Carnival Liberty Cruise Ship - Passenger DeathWSVN -7 NEWS (Miami) is reporting that a cruise ship returned to South Florida after a tragedy at sea.

A 36 year old passenger aboard the Carnival Liberty cruise ship sailing to St. Thomas was discovered by another passenger unconscious in her cabin. WSVN reports that the passenger received medical attention on the cruise ship, but she was pronounced dead two hours later.

The FBI is investigating the passenger’s death and is awaiting the autopsy report. "It could be a possible homicide. It could be some other factor in the death of this individual, but we’re still investigating this case at this time," said Harry Rodriguez of the FBI in San Juan.

There have been a number of passenger deaths on Carnival cruise ships in the last year.  We previously reported on the death of a Carnival passenger last July aboard Carnival’s Elation cruise ship.  Robert John McGill was charged with the first-degree murder and kidnapping of his wife, Shirley, who was beaten and strangled in their cabin.  Our article is entitled " Prosecutors May Seek Death Penalty In Carnival Cruise Murder Case."  In February, a 32 year old female passenger, Kipi Holcomb, was found dead in her cabin aboard Carnival’s Ecstasy.  The FBI indicated that there was no evidence of foul play and a toxicology report revealed that the pasenger’s blood-alcohol level was .27 and she had cocaine in her system.

Were you a passenger on this cruise?  Do you have information to share?  Please leave a comment below.

November 22 Update:

Passengers are leaving some gruesome comments (below) suggesting that the death involved a homicide.  However, the Miami Herald states today: 

Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen said in a statement that "evidence suggests [the death] was medical related. In respect to the privacy of our guests, we are not able to release specifics on the nature of the medical condition."

November 23 Update:

For additional info, please go to: Death on a Fun Ship: What Really Happened on the Carnival Liberty?

  • Brian

    I was on the ship. I heard it happened on the 7th floor. Heard it was reported she had a seizure but also had broken teeth. However, I can not confirm the truthfulness of this. This is information another passenger told me

  • Gaines

    I too was on this cruise. I heard the medical code call on the loudspeaker at 5 am on the 17th. It was only when they announced that clearing the ship in St. Thomas was delayed by the death of a passenger did we find out why.

  • George

    I was told by a member of the crew that didn’t want the name used, that a female was hit by her husband or boyfriend and that was what caused her death. The FBI came onboard and made a crime scene out of the room. When I asked a member of Security about it,they said it was a routine death and got mad when I said that the FBI doesn’t make a crime scene for a routine death!!!

  • Tomm

    I was on the ship. When my wife and a few friends were in St. John we had an American tour guide tell us that he has a scanner and heard of a 36 year old woman that died of suspicious causes. When we got back on the ship I went to my room and was on the balcony when I recorded the FBI walking off of the ship. They were clapping and excited for some reason. On my video you can see at least 3 bags of evidence with them as they left. The crew would not comment when we asked them about it.

  • Karen

    We were on the ship too. We were just around the corner from the room. On Tuesday (day after) they were in the room cleaning it, all dressed in white cover ups, gloves, masks, hair nets, etc. They were still at the room on Friday cleaning with an Officer standing by watching. They had the bed rail in the hall wiping it down. Whatever happened had to be a mess to take one week to clean.

    We heard about the teeth being knocked out too.

  • Jan

    I was on the ship and a steward told me that it was a homicide. A 36 year old black female had a fight with the man she was with and they were in the hot tub. He knocked some of her teeth out and she had blood coming from her mouth and head. They saw the coroner take the body and police took a man off in handcuffs..

  • Laurie

    I was on this ship as well. Everything seems to be very strange about this death. Why would they be removing everything from the room if it wasn’t a mess. I heard it was a fight between man and 31 year girl who lost all her teeth who was brutally beaten and stabbed. To have the crime scene out side for a full day and not say anything just makes people talk.

  • Becky

    My husband and I were on the ship and our room was located across the hall from where the “incident” occurred. We were trying to get off the ship in St. Thomas, but were told that we had to wait to be interviewed by the FBI. We had to stay on the ship for approx 3 hours until they could question us. Pretty intense I must say. We also heard from some crew that it was possible foul play and some of the questions asked were alarming, but the FBI never gave any details???

  • Tomm

    I am not into arguing online but do Carnival spokespeople think that we are ignorant? The FBI does not show up to medical crime scenes and stay there ALL day and then take bags of evidence with them as they leave. I have video of it that I will download Tuesday for others to see. I know things will happen when thousands of people are gathered but let’s get some regulations passed so Marshalls are on board and people can have access to information.

  • Johnny

    I have a cruise booked on this ship in the near future and I would like to know what the cabin number was. Does anyone that was on the cruise remember what room it was? Thanks !!

  • Joyce Buchanan

    Does anyone know what room this took place in? We are booked in room 1302 and I am wondering, or should I say hoping, that this is not the room that this took place in.

  • Mary Jo

    We had a party of 52 people trying to get off the Liberty in St. Thomas for my daughter’s wedding! Carnival people could not have been less helpful…all we asked was when we were allowed off would they escort us off first as we were 1 1/2 hrs late for her wedding. The bride was with her attendants and her Father up in her room (to keep her out of the groom’s eyesight) and therefore the last ones leaving when we were finally allowed off…The Carnival staff wouldn’t help but the passengers were wonderful…when my husband started saying “We have a bride here, could we please go ahead?” the passengers parted like you wouldn’t beleive and then started appaulding for her!! It was wonderful to witness!

  • andrew

    I was also on board this ship with my family,and we heard many different versions of what happened. It would have been much more reassuring for me if Carnival had issue a formal statement concerning the matter. Someone had just lost their life and it was disrepectful to that person to have all the different versions of how that person died going around.

  • Cindy

    I would also like to know what room this took place in as I am booked on The liberty, 7th floor…Thanks in advance!

  • lee

    why are there no police officers armed on any cruise ships?? i will NOT be going until they get police officers on ships… it’s just not safe without a GUN. i wish we could take a gun on a ship to protect our selves from evil doings.

  • Family Friend

    I am a friend of the victim’s family. I can not release any information that the FBI has passed on to them or any other information. On behalf of the family to those that have been thinking and praying for her family, a big, sincere “THANK AND BLESS YOU” is being sent your way. To those that are mainly concerned with “facts” and cabin number, maybe you need to step back and take a look at what matters the most in life. This lady is a daughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend. And I think posting a video of the FBI taking her things and other “evidence” is showing disrespect to her and her family. To Mary Jo, I personally wish that Carnival would have been respectful to your daughter and her wedding party. Carnival Cruise Lines should have let her go first. PLEASE keep the family in your prayers.
    Thank you!
    p.s. She was caucasian and 36 years old for those of you that are wanting to know “facts” so bad.

  • Jessica

    I just returned from a cruise on the Carnival Liberty. I was looking for information on the most recent death on the ship. We departed from Miami on March 19th and were headed to the Bahamas. However, we turned back around that night to meet an FBI boat near Miami because a woman in her late 30s/ early 40s had died. Rumors say that she had a stomach surgery a couple of days before the trip.

    Does anyone know any information about this?

  • Roberto

    I was on this cruise with my wife and two children this week, I heard a loud noise coming from room 2302 and this is the room the death took place, as a crew member told me. I also went onto a cruise on the same ship the following year (last november 2011) and I stayed in room 2302 and throughout the whole of my cruise I experienced ghost like activites. I would not advise ANYONE, I repeat ANYONE to stay in room 2302, I have been mentally disturbed every since. God bless your souls.

  • RC

    Seriously? A ghost?? Where is the respect people? A woman lost her life, and regardless of how it happened, no one should be spreading gossip about her or the people she was with. How wiuld you feel if this was your sister, child or friend that died?

    The FBI would handle ANY mysterious death on ANY cruise ship in the same manner so as not to miss out on any details should the case turn out to be of a criminal nature. And since time is limited in a situation and location as this, they had to be very thorough.

    If either the family or Carnival wanted to disclose any information to the public then they would. But since they have not chosen to do so, I suggest you all keep your stories to yourselvesf None of them are facts, they are all just gossip. Have some respect and pray that this young woman is now in peace, and that stuff like this doesn’t happen again.

  • Nancy Catanzaro

    I was on the Carnival Liberty in Feb’12 and we had got a suite on the 7th floor. Starting the very first night we experienced horrific feelings, nightmares, and unexplained uneasiness!!
    There was soo much tension in the room and the experiences are too much to describe here.
    Then on the second night of our cruise-I did see the image of a girl in the balcony just staring into the ocean. I do not believe in all this and I know many of you must be thinking I am crazy!! But I did not believe this until I experienced it-and the things that happened in the room as well as the unexplained horrible murder nightmares and dreams and feeling!
    This made our entire cruise very very stressful.
    My husband and I had NEVER experienced something sooo strong and negative ever! and the girl I saw–was all a mystery to us! We were completely at a loss of logic and at that point after we got home-the first thing we did was get on the computer and do research on the liberty–specifically the 7th floor and to see if any murders/deaths had taken place there–I still remember the feeling when we read that there was a MURDER on the same floor in Nov’11 and was a caucasian girl/woman who was murdered there!
    Everything made complete sense then!!!
    We had no idea about this murder–everything we felt and saw made me realize there was a murder in that room even before I knew anything about it! This might sound crazy but it is the reality and although it was very disturbing to feel the pain in that room-it is something that I thought I should discuss here.
    We were in Suite # 7262.

    God bless her soul and her loved ones! Amen

  • E L W

    Well i just return back home on yesterday sept. 1st 2012, and i heard that someone heard some screaming on the 7th floor. There was a sercurity gaurd sitting in front of that door when i got up that morning. If i’m not mistaking, i believe that room was #7319. That guard sat there from tuesday night, until sunday morning. Now i really want to know what happen on that tuesday night that cause sercurity to camp out in front of that cabin all that time.