Mail Online has published new photographs of the Costa Classica cruise ship following the October 18th collision with the bulk carrier Lowlands Longevity as the two vessels headed into port in Shanghai.

We reported on this yesterday: Costa Classica Cruise Ship Collides with Cargo Ship.

The photographs show a large gash into the passenger cabins, with ten porthole windows completely obliterated.  The gash looks to be at least four feet in height.  You can see people (probably marine investigators) standing near what used to be the portholes in the passenger cabins.  Scary stuff!

Be sure to check out the video of the damage, via Chinese television.


Costa Classica - Lowlands Longevity -  Collision - Cruise Ship

Credit: EPA via Mail Online


Costa Classica - Lowlands Longevity -  Collision - Cruise Ship

Credit: EPA via Mail Online


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    We’re supposed to have a family Asian cruising on that ship Costa Classica on Oct.25 to Nov.8 and we are joining in Manila,and all is ready- the documents and everything.But it was cancel because of what happened…But I really thank God because nothing happen to my brother who is currently working there…and also were not in there when it is happen,because this tragedy will make a phobia to my daughter whose supposed to be will join with us for cruising..thanks God! Just take care of yourself and pray always my brother Lony….

  • Michelle Logica

    we we’re suppose to visit my hubby who is working in the same cruise ship..but it was was sad but what’s more important is that they are all safe….i’ll just wait for him this Oct.31 for his arrival.

  • kimberly jean quito

    i am one of the relatives of the crew in this cruise ship, where can we have some information of my sister,my sister haven’t called for a month now.we’re scared about this tragedy.where can we have some news???

  • maria jeremy quito dimitui

    please if somebody from magsaysay maritime can help us to contact our sister GLENDA QUITO (cabin steward), my parents and rest of our family are worried of what happened in costa classica. may god help my sister,the rest of the staff and all passenger in that ship.

    pls email us for further info…