Costa Classica - Collision The Costa Classica cruise ship operated by Costa Cruises collided with a cargo vessel at the mouth of the Yangtze River.

The Shanghai Daily reports that the ship suffered a long gash over 60 feet long in its side and several passengers were injured. Three passengers were transferred to hospital ashore.

The accident happened in the early morning hours this morning as the cruise ship was heading into port. The cargo vessel involved was the Belgian registered bulk carrier Lowlands Longevity, which was also sailing into port.

This has been an ill-fated cruise.  Yesterday, we reported on Chinese passengers abandoning the cruise ship to try and find work in South Korea – 44 Chinese Passengers Jump Ship In South Korea.



Photo credit: (via Malcolm Oliver’s Cruiseblog)

  • Maria Cielinda Victa

    I am one of the passengers of Costa Cruise last October 18, and it was a tragic experience. Yes we can laugh after because we are all alive. But it’s a NIGHTMARE. Now, I can’t work properly. How if? What will happen to my 2 boys? Being a single mother who gonna take care of them . . . Oh my . . . Thank you God!

    This thing happened to the ship because of the foolishness of some person in charge????

    You will know the findings after investigation . . .

  • Janet

    We were on Cost’s Europa Ship in Feb/March of this year (2010) and were involved when they hit the dock in El Sharim Shek, Egypt. It was quite an experience and we had several days left of our cruise which ended up by them taking us to Rome for 5 days before going home. I must admit they took very good care of us and we were reimbursed; however, what is their problem??????? They need to wake up, literally……..

    We have a voucher to take another trip, but I feel threatened by their track record…..

  • kimberly jean quito

    where can we have some information about the crews of this ship, we’re in the Philippines and my sister is not calling until now.