for her by name. She responded, “I wouldn’t go and do anything with any of those crewmembers. They give me the creeps.” While docked in Aruba, Amy and her brother did not leave the ship that evening.

    That same evening, March 23rd (Monday), while docked in Aruba, all four of us attended a party on the upper deck, where the band was playing. We noticed a group of individuals, standing alongside the railing who had boarded the ship with a dance troupe, and who also were not passengers. They were not a part of the cruise! I wondered, “How could they be allowed to board a ship and just stand around watching the performance with paying passengers??” Looking back now, it seems even more dangerous to us.

    During the party, Amy and I went to the 4th deck to look at the photos that had been taken after dinner that evening. ALL of Amy’s photos were missing! We asked the person in charge of the gallery where Amy’s pictures would be posted. He said he remembered placing them with the other photos taken at the same time, but acknowledged he couldn’t find them either. I asked him if he could have them redeveloped and he agreed, claiming they would be available the next day. In my possession, I still have the ticket for the redevelopment of those photos.”

  • Lisa

    Another red flag..

    ‘”Curaçao, Aruba, and Saint Maarten are destination islands for women trafficked for the sex trade from Peru, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti, according to local observers.” Officials in the government frequently underestimate the extent of human trafficking problems.’

    The region Amy disappeared from has been put back on the watchlist for human trafficking

  • emory

    i hope to God you findher its very sad and I’ll pray until she is found.

  • Catherine

    I watched this story months ago and still think about the years of heartbreak the Bradley family endures and still endure ever day. I have said prayers and will continue to keep Amy, her brother, and her parents in my thoughts and prayers.

    Please know how many people care about your family and wish the best for you all.

  • Ty

    I just saw the episode on Vanished and cant believe it. I still have chills thinking about it. My heart goes out to Amy and her family. I was an Airline Pilot for many years in the Caribbean and was in Curacao many times. I was disgusted by the brothels that existed all over the Caribbean. I wish I had known of this story earlier so I could have paid attention and tried looking for her while I worked there.
    The sandy beaches and blue waters hide the evil that lurks beneath.
    Forever in my prayers – I hope someone finds you Amy.

  • Brian

    I’ve followed this case from the beginning since Amy is from my hometown. Here is my opinion on what happened. The one thing that was failed to be mentioned in Vanished story was that three waiters on the cruise ship was overly attentive towards Amy. They told Amy’s family at one point that they wanted to take her to a bar in Aruba when the ship docked. Amy told her parents that the waiters creeped her out and she never left the ship while docked in Aruba. The bar they wanted to take her was “Carlos and Charlies”. The same bar in Aruba where Natalie Holloway was last seen.

    IMO there is some sort of sex trafficking going on. I think that they have “look out” people in the popular tourist areas and go after tourist that they see as a profit/easy target. I even think that they use good looking men to reel these women in. Very similar to the movie “Taken” where sex traffickers used a good looking guy in the airport to kidnap two tourist and sell them into sex slavery.

    Again this is my opinion but I’ve followed this for years and have always thought this. I do think there is a connection between Amy and Natalie and have always been confused as to why both sets of parents never make the connection. I’ve also been confused as to why Natalie’s mom is so sure about her daughter being dead.

  • A Good Person

    Listen, people! I am sure, Amy is alive. THE PARENTS MUST CONTACT A PSYCHIC who specialize in search of missing persons. FBI ask psychic’s help often. Obviously, I cannot tell you the name of the talented psychic who can help. Amy’s parents need to contact the invastigators and ask about psychic’s help.

  • Why is everyone guessing that she was kidnapped to be a sex slave prostitute? What proof and evidence supports this made up claim?

    You are all guessing. A white American or European girl who is being kidnapped, raped, and crying kicking and screaming would stick out and be noticed quickly in a brothel and be turned into the police. People who run brothels have girls that go out of their way, of their own free will to work there to make money.

    Sex trafficking is illegal and the pentities are very severe. It is very difficult to force someone to be a sex slave, they would have to have 24 hour guards posted and be watched 365 days a year, 24 hours per day. Have the threat of violence if they refused, and have no one notice and complain to the authorities or police. They would need to hide from the general public yet still manage to see customers from the general public and not have the customers turn the traffickers in to the police.

    They would need to provide them with medical care, food, shelter, and have all their basic needs met. They would need to have the sex slaves put on a fake front that they enjoyed what they were doing, act flirtatious and do their job well. They would have to deal with the authorities looking for the missing women, and hide any money they may make, since it comes from illegal activity. They must do all of this while constantly trying to prevent the sex slaves from escaping and reporting them to the police. They would need to prevent the general public from reporting them into the police. This is extremely difficult to do, which makes this activity rare. These criminals would be breaking dozens of major laws not just one. Kidnapping itself is a serious crime.

    There are many laws against sex trafficking, sex slavery, kidnapping, sex abuse, rape, sexual harassment etc. If someone is behind it, they will be breaking many serious laws, be in big trouble, and will go to jail for many long years. The numbers and scale of this crime is exaggerated. The very nature of someone pulling off a kidnapping and forced sex for profit appears to be very difficult. Since it would be difficult this makes this crime rare.

  • Eureka

    I just viewed the story about Amy. I am 26 and I just recently went on a cruise. If i would have seen this story I would have not went. I pray they find her alive. I just wish the people that actually saw her would have done more. I am VERY upset with the cruise line and I will never support them. I pray that Amy is still alive. God please bring her home to her family.

  • Humanegal
  • Good Person

    to Christine Pullman – January 11, 2012 7:32 PM

    “Why is everyone guessing that she was kidnapped to be a sex slave prostitute? What proof and evidence supports this made up claim?”

    I am not guessing, Christine. I am saying FACTS:
    follow the videos on

    Dear Christine!..Its sad that world is more cruel then you think!!
    You personnaly have no idea how young girls in brothels have been broken psychologically, emotionally , physically by force of taking drugs, raping episodes and humilliation.Its a nightmare you dont want to imagine.

  • Jenn

    To Mrs and Mr Bradley, I am very sorry to hear about your daughter is missing. I will pray that she is found. Your right that parents would do what ever it takes tp bring your children homw safely, I dont know what i would do if i lost my 2 boys. I love them with my whole heart. I hope someday your daughter comes home safely and you can hug her one more time and never let her go.

  • shalen rucker

    Dear Bradley Family,

    I seen your story this morning on Beth Halloway’s “Vanished”. You are a brave family and courageous in your search. Amy’s story is one of tragic circumstances and should serve as a warning to young women everywhere when traveling. I hope you never give up your faith or hope that your daughter is alive. I will pray that your daughter is found safe, and brought home.

    God bless your efforts!!

  • Joey

    Dear Bradly family, my heart goes out to you. When I saw “Vanished”, I was deeply moved. So much that I wanted to hop on a plane and start scouring the islands in search of her. If not for having my own family to provide for I would already be there. Amy’s story was all I could think about for days and weeks after, even still. Being from south Florida, I come across people from different islands in the Caribbean and always ask if they have any info about that evil world. I know in my heart she will be found allive. And when she is, I hope the people responsible including the band member suffer dearly. It is unbelievable that so many close calls could result in utter failure. And the man who deceived you by pretending to look for her should be looked at a lot closer. There is no way someone could be that intimate with an island community and know nothing of her whereabouts. In short, my prayers are with you and most of all with Amy. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I hope I get the chance to visit some of the islands soon. And when I do, I can only pray that I stumble upon her in some way just like others have. May god be with you!!!

  • mina

    I saw “Vanished” last night and my heart feels heavy until now. My heart goes to Amy and her dear mother, father and brother. It’s just incredulous that 14 years have passed since Amy was missing and until now nothing concrete has come up that would successfully lead to her whereabouts. I can only imagine how agonizing and horrible these 14 years have been for the family. I hope that they will be reunited soonest. I pray that the Lord will take Amy away from where ever she is right now and bring her back to her family.

  • j.b

    Dear Bradley Family,

    I watched the tv crime invistigation of your daughter..i feel so sorry for her strongly believed that your daughter is still there waiting for her chance to go out for those evil doings..hope and pray that she’s still fine the way im one of the employee of the cruiseline that u boarded..just a some of the crew go out and go some places like this nightclubs..would you encourage the NBI tell them to show on crew channels on every that crew will know will not shown to passengers tv or channels..even me im 7 years to this company i feel shocked when i saw this..hope this may help..May God Blessed your family.

  • Susan

    I ask,EVERYONE who writes or reads these messages,instead of speculating your assumptions just PRAY TO THE LORD and HEAVENS for her and all the other victims. PRAY PRAY PRAY and ask for a Miracle. Prayers convey hope and hope brings Miracles.And if you don’t believe,just pray anyway. Bless this Family and all others going through suffering and distress. And for those that think prayers are silly or unproductive…..then,SING A SONG that you love out loud,to convey your feelings. Peace Love And Light.

  • Toniann

    I check this website daily and for whatever reason have never come across this particular story of Amy. I am deepy saddened after reading everyones comments and beyond frustrated, like many others, that more hasnt been done to find Amy. Does anyone know where I can see that special of Amy Bradley on Vanished with Beth Halloway? Id like to learn more details about this. I cannot for the life of me understand why the Captain would allow the gangway to go down and allow people to exit the ship KNOWING FULL WELL their was a passenger who was not accounted for. ESPECIALLY after the Bradley family expressed their concern. I’m shaking my head at the fact more wasnt done for this young woman who had her entire life ahead of her. Is there any update on this case? If in fact she was sold for sex trafficking, does anyone search these brothels? Is anyone aware of where they are located on the Islands. How was Amy taken off the ship if in fact she was taken from the ship? Wouldnt have someone noticed? I cant wrap my mind around the fact that there arent more leads on this case. Amy SHOULD HAVE been found by now. She should have been reuinted with her family already. This is such a sad story. I was a huge follower of the Natalie Holloway case and I myself am still so bothered that they never found her body so this case eerily reminds me of Natalie. Most importantly my prayers go out to the family of Amy and to Amy herself. Wherever she is I hope that is protected by the Grace of God.

  • Doreen

    I watched the show with Beth Holloway last night, althought I do remember this missing persons case in the media, but I have to tell you, after watching the entire show last night, I couldnt sleep, it was so disturbing and so unimaginable for these parents to be going through. I will pray so hard that one day she will return. I do believe in miracles.

  • Steve

    I just watched Amy’s story on the Beth Holloway show and let me tell you, if I had the means to right now I would go to where she was last known to be and was spotted and I would search for her. I feel like there are so many people out there that have so tons of money and time on their hands. If i was one of those people i would dedicate my time to trying to find Amy throughout all of those islands. for now I will pray for her safe return to her family and friends.

  • Joe

    What happened to the picture link on the porn site?
    Were they able to find it ? Why no one visiting these brothel in search of Amy ?

  • Guest

    Very sad story. It looks like Amy got with a bad crowd while on the ship. She was, according to her brother, seen dancing with a guy she did not know in the club. Then workers who invited her were familiar with who her family is. It sounded like a ring, in which everyone including the ship staff, and band member were involved. They perhaps liked her as a person, especially if she was easy to approach and friendly, and then motivated by money and sexual exploitation, they saw an opportunity to take as much money as possible from her parents as well as to exploit her. They must have seen some value in how much they perceive they would get from her exploitation. They must have thought she is vulnarable, either because of her being alone in the club, or from what she talked about, or because of her age. They must have known more about her life. It did not look like a random thing.

    If her photo appeared years later on the website, obviously she was then kindapped, taken out of the ship against her will, and sold into a prostitution. Not being able to handle all of that, sooner or later she would be on drugs, just to handle emoptional pain, at which point she would be dependant, emotionally traumatized, likely abused, and brainwashed to the point that it would be extremelly difficult for her to escape. She could have been kept in a jail like room, with no windows and things like that. She could have been thought to believe that nobody will help her, and to convince her to give in and accept her “life” just to survive. Maybe there was a point where she did not like herself any longer and simply did not want to go back to her previous life. Or that she does not deserve any better. You will often see victims feeling bad and guilty about themselves thinking it is their fault.

    From all stories about seeing her, the only story that sounded credible was the story where the guy did not want any money. He acted appropariatelly and did excatly what someone who wants to help would do. The story about a woman meeting her in the bathroom sounded weird. She could have asked her – ” do you want me to call police? ” Or “Who are those men, can I help you?” Now as of Amy’s future, every person has its blessings. My feeling is that maybe there was someone who felt compassionate about her and helped her but she does not want to go back to her previous life because for various psychological reasons, the life she has changed her into a new person, and she wants it to remain it that way since so many years past by.

    All of this is just guessing. Perhaps the best evaluation could be made by someone who was kindapped and exploited. Parents should learn the psychological aspect of victims to be able to do more. As someone pointed out going to the island and living there for some time might help. She obviously has no passport and would still be there. Unless something angelic happened to her and she was rescued but choose not to go back to her previous life. This is a heartbraking story and I pray that Amy very soon contacts her family, unless the life wore her out already, which again is a possibility.

  • Stacey F.

    I watched the show called Vanished with beth Holloway and I was very disburbed about the Amy Bradley story and just can’t believe that Amy has been in this captivity for nearly 14 years!… It was so unbelieveable that this can happen to an American citizen in the Caribbean and nothing concrete can be done…I am a Christian and believe in prayer to our Lord Jesus… Amy is on my prayer list and I pray she will be found and home with her family…

  • Kat
  • Susan

    I just saw this story on vanishd with Bth Holloway. Another awful story. The authorities nd to start working harder on these cases there are so many of them. You wonder just how hard they are trying. That poor family my heart breaks for them. I have a daughter her age and can’t imagine how I would feel had that happened to her. Amy and her family are in my prayers I hope in all of yours also.

  • kim griffin

    i do hope they find Amy i wish i had the money of my own to go look for her.those kind of people do not scared me at all.the stuff i have been throw i would love to send them to hell.i was raped for ten years started when i was’s not easy to get away from them.but i know what that part is like.i thank they should look at the band again ask them were he was what time did they see him.there is something there i can feel it.i know alot of people has said that.but i have wanted them to look into the taxi know they look at this there has to be some way someone could get in there i would so go there.when they have to have three men to one girl.what dose tell you.if they ask enough someone will talk.if they get some people to work over there like they want woman like her they just might get her we can’t stop looking for her i will pray for her and her family

  • Paul

    I know from past cruising experience that when one exits the ship an electronic record is taken by swiping your ship card. In the Beth Holloway program, this was not mentioned. I wonder about this.

  • Compton Singh

    This is a sad case and my heart goes out to Amy. However cases like this reminds me that we are all in need of a little education.

    What would happen if you take a midnight stroll in the ghetto? Chances are, nothing will happen, but you are putting yourself at risk.

    The point is, people go on vacation to places where there is nothing but legal crack houses, legal brothels, bars, and beaches, and are subsequently surprised when something bad happens. Why is this? The answer is, some of us are very much like children, we are in need of education that hopefully leads to intelligence.

    Another example of this is the sad case of Natalie Holloway. So you send your eighteen year old daughter to a place with nothing but legal brothels, legal crack houses, and bars; then you are surprised when something bad happens. It is your responsibility to look beyond the brochures and advertisements when you or your loved ones leave the jurisdiction of US law and venture into foreign territories.

    Ignorance is bliss until you are bitten by your own ignorance. Reality can be harsh and sobering, like these comments.

  • Leece

    “your heart goes out to Amy”??? REALLY? What heart????

    You clearly do not have children much less a daughter, and when I board a cruise ship in the united states, bound for wherever, I have a responsible expectation and assumption that I will have some degree of security just as when I fly. This young girl was taken off the ship, not from a port they docked in; completely different than your “ghetto” argument! She should have reasonable expecation of safety,’and an immediate response, on a ship her family paid thousands of dollars to be on. I’ve been on many cruises with my daughter and most on royal caribbean, so I know what I am talking about. If she went missing off an airplane bound for the same destination, who is responsible??? THE CAPTAIN & THE AIRLINES, that’s who!!

    Next time you are in the land of OZ…….ask for a heart!!!

  • Compton Singh

    When you board a cruise ship your security is provided by whatever security they have on board the ship, usually security guards. When you are out on the ocean your security is again provided by the guards, US law ceases to operate. When you disembark your security depends on whatever law exists in the country or island where you disembark. The security guards will not follow you around, and even if they did, they have no authority where you disembark, neither does the FBI.

    The facts of the Amy Bradley case leads any reasonable person to conclude that she was not taken from the cruise ship, but enticed to leave the ship, probably with a promise of fun and good times by people she met in the disco.

    I do not have first hand knowledge of this case, my comments are based on the facts of the case as published on the internet. These facts are:
    1) Amy was seen dancing with a member of the ship’s band in the disco until about 3:30 am. She was the last to arrive at her family’s cabin that night.

    2) After returning to the cabin around 4 am, she sat on the balcony instead of going to bed like the other members of the family. This information is provided by her father.

    3) Her father awoke around 6am and did not see Amy in her bed or on the balcony, the last place he saw her. After a search, he raised an alarm and contacted the authorities.

    4) Amy was seen by two girls, around 6:30am, in the elevator with the same band member she was seen dancing with the night before.

    5) That same morning, a taxi driver on the island said that someone matching her description approached him and said she needed to use a telephone.
    That was the last sighting until she was seen on the beach with two men and later, in a brothel on the island.

    What do I get from the above details?

    My feeling is that Amy was enticed into leaving the cruise ship as soon as it docked, with someone who promised her more fun and good times on the island while the ship was docked there. I also feel she was coached to leave without the knowledge of her family. Why was she waiting on the balcony? She could not risk going to bed and falling asleep, and missing her appointment with whoever she left with.
    Once she was off the ship she was simply identified and handed over to the people who had already paid for her. This is my opinion.

    Everyone should pay attention to this case, because there are lessons to be learned, and human trafficking is now a big problem; if you think this is the only case of its kind you would be wrong. If unsolved mysteries had not run this the public would never have learned about this case.

    I do have a daughter, and I do genuinely feel bad for what happened to Amy. I would not wish such a fate on anyone. Cases like these are important because they reminds us how dangerous the world can be for people who do not exercise caution and are reckless about personal safety.

  • Summer


    I do understand what you are saying but Amy actually told her brother that the crew member that she was last sighted with, Alistar Douglas, gave her the creeps. They had invited her to Carlos and Charlies with them and she said no thanks and told her family that she was not going anywhere with those crew members. I know as a female who has gone out to bars, men will come up and dance with you and sometimes you just don’t want to offend someone so you try to politely dance with them for a few minutes. That is likely the case here.
    The cab driver said Amy seemed panicked. Now two scenarios, the cab driver may be telling the truth or he might be involved with the sex trafficking ring. He could have been throwing them off so they would stay in Curacao looking for Amy, while the ship continued on and Amy may have been removed at a different port. at 4 am she was sitting on the balcony with her brother. He decided to go to bed and she stayed up. That doesn’t mean she intended to meet a crew member to run off with. She probably ran out of cigarettes or had almost run out and went out to get more. People do have a reasonable expectation of safety on a vacation that they paid for. Most people are not even aware that stuff like this happens.

  • Summer

    Also did anyone else notice, and I am not sure where I saw this now, but the woman who saw Amy in the department store bathroom said that she heard her saying something to the men about can they go see the kids in Curacao? I think she must have kids there. There is no way that a girl could be in prostitution in one of those countries for 14 yrs and not end up pregnant at some point. Someone has to know Amy or her kids. Someone just has to. I wonder where the kids are. They must have some type of home base out of curacao or why would the kids be there when she was in Barbados. Someone there knows something and they need to have a heart and come forward. A lot of people keep saying that Amy must be on drugs by now and all of that. Not true. Every legit sighting of her, she has had the wherewithal to tell the people her name or ask them to help her. Everyone has always been scared of one thing or another and has not helped her. I am not sure if you guys have heard of Ty Ritter but he has rescued a lot of girls from places like these and he said that the high profile girls, kidnapped Americans, etc bring them even more money in. I truly think Natalee Holloway may be alive and in one of these places. That little worm Joran would never tell bc they would likely kill his mom and anyone else he loves if he did tell. I agree with some of the others, there are people who have umlimited supplies of money. Why don’t they help?? Send some people over to pretend to be Johns and go into these places. Its not just kidnapped Americans, there are all kinds of kidnapped girls in these places. Little girls too not just adults. Its repulsive. The older Amy gets the more it worries me that she will never be found alive. They won’t be able to use her forever and when they are done with her, they will be done with her. These people have no feelings or love. They are greedy scum that only cares about money. Some of these stars that make milliosn off of one movie could donate some money to help search for her too. Jennifer Kesse is another one that I think could have fallen in to the same fate. I saw something not long ago saying that she had come back from a two day cruise with her boyfriend. I think these cruise ships often have staff that is shopping for girls. She vanished I believe the next morning after they returned. Someone could have easily followed her from that cruise ship and taken her right back to it to be transported. The cruise ship would not be affiliated at all bc she vanished from her condo.

  • Compton Singh


    As we look back at the facts of this case, it appears to me that Amy’s comments about the band members contradicts her actions. We hear that she said “I would not go out with those creeps.” But we find that she is dancing with a band member in the disco at 3:30 am, After all her family members had retired to the cabin for the night. She remained in the disco dancing the the band member. The cruise ship video records confirms this.

    The idea that she may have been dancing with this band member until 3:30am just to avoid being rude is ludicrous.

    Further, her actions indicates that she waited on the balcony until all the family members were asleep, then left quietly. As mentioned above, she was seen in the elevator around 6am with the same band member she was seen dancing with at 3:30 am. It seems that she was also seen by a taxi driver later that morning on the island. The invitation to Carlos and Charlie’s may be how they got her to leave the ship.

    As mentioned above, I think she was enticed to leave the ship with a promise of more fun and good times on the island while the ship was docked there.

    I am not surprised that the taxi driver described her as panicked when she approached him, by then she would have realized that she was in deep trouble.

    In discussing this case we hope that some young women may learn something from cases like these. We may not be able to help Amy after all the years, but we may bring to light the fact that there are thousands of unscrupulous people with criminal intent, who are more than happy to take advantage of those who carelessly place themselves in danger. This is a tragic case, but maybe someone will learn something from these details.


  • patrick

    this is crazy im 30 have no job no girl no kids,,id go over 2 the island go 2 brothells n try find her,,the navy man how can he sleep at night??you are an embarrassment 2 your country a yellow man shame on you,,da guy at the beach another waste of space the woman n the toilet what kind people R you??if i seen or spotted amy or talked 2 her i would have went out side watched the place while on the phone 2 the police,,or attacked some 1 ya gota do somthing,,your government are a shambles they have the power 2 do things we dream of they could rescue her easy,,she was takken,,crewmembers were involved possibly the captin,,bandmember,,i live in belfast n.ireland sex slaves are startin 2 surface reguler,,these wemen r gorgeous locked in a room no windows (plus dosnt take much 2 feed them) seeing at least 10 men a day,,da reason they arn’t rescued is because respected men visit these places,,ni iv never used a prostitute,,i no people who have..these girls r asked are u doing this at your own free will??luckly so far they swear they are,,ive 3 sisters in i dont care about jail or dying we al gonna die f any girl i come n2 contact with who is in harm or danger da scum doing what ever best b ready,,amy will never b home alive she knows 2 much and can put people jail for ever,,some1 with a strong heart will meet her in help her if not she wil be killed when she is no longer needed,,how can people b so cruel evil scum on earth,,makes you fink people say they believe every1s life is set out 4 them??why would if there is really a god why would he put any human threw that sort of life??we pray we for give ,,well not me i wouldn’t forgive any peson who would imprison beat rape torture kill any woman ,,we should stone da bastards 2 death put them on a rope ankels tied and drove slowly threw small pices of glass on da road cut the penis of,,legalise some drugs get them controlled,,start anew war on human trafficking b4 it gets really out of hand,,very sad amy love thinking of you may god get u home,,n 4 many others who r takken,,god bess u al,,i just watched the doco on vanished with beth holloway,,find maddie mccann another young girl stolen in portugal yet another bocthed case,,its like they dont care,,may god help the bradleys,,amy im prayin 4 u,,xxxxx

  • gail anderson

    i wish i could do something to help the family find amy, my heart goes out to u. hopefully one day you will get to see amy again, if i could do anything to help i would, such a sad story. i believe that amy is still alive and still looking for help. my prayers are with you, i hope to hear of you getting found and being with ur family again xxxx

  • gf


    I do not recall the woman in Barbados overhearing a conversation about seeing kids on Curacao. Where did you pick that up?

  • deja

    im sooooo sorry about losing your kid i lost my little sister so i know how you fell

  • susan graot

    I WATCHED MISSING AMY I WANT TO KNOW if she was on a web site selling sex why didnt someone go to the place advertised and book her for sex and then they know where she was at then rescue here WHY DIDNT THEY IM CONFUSED

  • Compton Singh


    Your comments show how little some people know of the real world, and the islands of the brochures and the advertisements. The Navy officer who spoke to Amy in the brothel could have done little to help. The only thing he could have done was take matters in his own hands; one man against several armed guards and the local police would have put his own life in jeopardy. Even Rambo could not have helped, because the real world is not like the movies.

    Contacting the local police would have been a waste of time, they would have picked up the phone to warn the brothel owners. Calling the FBI would have also been a waste of time, they are busy hunting terrorists, or hunting something. Just ask Beth Holloway about her experiences.

    Not that the islands of the brochures have no law, they do. But the law is only as good as the organization, desire and structure to enforce the laws. I am from that area and have experienced the law in those places.


  • Tanya

    Not to get sidetracked, but I saw this story on Vanished with Beth Hollaway and feel so much for Amy and her family. God willing, she wil be brought home alive. What a terrible tragedy. That con man that took $200,000 from them should be burned alive, preying on that family’s tragedy like that is retched!!

  • Mike Farrell

    More than once, someone has stated in these comments that we are entitled to protection once we pay for a cruise.

    These comments brings to mind the fact that the US is now ranked 27th in the world with regards to the educational standards in the country. What seems to be implied in the above statement is, once you pay your money, some big brother somewhere will be looking out for your safety no matter what you do and where you go. I can be drunk all the time and make ill-advised decisions, all will be okay.

    No one can be protected against their own bad judgement and poor decisions; all the security guards, the US army, and police force cannot protect you against ill-advised and childlike decision making.

    What is the point? the point is there is no big brother looking out for you. The only security that counts is your own intelligence and alertness for the safety of yourself and loved ones.

    However, given the educational standards evident in the population, it is doubtful that many will get this message.

    A recent case highlights an 18 year old sent to Aruba for a vacation with classmates. Now, Aruba is a place with nothing but legal whore houses, legal crack houses, and bars. So what is the 18 year old going to do in Aruba once there vacationing? visit Disney world? visit the museums or the art galleries? No. there is only whore houses and crack houses and bars. this is where she will go. Chances are, when she leaves, she will be dead drunk or worse.


  • kelly ahmed

    I have never heard about Amy being missing till now in England its now 2012; I cant believe that she has been missing all these years and over here is not heard about at all….Amy could be anywhere by now; If any of Amy’s family need any assistance please contact me; i will be willing to help. I would add that although I do not understand how the legal system operates over that part of the world that the case be re investigated from the start…lots of people who seem to have not be drilled enough! Lets all pull together and support finding Amy. Who is in charge of this case? are we allowed access to the files?

  • Ogee

    I feel for the Bradley family, I hope that they will find their daughter back soon.

  • Sally Tupz

    I have watched this program, the Holloway,I felt very sad.I started searched for the disapperance of this young girl and wished to get some glues for her disapperance.We don’t know why those evil, monsters people wanted to do that sort of jobs.God knows where Amy is at the moment.He has seen Amy is struggling and suffer at the moment.God is watching them while they misbehave and acting like devils monsters destroyed God’s people.God is willing to punish them to make them suffer as what they did to Amy.I pray to God that he will take Amy to a safe area where she can reunite with her family.God bless the Bradleys family.Give our hopes to God to bring your daughter back.I wish that I can access to the file.

  • kevin

    I just saw a show on cable last night about this with her parents and Natalie Hollaways mother. I never heard this story before. How HORRIBLE! I hope who ever took Amy didn do anything to her now that she is older. This makes me really believe that Natalie Hollaway may still be alive.

  • Lyn

    They find a photo of Amy years later on the inernet.. but of course the F.B.I couldn’t track it..

  • lynne

    i watched the story of amy on crime channel and i havent stopped thinking about her.. I came on here 2 c if she was found yet.. patrick im also from belfast and agree with wot u say y did they not help her.. i cudnt read any other stories on this human trafficking as i already cannot sleep thinking of amy and wishing she had been found.. they r animals

  • Alisa Novak

    I was on the ship when Amy disappeared. I couldn’t agree more with the family that RC didn’t take action soon enough. We didn’t know about her disappearance until very late in the day after she disppeared. I pray that they find answers. My heart still goes out to the family. I haven’t been on a cruise since.

  • kate king roberts

    I saw a programme about this missing girl Amylast evening. I had never heard of her before and can’t stop thinking about her and her family and what they must all be going through…. Like a lot of the others commenting on here I really can’t get her out of my mind and been praying for all of them…….

  • Sandy Payne

    As a mom of two teenage girls – seeing Amy’s story on Vanished has just helped me decide a cruise is NOT a place to take young daughters! My personal opinion, the possiblity that some cruise line employees supplement their incomes by scouting out young girls and sell them at port. I pray that one day Amy will be found and taken from the hell she has lived in for too many years, and be reunited with her family and brought home. Her life is precious and this was not how she planned to live it.

  • T.

    I live here in Europe . I’ve seen the story disappearance of Amy, I’m sure she’s alive …. Without getting into how the investigation , and how much everyone are trying … because obviously I would not see a story that is not expand …. My message to parents do not give up ….this is one sad story realy

  • marianne castillo

    I saw the story today on Bio. very sad.I wonder.. why her photo was missing!! nobody check the cruise cameras!! there would be more crew members involved!?? someone abord this cruise was responsible for their disappearances.I think if the FBI investigate more the band member, might have found more clues. I’m sure that he know what happened to her.and I also think that the captain hindered the investigation.

  • Stella

    I agree with lots of people on here. I just watched the documentary on Vanished and the ship should NEVER have opened the gangways for people to get off. They should have put an announcement out and stopped anyone getting off. Unless she was forced overboard, Amy must have walked off that boat with someone, ie a member of staff or an acquaintance of a member of staff. Maybe the captain should have thought what it would be like or how he would feel, or what he would do if it was his daughter and put himself in Amys parents situation. He should have kept everyone on board and searched properly. It seems the situation wasnt taken seriously enough at the time. I cannot image the pain her family have endured and indeed herself, I pray she is found safely.

  • CT

    You guys have to understand the corruption. Have you watched documentaries on trafficking in cambodia. The police don’t have the power to even shut down some brothals and some times these gangs that conduct human trafficking have some high people in their corruption. it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the staff were in on it. They pay really good money for white girls. Its sick but the carribean is terrible for that. I watched one documentary about a girl who was burned because the fantasy was to watch a child burn to death. The last witness saw her afraid of a deal. I hate to say it but most likely she is dead right now. And cusomters never spoke out. No one spoke out against her and the public failed! and you wander why there’s racism???

  • Alessandra Flores

    Familia Bradley,
    Acabo de ver vuestro documental en bio. Realmente me he quedad conmocionada con lo sucedido con su hija Amy. Se debe de tener mucha FE porque estoy segura que su hija volvera a casa y volveran a ser felices.
    Estoy con Ustdes y seguire rezando por Amy

    Mucha FE
    Alessandra Flores

  • Edero

    Was Amy carried unconscious aboard in curaçao? And no one saw a unconscious girl being carried by some men´s?

    And if Amy was conscious? She don´t scream? I mean, all these facts contradicts her actions. For me, Amy was agreed to leave the ship with the idea of more fun. I know that she said “I would not go out with those creeps”, but c´mon! She was dancing with a band member in the disco at 3:30 am, after all her family members had retired to the cabin for the night. She remained in the disco dancing the the band member. The cruise ship video records confirms this.

  • Alen

    I m from BOSNIA and I today watch Tv about missing person with Bet Holloway.I watch about Amy Bradley missing and my heart feel pain,I m so so emotion s about this story 🙁 I think that FBi and other police structure in USA can’t find Amy Bradley because, in Aruba and Curacao, political and police structure is implicated in the disappearance of Amy Bradley. That is true!

  • asstrid arias marcotty

    yo creo que quien la secuestro fue ese musico

  • Rocío

    Vi la historia en la Tv. Me conmovió mucho. Estoy orando por ella y su familia. Espero que tengan buenas noticias.

  • Brenda

    This is such a heartbreaking story. I can’t imagine the agony this family lives with on a daily basis. I do think RC should of been held accountable for not providing ample resources to help find their missing passenger. Shame on them!!!! I do think in watching the story on “Vanished”, that there is a link with the people responsible for taking pictures on the ship of passengers. Especially since all of Amy’s pictures disappeared. Praying for Amy and her family.

  • Adam

    What a tragic story.I saw the program yesterday,and felt a deep sadness.I can’t imagine what the family must be going through.It’s always nice people it happens to as well.Not getting an answer is the worst part

  • michael
  • Tom John

    I have just watched Amy story and a few things came to me the last person to see her was a band member on the ship who have the large cases for instruments needed to hide someone, was his room DNA and if he could be found he might still have the cases for DND
    The other thing strange was the Taxi driver who remembered her green eyes I think this was a smoke screen to prove she got off the ship by using the fact of her green eyes to prove his story I think he was involved this could be the way its done druged in the case in the taxi no one sees anthing.

  • Toni

    I can’t understand it’s been too many years with no answers. Is it almost impossible for law inforcement to find these innocent people. Are the people who have her really animals. Hope disappears often for the Bradley family, but I pray for closure one day. I saw the show with Beth Hollaway and it still makes me cry for the family. My heart goes out to all.

  • Lie

    OMG what a terrible/strange story!

    Personally I think there are 2 possibilities:

    1. she fell overboard while she was at the balcony. Cause why would she leave her room without her shoes?
    2. she left the room without her shoes (?) and met somebody who threw her overboard.
    I don’t think she got of the ship in Curacao.

    If the crew had searched the whole ship and all people/containers before they got of the ship in Curacao, maybe this case would be solved a long time ago!
    I think that if she is still alive, somebody would have found her by now…

  • M Stegmaier

    Going on a cruise should be a happy time for a family but this story haunts me terribly. I am a mom and I can’t imagine coming home without your child. I think about this girl all the time. I only hope that one day they allow her to come home and see her family again!

  • Gigi

    The band member who was last seen with Amy, Alister “Yellow” Douglas, has his own band website on the internet right now. He still works (in a band)in the Caribbean. It gives an address & e-mail for him. Why doesn’t anyone pressure this guy? I mean big time pressure.

  • Rebelde

    Mi opinion es que esta muchacha fue secuestrada y la gente del crucero estubo involucrada no ese pobre muchacho integrante de la banda que fue un titere si no los verdaderos jefes mafiosos que transladan a las esclavas en los mismos cruceros de una isla hacia otra porque ellas no viajan en avion,ellas se transportan en los cruceros, esa muchacha debe estar viva trabajando de esclava sexual como tantas para los verdaderos mafiosos italianos lamentablemente muchas de ellas se envuelven en las drogas y eso las mantiene ahi ademas es casi imposible escaparse de ese mundo pero ojala Dios permita regrese pronto a su hogar.

  • oscar aguirre

    creo que la policia local està implicada, y debiera haber presìon del gobierno a nivel cancilleria, para que aparezca con vida, y buscar un par de videntes reconocidos para colabore sin que sea alertada la policia local, con antelaciòn. Debieran darles animo y contencion a la familia. Encontraron a Bin Laden pueden escontrar la chica tambien.


    creo que la policía local está  implicada, y debiera haber presión del gobierno a nivel cancillería, para que aparezca con vida, y buscar un par de videntes reconocidos para colabore sin que sea alertada la policía local, con antelación. Debieran darles animo y contención a la familia. Encontraron a Bin Laden pueden encontrar la chica también.

  • Ricks

    Just had a thought whilst reading some if these posts on how they could have got here off of the ship if it was an abduction. Bands carry a lot of equipment like cases and amps, if this was pre planned this bass player (or someone) else may have bought an empty case or empty amp to store someone who could be drugged, easy way to get Amy off of the ship!
    Also i read that 2 girls saw the bass player with amy go up a lift then to see him a little while after on his own …… ?

  • amy hanselman

    I believe Amy is out there somewhere. She is being held against her will. this is horrifying for her and her family. May god watch over her and bring her home.

  • pamiller32

    A & E had a special on Cruise Ships 10 years ago…Sure this was the main case…Canadian male around 60 the next year said that she spoke to someone who id’d themselves as this female in Curacao. Been thrown overboard by 2 males she meet at the ship’s disco. Too many incidents where people having disappeared. Cruise ships just pass this off as being suicide. Males are looking for unattended females. Cruise ships are floating accidents waiting to happen. Not for me…steve m

  • Cecilia

    Varför har ingen bokat upp ett “sex” träff med flickan från sajten? Bilden från sexsajten och tidigare bilder är ju slående lika. Varför försöker de inte söka mer bland sexkvarteren på öarna? Jag vill veta mer om vad som händer…
    Jag hoppas innerligt att de hittar Amy!
    Gud hjälpe dig!

  • Tracey lobb

    To Christine Pullman – please learn more about sex trafficking globally before making those comments, it is rampant everywhere and growing sadly – with the aid of drugs keeping the victims compliant and reliant on their captors. It is tragic that this is happening and I’d love to bury my head in the sand and pretend this isn’t happening as well but sadly it is. In some ways I pray that Amy fell overboard rather than having to survive at the hands of her captors and having to endure the years she has so far suffering and waiting to be rescued. It would be a living hell and the never knowing when or if she may be reunited with her loved ones – I think I might prefer death than that – sometimes I believe there are worse things than dying! I do understand as a parent myself the wish to one day find my child alive but I’m not sure I would be strong enough to go through the years of knowing possibly what’s happening to her right now – I do know at the very least I’d be over there every chance I could legally be in that country (immigration wise) searching and that I would never give up until I found her – one way or another. My prayers are with that poor woman and her family and every other man, woman, boy and girl suffering at the hands of people smugglers ans sex traders globally. I also pray for those who can’t understand or don’t to believe this exists to learn more about it before commenting. We all need to try and be the best people we can be in our lives and try to never hurt others – with words or deeds.

  • Sammy

    If she is still alive, I pray that the heavenly Father will make a way for her to be reunited with her family and to be free of torture, so that she can live the rest of her live in a peaceful freedom in Jesus mighty name.

  • Ursula Nuñez del Arco


  • SamKelly

    A few of the above posts seem to be confusing the dining table waiters with the band members. The parents stated that Amy had told them the waiters gave her the creeps, not the band. From an international cruise victims site:

    The last person seen with Amy during the early hours of that morning was a cruise ship band member, known as ‘Yellow’ from a group called ‘Blue Orchid.’ There were other crewmembers that had also had contact with Amy during the cruise… a girl who worked in the casino, and three cruise ship waiters who were stationed at our dining table. The waiters were very over-attentive towards Amy from the moment they met her. After dinner one evening, one of the waiters approached us while we were visiting with associates with whom we had been traveling and asked for Amy by name. The waiter stated ‘they’ wanted to take Amy to Carlos and Charlie’s while docked in Aruba. When Amy and her brother, Brad, met with us a short time later, we told Amy about the waiter who had asked for her by name. She responded, “I wouldn’t go and do anything with any of those crewmembers. They give me the creeps.” While docked in Aruba, Amy and her brother did not leave the ship that evening

  • Bette C. Dominguez

    Dear Amy,
    If your out there I’m praying for you as well and your family. Your family loves you very much and I can tell by watching all of the reruns and shows about your vanishing. If I could I would help them find you myself. I pray for your safety and your well being. God be with you forever!! Love, Bette Dominguez

  • fabian name is fabian..from south Africa..watched the beth program…was taken by your daughters plight..I’m so sorry to hear..our prayers are with your family. May those perpetrators come to book soon…your family is a pillar of strength…and that alone will lead you to peace in finding your daughter.

    Your sincerely

  • John Dencker

    Im form Denmark, and I have just seen this story in television – and Im very sorry for this family, and hope all take a good end.

  • I hope you find her one Day .newer stop lokning
    I Pray for you.

  • Find amy

    I believe that guy yellow she was with set her up i believe there was other men on the ship that bagged her think that yellow is some kind of recruiter for a sex trade ring they prob put something in her drink to make it easier to grab her

  • Alice

    I saw this episode on Vanished years ago and it still haunts me today. I too stayed up that night thinking of ways to look for her on that island. I actually emailed the FBI with questions the day after the episode. The cruise ship has cameras, no one saw a thing?? Was the new photo technology not put into place in 1998 on cruise ships. I have taken 6 cruises and we had to scan our ship and sail card going off and on the ship. They also took our picture. If she was forced off the ship or not a camera should of spotted her. They should have never let passengers off and not let anything unload off the ship. Yes I agree they would have had to drug her to keep her quiet, then put her in a container to get off the ship. I think the cruise ship employees were in on it. I am also puzzled about the pictures of her on the internet. Should I get Patricia Arquette (Cybercrimes) to get the web address to track her? But again those brothels do not stay open long. Photos of her on the ship missing?? Inside job. Photos are taken non stop on ships. By her leaving her shoes did indicate that she did not intend to leave the boat to party as some say with crew at “Carlos & Charlie”. I continue to pray for the family and for Amy’s safe return home. She may have Stockholm syndrome by now and think she is not worthy of her family’s love. Your love ones will always care and love you for whoever you are.

  • Terry Smith

    We need a progressed picture of her can anyone online do this ? i think with everyone on internet today tourist have thought they saw her plz anyone who thinks they c her call police right away if not her no harm done . It istime

  • Pat

    Hi, I’ve been following this story just recently. I’m an avid traveler and have been to some places in the Caribbean. From what I understand, Amy’s disappearance has been publicized as a probable connection in the area’s prostitution/sex trade industry. Based on her father’s account, she was last seen on the balcony. I don’t think she fell overboard, as someone would have seen or heard her fall. Usually there are security cameras near the guard rails that would have caught some footage of her. It is very well possible that one or several crew members have info on her disappearance. This was an inside job- the bass player is responsible for putting her in touch with her captors, or someone else who works for RC. That’s why they try to cover it up. Amy could have snuck out of her parents room quietly without disturbing them. She may have arranged to meet with someone she met earlier. The last video footage shows her either being extremely drunk or high on a substance, or both. Curaçao, where the ship was due to dock, is notorious for their brothels and prostitution. The question is, who took her off the boat, and who uploaded those pictures and emailed them to her parents? If she was being held captive, I believe her captors would have tried to extort money from her family in exchange for their daughter. She was either sold into slavery against her own will, or met someone whom she wanted to start a new life with in a country so beautiful and different than her own. It’s too late now, but the captain should have agreed to lock down the ship-guaranteed she would have been found, and her captor would be on the news and behind bars. What a lowlife company RC is, I’ve also read a similar incident occurring with a young British girl aboard a Disney cruise liner. She was als believed to be sold into slavery. Prostitution and brothels are legal in the Dutch Antilles, so this is a possibility. Her father should have not allowed her to hang out on the balcony and sleep there. That behavior in itself is strange.



  • sue

    I personnaly think that amy was à victim
    of sex slavery …am convinced that the pictures are her umfortunately and am sure tthat staff guy of the cruise ship has something to do with it. under cover détective need to go in every brothel and investigate as soon as possible