This week ends with tugs finally towing the Carnival Splendor cruise ship back to port in San Diego, following a fire in the engine room early Monday morning.

The video below from ABC News 10 contains interviews with passengers, images of passengers finally disembarking, and a brief animation of the fire breaking out in the engine room. 

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  • james

    My family had 16 people booked on the Splendor. Carnival of course is providing a refund of cruise and air fare expenses as well as the 25% discount on a future cruise. The problem I have with all of this is for those that opt to book another cruise to replace the one that was cancelled, Carnival is charging them current rates to do so.

    In other words, if you want to still go on a cruise vacation around the same time as the cancelled one, you’re going to have to pay more money. Carnival offers early saver fares for those that book early. My family and I have the foresight to book early to take advantage of this promotion. We paid approximately $350 per ticket for this cruise. In order for us to book a similar cruise to replace it, we’re going to have to pay an additional $250-$300 per person. The reason? Rates have gone up since the time we booked (as they always do) AND Carnival is unwilling to swap one cruise (the cancelled one) for another similar cruise at no additional cost to the traveler!!! In my opinion, that’s criminal!!!

    Not everyone wants a refund. I’m sure many (as with my family) would have liked to simply be booked on a different but similar cruise without having to pay more.

    At the very least Carnival should have given affected passengers the following three choices:

    1. Get your money back
    2. Book on a similar cruise during the same timeframe at no additional cost
    3. If a similar cruise is not available, allow travelers to pick a cruise of their choice with a credit up to but not exceeding the CURRENT rate of the cruise that was cancelled.

    That is the consumer friendly way to handle this not to mention that it’s the right thing to do. Doing things Carnival’s way pulls the rug out from under people’s vacation plans with little time to arrange for something else. This is particularly important in these tough economic times. Many of us have saved over a long period in order to pay for a cruise vacation. Most don’t have the resources to simply buy another vacation while Carnival takes weeks or longer to sort out refunds.

    Providing credit for the amount of the rate paid a year ago is little solace for those that still want to salvage their vacation plans now instead of waiting until next year.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming Carnival for having the nerve to have a fire aboard one of their ships. I know things happen sometimes, and you deal with it the best you can. What I’m saying is that those future passengers who had their cruises cancelled should be held harmless when trying to scramble to make alternate vacation plans. In essence, those that took advantage of Carnival’s highly touted promotion (Early Saver Fares) are getting the shaft!!