A newspaper in Belize is reporting that a 21 year old cruise passenger went overboard from Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas cruise ship and disappeared today. 

7 News Belize reports that the passenger went overboard from the 12th deck of the cruise ship.  The passenger’s family noticed that he was missing around 9:00 a.m. this morning.  When the young man could not be located on the ship, the crew reviewed video from the security cameras that showed him going overboard from the twelfth deck of the ship at 3:25 am.  The article indicates that is is unclear whether the passenger jumped or fell. 

Liberty of the Seas - Royal Caribbean - Cruise Overboard This is a story which has not been reported in the mainstream press, yet.  It is highly unlikely that the young man jumped as speculated by the media in Belize.  Was he over-served alcohol, which would reflect negligence by the cruise line?  Was there evidence of foul play, again not likely but to be considered.  

A pro-cruise website "Cruise News Daily" has a few sentences on the incident which seems to be based on the Belize newspaper.  But the website claims that "a review of the ship’s security cameras found footage of the man climbing over the railing on Deck 12, and then letting go."  There is no reference to a source for this allegation.     

Does someone on the cruise have information regarding this sad story?    

January 7, 2011 Update:

A radio station in Belize has the following information regarding this incident:

"Search efforts for a missing cruise ship passenger were halted today as the Port Authority of Belize and National Coast Guard Service were given directives to discontinue their efforts. 53-year-old Puerto Rican Margarita Sandini Tello reported that her son 21-year-old Jose Miguel Pietri Tello was missing off the cruise ship, Liberty of the Seas. Surveillance cameras showed the young man jumping or falling off the twelfth deck of the ship shortly after three thirty on Wednesday morning. The family of the twenty one year old reported to cruise personnel that they noticed that he was missing around 9:00 on Wednesday morning and when he could not be located on the ship, the crew reviewed video from the security cameras. The Belize Port Authority along with the National Coast Guard were called in to search for the body as the incident occurred in Belize waters  . . . " 

A newspaper in Belize contains a quote from the local police that  “video footage was obtained where it was observed that Jose [Jose Miguel Pietri Tello, 21, of Puerto Rico] jumped off the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship at 3:38 a.m.”    

January 9, 2011 Update:

Passengers from the cruise ships are indicating that the young man may have been over-served alcohol which resulted in him becoming disoriented and falling from the cruise ship. The Belize translation of events that this young man "jumped" seem bogus.   Is this an incident like young cruise passenger Daniel DiPiero who was over-served alcohol and disappeared from Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas after being over-served alcohol? 

January 19, 2011 Update:

We received a number of comments (below) emailed from a "Joe" using a hotmail email account.  The comments are the usual its-a-matter-of-personal-responsibility rather than corporate responsibility type of thing.  Very disrespectful.  We have determined, 100%, that the comments came from a computer at Royal Caribbean.  Is it a PR person or someone in a position of management?  Or a misguided  employee?  We don’t know, but we know the comments came from Royal Caribbean.  Pitiful than a cruise employee uses an alias and a bogus hotmail account.  Only at Royal Caribbean does this foolishness occur.  

  • lisa

    Although this is very tragic, I find it interesting that the question from you is “was he overserved alcohol”. This is yet another glaring example of zero personal responsibility expected of anyone… immediately find blame and push off responsibility on someone else. This is what’s wrong with the direction of our (litigious) society.

  • Lisa:

    Our society has laws. The applicable law in maritime cases is that cruise lines face legal liability for over-serving passengers alcohol.

    Take a moment and read the case of Hall versus Royal Caribbean. http://bit.ly/fyakLT The appellate court held that it is a question for a jury to impose liability against a cruise where “a paying passenger on the defendant’s cruise ship, was injured on the high seas when, after having been served alcohol by the vessel’s employees to and obviously past the point of intoxication, he staggered from a lounge, and while unable to look after himself fell down two flights of open stairways.” At the same time, the court held that the jury can assign negligence to the passenger as well.

    Whenever I hear from people like you talking about “personal responsibility,” you are just using a code word for no “corporate responsibility.”

    Cruise lines collect billions of dollars a year from alcohol sales. They pay no U.S. taxes. Talk about irresponsibility. They push alcohol to make a profit. Many overboards occur because of such corporate irresponsibility.

    A jury may find an adult who over-drinks responsible, while also holding a corporation who over-serves a passenger to-make-a-profit responsible as well.

    Absolving corporations which act irresponsibly is not a solution as you naively suggest. It will cause additional personal tragedies.

    Jim Walker

  • Christine

    We just got off this cruise a few hours ago. What they are saying is true. We know people that were drinking with him in the Catacombs bar right before he jumped.
    Royal Caribbean needs to take some responsibility for over serving their passengers to levels that they do for the dollar and the bartenders do it since the gratuity is on it and they make more money. They served my son until he was so drunk he didn’t know who he was and I shut the card off and went to security about it. RCCL doesn’t tell you about that part of it!

  • Connie

    Personal responsibility is the key. All of you that keep saying “they overserved” would be the first to complain if the servers refused to serve you the next beverage on your vacation.

    I agree, this is a tragic situation, but the cruise line should not be at fault.

  • Connie:

    You may feel differently if it were your son who went overboard.

    Maritime law, cited in my comment above, requires cruise lines to act responsibly in selling alcohol, just as the law requires adult passengers to act responsibly in consuming alcohol. It is a two way street. You can’t let the cruise lines off of the hook when they act irresponsibly.

    As a travel agent and “Master Cruise Counsellor” who sells cruises, do you warn passengers of the dangers posed by the tremendous amount of alcohol sold by the cruise lines?

    What advice do you give your clients who purchase cruises from you about safety on cruise ships?

    Jim Walker

  • Christine

    Connie, I agree that people need to take personal responsibility but let me give you a for instance that happened to me at the pool yesterday and let me tell you I am very responsible!

    I ordered a frozen drink they were walking around with called a love connection and he told me to take a drink so he could poor the rum in and I did assuming that is the only time alcohol got put in the drink but that is not the case as there was already rum in it! He kept pouring until I told him stop it and I ended up throwing the drink out because of how much alcohol was in it…I am a 47 year old very responsible person but after a few of them in the sun I might not be.

    Like Jim said if it was your son you wouldn’t be so quick to judge someone!

    The family was on the cruise and didn’t realize their son was missing until 9:00 am.

    He might have only ordered a few drinks but they are not putting a shot in..they are loading it up and getting you drunk before you know what hits you!

    Think before you condem someone!


  • Friend


    I am a friend with the kid and we are so in shock about the story. If someone met him at the cruise and has any kind of information please dont hesitate to say it. Knowing him and his beautiful spirit it is highly difficult for all of us to believe he did this in a state of clear mind.

    Our hearts are broken and we we need answers.

  • Cathy

    My husband and I consume minimal alcohol. I bring my own organic soda, organic tea, and bottled water onto the ship.
    But…. we observed problems with alcohol consumption on the ship. During October 2010 RC Radiance of the Seas cruise, we were especially aggravated that ship staff weren’t enforcing their own posted rule of “No Glass Near Pool Area”. Often, there were many beer bottle drinkers IN the pool. My husband took photos of these beer-bottle-holders in the pool. He then told RC staff about the problem. But he is too polite, and RC obviously didn’t care about the potential problem of broken glass in the pool. After observing this for awhile, I then approached a RC staff who appeared to be a security officer (uniform with badge). I pointed to the people in the pool holding the beer bottles, but the security guy acted like *I* was the problem. I told him that he needs to go tell the passengers they can’t have their beer bottle in the pool. He then told me that *I* need to go to the bar and tell the bartender. I told him no, that he needs to handle this situation by telling the bartender or whoever is going to be getting this glass out of the pool. We waited and finally saw a RC staff member reluctantly speak to the offenders about their beer bottles in the pool. It became crystal clear that RC did not want to offend their alcohol-drinking guests.

  • Friend 2

    I am friends with the entire group of people that were with Jose. This is a loving and responsible 21 year old kid who was having some drinks by the pool with his firends. At 3am they went their separate ways and decided to go to their rooms. At 3:30 Jose falls of the 12th floor. On the cruise video you can see him disoriented and trying to open several doors. My question is…is there anyone on the cruise staff looking out for these people? He was wondering around the cruise for 30 minutes…if someone would’ve seen him he would most likely be alive today? What’s the point of having cameras if you can’t save a life????

  • Friend

    Hi Friend2,
    you saw the video or it has been told to you.
    I would love it if this could get clarify. I do not believe he jumped. The cruise line and his people must be saying that to cover themselves from a gigantic sue

  • Christine

    Friend 2,
    You really need to get more answers from RCCL since they are telling a different story of what happened such as saying he was in the Catacombs bar until right before it happened..not by the pool…
    No they do NOT look out for your well being…they look out for their bottom dollar.
    How much did they serve him that night? Check his bill and that will help with that. They were over serving alcohol all week long and I know that from a personal experience.
    If he was that drunk they should have called security to take him back.
    I am sick of hearing take personal resposibility…yes but when you don’t know their putting that much alcohol in your drink and you order a few then yes you will be slooshed!
    My condolences go out to the family and friends of Jose.
    Please dig into this deeper..RCCl is trying to turn this around but they did tell us he climbed the railing and jumped.

  • Kristina

    Hi, I am the sister of Jose. I know that my brother did not jumped to commit suicide he was sooo happy to board the ship. Where was security on this boat, my brother looked disoriented, and all sweaty and was trying to go back to his room but seen on the video he was trying to open the doors but couldn’t, so what is shown is him trying to climb down to the lower deck and that’s when he fell. My question is that, is it enough to have security camera’s? this happened at 3 am and not until my mother reported him missing at 9 am somebody at the cruise looked at the cameras…My brother could have been found alive or dead if there was security..6 hours had gone by before someone noticed and it wasn’t even from the cruise. Now it is a case of a missing person, there is no body and my family has no peace or rest.

  • Friend

    Why is it that the 12th floor of this cruise ship has such low railings? In fact, it is quite easy for a child to climb the railing.

  • Iris

    Toda la familia esta destrozada, hundida en un dolor profundo. Recordamos a José como un chico vivaracho, alegre, jovial, lleno de vida y con una bella sonrisa. Como puede ser posible que en un momento se apague su vida. Que dentro de un barco donde hay tantas personas no haya seguridad ninguna. Que unas camaras que se supone esten siendo vigiladas 24 horas, se den cuenta de que Jose ya no esta en el barco a las nueve de la mañana aproximadamente, y por que su madre reporta a su hijo desaparecido. Donde estaba el que vigila las camaras. Unos minutos habrian marcado la diferencia, si se hubiesen dado cuenta tal vez Jose hubiera sido rescatado con vida y hoy estuviera contandonos la odisea que le toco vivir y señalando a los culpables si hay alguno y si no hubieran podido salvarlo por lo menos tal vez tendriamos su cuerpo para darle cristiana sepultura y asi tendriamos un poco mas de paz y resignacion.

  • Fellow cruiser on Liberty

    Its not the cruise lines responsibility to know where everyone is on the ship at all times. There are a bunch more of us then there are them. If he needed help getting into his room he should have asked for help. knocked on some doors. Yes, they should have maybe noticed on the cameras something wasnt right but they dont do a room check every night. I am very sorry for your loss though.

  • Luis A Lopez Santiago

    Es increible comu una persona tan llena de vida con buen futuro pierda la vida tan drasticamente,como es pocible q un barco tan grande y con tantas camaras nadie haya visto nada en el momento de lo ocurrido alomejor si uviesen estado pendiente esta tragedia se uviese evitado o le uviesen dado la paz q esta familia se merece,Buenos jose descansa en paz te reuniste con tu papa y tio haya en el cielo.

  • Friend 2

    Dear Fellow cruiser on Liberty,
    I believe you are missing the point here! We know its not the cruise responsibility and we know that they don’t do a room check every night. However, they don’t pay attention to their surveillance cameras either! Jose did try to knock on not only one but several doors, he was DISORIENTED which means he wasn’t capable of making a reasonable decision on his own. Also, shouldn’t someone have noticed that someone went overboard? Maybe today his family could at least have a body and some peace. Its very easy to judge but the reality is this was an accident of a young men who went on a cruise with friends and family. Its very sad all around!

  • friend

    @Fellow cruiser on liberty

    IT IS the cruise line responsibility.
    You are paying for a service which includes security.
    As his family has said, he is seen in the video, trying to open doors which might be closed.
    The cruise line is responsible of maintaining a safe environment for its costumers. First of all, when a bar sees people “overly” drunk it is their responsibility to stop serving no matter what.
    Second, a cruise that big must have security to ensure that nothing wrong will happened. In this case it happened to J. Pietri, in another second it could happen to a child. Each floor should have security, people in each floor, not cameras. Hell, thanks for looking at your cameras 6 hrs. later and telling me that my son died, NO, they should have as many people as possible looking constantly, diligently, so when events like this happen (cuz they will happen again) something can be done in time.

    No his family and friends are crush because we lost a great guy, but the cruise uses his media power to ensure their safety by telling people he committed suicide.

    This is a sad, sad horrible story, and we all wished it was a nightmare but sadly it is not.

  • Manuel

    Cuando me entere del caso de Daniel DiPiero, fue como si se tratara del caso de Jose. Es increible la similitud de estos dos casos, tanto en las circunstacias, la hora y la edad de los jovenes. Las lineas de cruceros tienen que tomar responsabilidad en cuanto a la forma en que intoxican a sus pasajeros con alcohol, mas aun cuando son jovenes de esta edad. A esta edad es mas facil extralimitarse en la bebida, y el personal de un crucero debe saberlo y estar mas pendiente de estos jovenes. Jovenes que de madrugada caminan por un crucero bajo los efectos de bebidas alcoholicas deben ser monitoreados y asistidos para evitar tragedias como estas. Jose fue como un hijo para mi, y se que su tragica desaparicion, asi como la de Daniel DiPiero, pudo ser evitada si estos cruceros designaran personal para velar por la seguridad de estos jovenes, asi como un monitoreo constante de sus camaras de seguridad a estas horas de la madrugada. Jose nunca te olvidaremos.

  • Sara

    Hi Friend 2,

    If his friends were drinking with him at the pool before they should took separate ways and decided to go to their rooms… why they left him alone instead of go with him to the room??

  • Friend

    Hi Sara,
    Nobody was drunk or had drink more than the usual when everyone left to go to their rooms. Sadly. this whole incident is under investigation now and they are reviewing the videos very closely because something must of happened to him to cause the whole disorientation thing. I wish I knew more…I wish he was still alive…and I wish if he isn’t that they could find his body :(.

  • Fellow cruiser

    I don’t get how him trying to open several doors has to do with jumping or committing suicide. Was he trying to climb into another room? The video needs to come out in order to determine what really happened. Although it is true that security doesn’t check every room, which is understandable considering the amount of people in the cruise,it was their responsibility to check the security cameras at all times. And although getting intoxicated is not responsible in any way, security is responsible for the people’s safety, despite their “irresponsibility”.

  • Friend 1

    @Fellow cruiser

    as everyone knows her family is taking part in the situation as of verifying the real story, but at least, between his friends, that’s the theory. That he was so disoriented that he tried to jump into another floor. Ive heard of kids doing it, so it would not surprise me, well it would, but it would be a bigger surprise if he really jumped on purpose

    Still we are very very sad

  • Joe

    When some one gets a DUI, do they go after the gas station attendant who sold the 12 pack of beer to the driver?
    Corporate Responsibility policy is to sell liquor to adults who should take the accountability and responsibly as such.

    If your mother needs to cut off your cruise card to stop you from drinking, I would assume that problem still exist after vacation as well.

  • Joe

    Very Sad indeed, without a doudt.

    At the end of the day Corporate Responsibility policy is to sell liquor to adults who should take the accountability and responsibly as such.

    If your mother needs to cut off your cruise card to stop you from drinking, I would assume that problem still exist after vacation as well. What do you do then, run to the gas station attendent to complian for the sell of a 12 pack?

    In todays age, it is always someone elses problem…?!?

  • The two comments above from “Joe” came from someone at Royal Caribbean Cruises.

    Very sad indeed, that someone at the cruise line is using an alias and a bogus hotmail account . . .

  • Christine

    Joe from RCCL,
    Yes I am a responsible mother that shut off her sons card so you are obviously talking about me, NO we have never had a problem at home and don’t expect RCCL bartenders keep serving and keep serving since they can put the tip on there and that is is their pay check so they couldn’t care how drunk you are, the drunker the better!
    We have been on 30 cruises on 5 different cruise lines and have never had a problem with my son or any of the friends we have taken when it came to drinking or anything else for that matter…that says something! about RCCL

    No I would not go after the gas station that sold him a 6 pack. I might have a problem if they sold him a 6 pack when he was so drunk he couldn’t walk though!

    There is a lot more to this story that RCCL doesn’t want out. “Joe” why don’t you post about that!

    “Joe” why don’t you post about all the lawsuits RCCL has pending!

  • Christine

    Joe from RCCL,
    One last thing..NO we do not expect is to continue at home since he is 24 and NEVER had a problem before or since we finally got home after missing flights Thanks to RCCL which said they would help us but did NOT help in anyways even though us missing our flights was their fault.
    We do NOT expect it to continue since there is much “speculation” that is drink was spiked with something that made him like that, totally disorientated, sweaty and confused! Sound familiar?!
    Joe you wouldn’t want to comment about others speculating that something was put in their drink now would you?! No I am sure RCCL doesn’t want you talking about that!
    I don’t want to continue this with “joe AKA RCCL since this thread is about poor Jose and the tragedy that happened to him!
    His family should and I am sure is looking to RCCL a bit further!

  • Tiffany

    Wow! to read about this and i am going on a cruise in June is so disturbing. I have cruised with RCL before many, many times. I agree with alot of posting on this site RCl has to take repsonsibility for there actions but so does the indivudal.I have had many drinks on RCL while I was 22 years old but I knew when to stop, I knew when enough was enough and new how and when to tell the bartenders no!! Also I always order my drinks at the bar anywhere I go, whether it be cruise, club or anything. To ensure that they are not putting more alcohol then they should. However security needs to be tighten this is why they are able to charge people so much. I am so sorry for the families lost, I to know how it feels to have lost a brother mine was murder november of last year and his case was closed because there was no one to confict for the murder. Its hard everyday to think of that. Be strong for each other please.

  • Ibrahim Reyes

    I am the attorney for Jose Miguel Pietri Tello’s family. Thank you for your reporting and comments. Friend 2, I have the video, and this was not a suicide, so thank you for your objectivity and support. Those of you who were on the cruise, please e-mail me at ibrahim.reyes@izhmlaw.com with your contact information. I could use your input. Thanks.

  • Renee

    @Joe from RCCL, you obviously have never worked as a bartender or served alcohol in any way. In the state of Ohio, the bartender AND the bar or the place that served or sold the alcohol IS responsible! Therefore, if RCCL was subjected to some of the same laws that are in force within the states instead of evading these laws by being registered in other countries, they WOULD BE held responsible for overserving this gentleman if, in fact, that is what happened. However, as in the case of most of these stories, I am quite sure there is much, much more to this story and it is just easier for the cruise line to blame the passenger who paid thousands of dollars to be on the cruise and for the amenities while on the cruise! Nobody expects to be put in harms way when they go on a cruise nor do they expect such a large corporation to be so nonchalant about a death that occurs on their ship!

  • paul

    Those of you who post to assign blame to only one person or entity are likely making an emotional argument, based probably on a past experience or emotion-based ideology. The fact of the matter, as this person was 21 years old and responsible for himself, is that He, RCCL, AND those with whom he was traveling all share culpability in this matter. Blame is easy to assign, whereas accountability, especially for ones self a bit more complex. A thorough and impartial investigation, reviewing ALL the evidence should be made and a decision pertaining to accountability rendered by a jury after hearing all the evidence from all parties involved. There exists NO pefect system of justice. However, the aforementioned process if the one most likely to render the most just and fair outcome of personal and corporate accountability.

  • alex

    After watching the clips in “Primer Impacto”, it does make sense that he would try to get to the ladder to get down if he felt he was locked out and was a bit disoriented.

    Some safety concerns should be checked. Maybe the doors were locked, or the doors are difficult to open when disoriented. Also, it seems that public sections such as the top floors (specially the ones with bars) should be heavily monitored at all times with actual people. Did the ladder look accessible? Because they should have those metal cages surrounding them that prevent access without a lock.

    Do people really expect somebody who is 21 on vacation to not drink and stay out late? It’s completely common behavior and the cruise should be aware that it may happen.So the areas with bars should have security at all times and provide somebody to escort people to their room if they seem too drunk.

    I wish the family the best, loosing somebody is never an easy thing.

  • Sarah

    I have been on 13 cruises. I have been drunk enough that I’ve woken up in the morning and not known how I got to my cabin. Scary. I was the one ordering the drinks and someone was giving them to me. But sometimes it takes awhile for the drinks to catch up with you. With all the cruise ships out there at any given time and all the drinking that goes on, I’m thankful there aren’t more tragedies. Reading all these comments is so heartbreaking….the bottom line is the world lost a young life for no good reason. It’s sad that there is so much finger pointing and a multi billion corporation can’t say “I’m sorry it happened on my turf”. It was a tragic accident.

  • Gia

    I’m Praying that he is ALIVE, and the somebody in the ocean rescued him, and his mother will see him again. I guess is my faith and i’m going to keep praying.,,,,,,Ojala y mi deseo se cumpla, por que no me inmagino el dolor de la Madre, anoche cuando vi el video me llene de indignacion.
    watching the video last night make me very angry with the way this cruisers handle their business.
    Its money more valued than a human?.
    When is enough?

  • Robin

    This story breaks my heart. My DEEPEST condolences to the family. RCCL needs to take responsibility FIRST and FOREMOST. I recently witnesssed a horrible tragedy aboard a RC ship and noone even cares for the victim….and that is what they are, VICTIMS. Victims of corp greed. One poor soul was apparently so overworked and so distraught that he thought jumping overboard was his only recourse. And YES….RCI DOES INDEED coerce the passengers into drinking….A WHOLE LOT. I was a witness to this also, firsthand info ppl. I saw a young man who couldn’t have been more than 21 at the very most who was so intoxicated in the afternoon that he didn’t know where/who he was (Disoriented X 3) It was NOT GOOD! There’s nothing wrong w/personal responsibility no one’s arguing that obvious point. What we are saying is that greedy corp’s like RCI does so very little to protect their passengers while aboard their ships it’s ridiculous.If they have 24/7 manned surveillance in the casinos wouldn’t it stand to reason that they would have them in the common areas as well?? NO- THEY DO NOT!!!!They have them in the casinos to protect their MONEY but, not in the halls/decks to protect OUR safety. I’m just counting the moments until one of the big networks (ABC,NBC,FOX,etc..) does a big exposee’ on the stories contained on these pages. WE ALL NEED a wake-up call. Myself included. Do you think for one moment that had I done my homework I would’ve cruised with Royal Caribbean International? Not a prayers chance in HELL!!! Hey….I know, Maybe I’ll call John Stossel over at Fox. Hmmmm…..

  • Heather Webster

    So sad – what a tragedy. Our family went on an RCL cruise in April. I did warn our youngsters that we were aboard a ship and that I didnt want to see them drunk because of the dangers. Sad to say two of the three did get drunk (this was their choice – they knew the dangers) and I spent a very worrying night trying to find one of them. The RCL crew were concerned and told me where he’d last used his card etc. There were certainly NOT indifferent to my worries and were about to inform security when he turned up. A 17 deck ship is a big place to search so if you have young adults who sometimes drink heavily I suggest you have a holiday on dry land. A cruise ship is NOT a place for heavy drinking. I thank god every day that my child was safe but it could have been very different.

  • Jody

    This is very sad, but it isn’t anyone’s fault but the person who jumped to his death. The cruise ship should not be held accountable in any way, even though I am about certain the parents will see to it some attorney tries to make the cruise ship responsible.

    The cruise ship employees should have been mind readers and known he had mental issues.

    The cruise ship’s railing should have been higher or engineered so he couldn’t climb it.

    Some stupid crap like that.

  • Toniann


    How can you just post that the person “jumped to his death” ?! Were you there? Did you witness it!? Im assuming not. It’s clear what little video they do have of this young man is of him being drunk and disoriented meaning he was uncapable at that moment of knowing exactly what was going on …that is what disoriented means. None of us know for sure what happened so for you to state so confidently that he jumped to his death is not only false but disrespectful. Im sure his family who reads this blog would really appreciate you insinuating their son commited suicide. My prayers go out to the familky of the victim and REGARDLESS OF WHOSE FAULT IT WAS this is a very sad situation. One that should never be taken lightly.

  • Robert

    My wife and I recently enjoyed a most excellent 5 day cruise on the Liberty of the Seas. We saw no indication of excessive consumption of alcohol in any way or place on this ship. We are both aware of the serious consequences which can result if we did not take full personal responsibility for our own behaviour (let alone trying to ensure that others don’t misbehave) – including excessive consumption of alcohol. We choose not to place ourselves or others at any inconvenience, nuisance or risk as a result of excessive selfishness. We imagine that lawsuits are no fun and usually result when there are sad tragedies like this.

  • Laura

    I have seen many hammered passengers on cruise lines. It’s absurd that you blame RCCL. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Where were his friends and family? If they weren’t there to stop him from crawling over the railing, why should RCCL be responsible?

  • Vanessa

    In Australia, it’s illegal to serve alcohol to people who are already visibly very intoxicated. Anyone like bartenders who serve alcohol for work must complete a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate, colloquially known as the “RSA”, before they’re employed – and comply with it. That’s the law. I notice from a comment from an American it’s a similar scenario there. The same should apply for all cruise ship companies – anywhere alcohol is served.

    Laura, just because you’ve seen drunk people on cruises before, it doesn’t follow that it’s absurd to seek to establish whether a company was negligent under relevant laws (then hold it liable) if someone dies in questionable circumstances. If you think that, you’re absurd.

    My deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

    Kind regards,

    Young Adults’ Experience of Responsible Service Practice in NSW
    This report presents findings from a recent NSW survey of 18 to 39 year olds who report drinking at at-risk levels for acute alcohol-related harm are. It was found that over half of those who consume alcohol in this age group reported that their last location of at-risk drinking occurred at a licensed premises. Of these, over half reported showing at least one sign of intoxication, while almost one in five reported showing at least three signs of intoxication. Only 10 per cent of those reporting signs of intoxication also reported that they had experienced responsible service initiatives from licensed premises staff, while over half of these ‘intoxicated’ patrons reported that they were continued to be served alcohol. 2002

  • G.Ellis

    This is absolutely ridiculous. It is not the responsibility of the Cruise Ship to monitor guests drinking. No one can say for certain if the young man was ordering his own drinks himself, or if it was his friends doing the ordering. Also, at the time of drinking he may not have appeared as drunk as he later was, anyone who has drunk a large amount of alcohol and then ventured out into the fresh air can testify that it hits you like a ton of bricks. My wife and 3 children have been on many cruises, with RCI and Celebrity, and it is down to the passengers to ensure that their safety, where possible is down to them. If you go out round town get hammered then walk of a cliff or building you’re not going to sue the pubs/clubs for overserving you, same rules apply on a cruise.