This weekend we received an anonymous email that a passenger died while waiting for an airlift off of the Sea Princess.  Also a passenger had gone overboard from the Sea Princess and is still missing. The ship stopped, turned around, and was still looking for the passenger as of yesterday.

As usual, passengers aboard the Sea Princess were the first commenting on these developments via the Cruise Critic online cruise community.  Dan Askin, an associate editor at Cruise Critic, Sea Princess - Princess Cruises - Missing Passengerpublished a statement from Princess Cruises which said:

We regret to confirm that early this morning as Sea Princess was cruising in the Caribbean between Curacao and Grand Turk, a 50-year-old British female passenger went overboard. 

"The ship was alerted by her husband, who had discovered her missing from their cabin, and our missing persons routine was immediately begun to account for all passengers onboard. A review of CCTV footage confirms that the passenger went over the side of the ship from a balcony cabin.

The ship immediately turned around to search the location, while also alerting the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center in Curacao, who launched a search plane. The search is currently continuing.

We have contacted the US FBI and the Bermuda Police Service, and we will cooperate fully into any investigation. We have also activated our Care Team.

Sea Princess - Overboard PassengerSea Princess is currently on a two week cruise from Barbados. The ship was on the fifth day of the sailing, which is scheduled to conclude on December 27." 

Over the past year, Princess Cruises has experienced high profile disappearances of a crew member Angelo Faliva from the Coral Princess and a passenger Ms. Edelgard Carney from the Sapphire Princess.

December 24, 2010 Update:

The British press finally picked up the story with an article "British Tourist Missing From Cruise Ship." 

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  • Kara Jade

    I was on this when it happened!

  • Denise Kelt

    We were on this cruise and I would like to commend Princess for the way that they dealt with the situation.The captain was wonderful–we looked all the next day for the passenger–along with a cargo ship and search planes. The captain kept us informed and even arranged for us to visit Aruba the following day. He was sensitive and professional and when he spoke to us all emotional about what had happened. Princess could nor have done any more!

  • Luba Medcalf

    I was on this cruise when it happened. Missing person was Russian origin and married British man (like me) and her name is Alina A.

  • Andrew Blunt

    My wife and I were also on this cruise and support the previous e-mail. The captain kept us fully informed of what was happening and did everything possible at the time.
    Princess were very quick to arrange an alternative location to visit when it became apparent we would not make our next port of call.

  • carol campbell

    my husband and myself were on this cruise, when this lady jumped overboard,i agree the captain was brilliant through out the whole sad episode.and it did not put us of cruising.