Yesterday, the U.S. Coast Guard issued 2 Marine Safety Alerts regarding the CO2 firefighting system on Carnival Splendor cruise ship which failed to operate following an engine room fire on November 8, 2010.

The first alert indicated that the fire instruction manual (FIM) did not match the actual CO2 system aboard the cruise ship.  The second alert revealed that the pipes and hose connections of the fire suppression system "leaked extensively," actuating arms to valves were loose, a wrong type of sealant was used on the pipe threads, and a valve failed to work.

The Professional Mariner confirms that these 2 Coast Guard alerts pertained to the Splendor.

The bottom line?   A newly constructed cruise ship, flying the flag of Panama, with a confusing fire instruction manual, poor maintenance, and faulty equipment – endangering the lives of U.S. passengers. 

Coast Guard Reports - Carnival Splendor Cruise Fire

 Marine Safety Reports - Carnival Splendor Fire