Fred Olsen - Balmoral Cruise Ship - Missing PassengerBBC News reports that a passenger is missing from the Fred Olsen 1,350 passenger cruise ship Balmoral, which is due to return to Dover tomorrow after a 21-day Adriatic cruise.

The cruise ship was in the English Channel when the unidentified passenger was noticed to be missing.  A Royal Navy frigate, the HMS Westminster, is taking part in the search for the passenger, along with a U.K. Coast Guard helicopter, a French Coast Guard aircraft and a French warship.

The Daily Mail in the U.K reports that a "man overboard" alert was issued after the 80-year-old’s wife reported him missing to staff on the cruise ship in the early hours of October 11th. His wife is beleived to have woken in their cabin on the ship to find he was no longer in bed. 

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  • joy williams

    I was on Board the balmoral. It was a cruise that was returning from Norway and it docked at SOUTHAMPTON ;it was only and 8 day cruise. When we docked we were told that a passenger had been missing from ?Sunday p.m.He had last been seen at 9p.m on Sunday evening .We left our last port at 2pm on Sunday to start the homeward journry. It was rough at sea that night but we were all warned and almost all of the outside decks were fenced off.
    We were detained for a while at Southampton until the police came on board . The cruise directer was quietly informative and extra refreshments were made available until we could disemberk.
    The staff on that ship were excellent as was the captain and his crew.
    We should have been shown a photograph of the missing man but i didn’t see one .
    So is your report about another Fred Olsen Ship.
    It couldn’t have been the Balmoral that ?cruised the Adriatic! so have you got some wrong information?

  • Paul Smith

    Again someone has not read the report properly. Joy Williams may have been on the Balmoral in Sept 2011. How ever the report is from an incident on the Balmoral in October 2010. Perhaps Jill should have gone to Specsavers!!!