Nicholas Cowdery - Dianne BrimbleIts been eight years since Dianne Brimble died on the floor of a P & O cruise ship, in the cabin of one of the infamous "gang of eight" who likened Ms. Brimble to a dog with bad breath who they contemplated throwing overboard. 

Her tragic death was one of the stories which I wrote often about when I started this blog: 

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Dragan Losic - Sakelarious "Charlie" Kambouris - Dianne Brimble This nightmare of a case, ending in no jail sentence for the man who gave Ms. Brimble the date rape drug GHB and killed her (or any of his dirt bag friends),  would anger even the most casual observer.  But the story seems to get worse and worse.

First, we have the prosecuting attorney Nicholas Cowdery (above left), a curmudgeon by any standard, who went out of his way to proclaim that " . . . the right outcome has been achieved, justice has been done . . ." following Justice Howie dismissal’s of the manslaughter charges against one of the gang of eight.  Justice Howie then added to the injustice by not bothering to even reprimand the criminals, ignoring the Brimble family, and then chastising the media for its coverage of the trial. 

Just when you think matters cannot get any  worse, on the eight year anniversary of Ms. Brimble’s death – four men of the gang of eight were seen out at a dinner party last night at a popular city restaurant in Australia, the House of Chow

Dragan Losic (photo right), Sakelarious "Charlie" Kambouris (photo right), Luigi Vitale, and Petar Pantic (all photographed 8 years ago, below) were reported to be "in an upbeat mood, laughing loudly, embracing and high-fiving each other as well as chatting in groups outside during repeated smoke breaks," according to

I don’t know how the Brimble family survives these cumulative events. 

For me, I hope the partying dirt bags choke on their beef chow mein.  


Dianne Brimbe - P & O Cruises - Thugs


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